Thursday, August 1, 2019

The River.

As we were heading for Home... Sunday morning, from St. Louis, 
we stopped to fill up, with fuel.
I was waiting in the RAV, and glanced across the street.
: )
What...did I Spy???
An Estate Sale Sign. 
{I can spot Those.... a Mile...away. : ) }
I asked Allyson, if she saw what I did, as we were pulling out. 
: )
It took her a bit. : )
but, then... she focused in, too!
We headed in the direction of the Arrow!
It was the last day of the Sale, but...there were still some lovely things, waiting.
: )
Allyson found both items that I bought, before I got to them.
: )
She's got a Sharp Eye, and Knows...what I like. <3
The Folks who lived there, made concrete Statuary, back in the 1950's, and 60's!
Allyson found a Darling...little, old...Fountain Top, and an Insanely Cool, 1950's Aluminum Mold, for a 'Mary' Statue!
Still...very usable.
I visited with the Son's...of the Man, who had lived there....and they told me all about their Dad, and how to use this beautiful Mold. : ) <3 
I, think the Vintage Mold, is Amazing, all by itself.
It's like a Sculpture. 
: )

Then, we were on our way. 
We stopped by The River, where Lewis and Clark...began their Journey...West.
It was so Beautiful.
There's been much Flooding, this year....sadly...but, still....The River, was so...Beautiful.

The Flooding, cleaned the Timber...and left the debris along the Banks. 
Somehow, even that...was Beautiful.
I, know... it wasn't, and isn't for those living near The River.
Flooding, is such a cruel thing.

As I walked along the Bank, I spotted two little barefoot prints. : )
I imagined the child, who'd left them...behind.
: ) 
I thought of Tom Sawyer. : )
I...thought, of our Grandson, Little 'J', who...LOVES to Fish, and be by The River.
I, a child, so Loving...being by water, and The River.
John, and I spent many days, and to The Iowa, and Cedar Rivers, fishing, but mostly...
just watching The Rivers. : )
We didn't care if we ever caught any fish. {We would 'catch, and release'...when we did, catch an unlucky....Fish. : ) }
There's 'something'...about The River, how it's constantly changing....and moving.
It's so...powerful, soothing, and gentle. 
: )
It wasn't until I got Home... and started going through the images I'd captured....
that, I saw this.
When I took the picture, of the little barefoot prints, I put my foot, next to them, so you could small the little person must have been, who left them.
I, didn't see...the heart shaped leaf, until I was going through.
Made me Smile. 
: ) : ) : ) 
Another...'Wink'. <3 
A reminder, we never walk alone. 
<3 <3 <3 
Lewis and Clark, area.
The History.
The Future.
How...Brave, they were.
<3 <3 <3 

I'm heading out the door, have so get done, today.
Tomorrow, I'll post about the Beautiful, River Road.... we traveled Home, on.
So Much Beauty. 
So Much...History.
: ) Ya, 
Barb C. 

{Hope, You...have a Lovely Day, and find some 'Beauty', and gather up the Blessings...
wherever you are. <3
Please...keep all who are struggling, in your : )
There are...many. }

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