Monday, November 18, 2019

Linda Ronstadt - Long Long Time

So...It Begins.

Trees are all gone. 
It's gonna get much, much...worse, if the IDOT doesn't wake up. 
: (
It's...only, just....begun. 

I took a walk, this afternoon....through what's left of our land.
I, could feel the equipment across 151, shaking our home.
It'll be next to us, very soon.
I stood, and looked over what used to be Scout's pasture.
The City of Fairfax, tried to take it from us, 4 years ago.
Looks like they got the IDOT to do their dirty work, for them. 
All, for a walking trail, next to 151.
According to the IDOT's Engineers, we would've lost nothing, if a Trail, for Fairfax wasn't in their plans.
I, have that in writing.
You, all...may be getting tired of me...talking about this.
You shouldn't be.
You, are paying for every inch of this horrible design. 

I, remember....20 years ago....when our land was condemned for 'Highway Improvement', so the Vehicles could easily drive off the Highway, {where they Now....want a Trail} 
and, not roll their vehicles.
So, the IDOT said... it would be safer, and people could drive right through the ditch.
I, remember our Beloved Lawyer, telling us...back then, it's kind of tuff, finding a Jury, that's 'impartial', as we were preparing for Trial.
He said...
"If you've never been through 'Condemnation', you have no terrible it is.
If, you have... there is no way you can be impartial."
Truer words were never spoken.
: (
I hope, by continuing to share our experience, that...if You, are ever called to be a Juror, concerning 'Condemnation', you'll remember.... this.
You'll remember, 'Trust'....doesn't come into play, when 'Condemnation', is on the books.
I, hope...I can report something different, this time around.
I, hope...someone, with the IDOT will be honest, {there have been some very Good Folks, on this Journey, with the IDOT. <3 However, there are some 'Good Ol' Boys'....that I feel, have kept some things waiting at the 'Back Door'. We'll see. It'll all come out, in the wash. } Just, the Beginning.
: (
My hair turned Gray, with the Condemnation, 20 years ago.
It was devastating for John.
I, took the lead, on that battle.
As Strong, as John was...I watched every day, as they destroyed...and, what it did to him.
That, nearly did me in.
Well, you've seen, what this can do.
At Least... Then, it was for a Safer Federal Highway.
This Time, it's All...for Fairfax's Suicide Trail, Huge...Wide Bridges, for a Trail, curbs, and 15 feet from the traveled portion of this Inane Highway.
How, the IDOT...ever, ever....went along with this horrific Plan, that's going to cost Us All....Millions, I'll Never, Ever....Know.
They, didn't even conduct a 'Safety Study', 
{we all know how that would've went. }
The IDOT, says 'Safety is Priority One'. 
Yeah, we can All...See That. 
; )
We are paying, with the Loss, of our Land.
You,, are Paying....with our hard earned dollars.
The Biggest Losers, as we all know, will be from those, who will lose their Lives.
Their Families.
Their...Loved Ones.
Shame, on Faifrax, and...The IDOT, for going along with this. 
There's still...a little time. Very little, to stop this.
I'll keep you apprised, every step of the way.
Hopefully, I'll have some Good News.
Hopefully, Someone, from The IDOT, will Finally See...before it's too late. 
Please, Pray...about This.
Love, to You.
Barb C. 
{They are Grading for a Trail. Not supposed to be, but...they are. I knew that, when they came after The Maple Tree. I, can prove it.
Know this, I've never lied to you, or anyone...about the facts of this mess.
Fairfax, city hall...can't say that.
Trust, is everything...
They've punished me, and our Family...
 solely because I've fought so hard, against their 'trail'.
I'll be sharing all of that, with well. }

I don't know who, to give credit to...on FB, for the above quote.
Thank You.
<3 <3 <3

Several weeks ago, I sat...and visited with a Very Seasoned, and....Admirable, Attorney.
I explained, how I'd been lied to, over and over.
: (
He reared back, and said...
"All Politicians Lie!!"
I, reared back, and said....
"That Doesn't Make It Right."
He, agreed.
<3 <3 <3 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I Remember.

I was about 18 years old, in this picture.
John, was the Light of my Life.
He, Always, Always Was.
Always...Will Be.
<3 <3 <3 

Alan Jackson - Remember When (Official Music Video)

Spider Webs, Dust...and, Memories.

Spent most of the day, knocking the dust, and spider webs down.
Decided to give the old stairs, a good cleaning, and...wax. ; )
I remember...the day, Daughter, Liz...and, I...
pulled these stairs, along with much of the trim...and, doors, from an old house in 
Hopkinton, Iowa...that, sadly....was coming down.
Liz, was 12, I suppose. 
John, and Pal, Virgil...made them work, in our 'New Home'.
It took me nearly two years, after John went away... to be able to walk into this room.
When, I can find the clean, what a Blessing it is, to run my hands over the Beautiful Creations.
John, was an Artist.
: )
He, Truly...made a Silk Purse, out of so....very little.
Things, others....threw away. 
I, wish....
you could've seen it, in 'color'.
Like..I, did.
On Holidays, I want our Children, and 'see' it, in 'color'.
Like...we did, then.

I, truly...enjoy, cleaning house.
As my hands....'touch'
 each surface, and...piece,
 beautiful memories, and...their 'faces', touch my soul.

The old Trucks, remind me of Dad, and...John. 
Everything, in our 'Home', has a 'Memory'. 
A Beautiful Face.
<3 <3 <3 
It was pretty slow goin'.
So many 'Memories', to visit with. 
Found some of the little cars, Grandson, Jack....
had been playing with, a while back,
 under the old...settee, as I was cleaning.
Didn't have the heart to put them away.
So...I put them in a Proud Spot. 

Love, to ya...
Barb C.

Blake Shelton - Home (Official Music Video)

Giving our Home, today.

Our 'home'....has been much neglected.
Seems all I do is work, and fight battles.
When I'm not doing them, I'm absolutely.... physically, mentally....and, emotionally
I've missed Birthday Parties, for Grandchildren. Haven't seen Vivian, our Brand-newest, Granddaughter, since the day she was born.
Even, that day....I was on the road. 
Delivering a cupboard.... spent nearly 200 miles, on the road, before I made it to the hospital to meet her.
Then, the next morning, was headed to Des Moines, gone for 5 days. 
Spent most of those a vortex.
Been playing 'Catch Up', all week.
Now, another Saturday has rolled around.
The Kids are coming for Thanksgiving.
I've get the house in order. 
Meeting with some officials, from the State, next week. 
Oh my....
The Vortex, never seems to stop. 
Colored my hair, yesterday. 
I looked like a skunk.
My white roots, were about the width of a Skunk's Stripe. 😉
Went nearly black, with red. 
Those old roots will Really stand out, in a few weeks. 
Oh my. 
Don't care. 
My being, feels very dark....these days. 
Why hair. 😉
The Gal, who did my hair. .said, "Normally, I'd tell the person asking for this drastic of a color, to think about it. I can tell, you aren't one of those people I need to advise."
There are few things in life, we have control over.
Hair color, is one of them. 
Love to You.
Barb C.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Happy Hippie Presents: Look What They've Done to My Song Ma (Performed b...

Kindred Spirits.

It's been a busy,
The Kids, moved the Chickens, and...Old, Tom Turkey.
Fairfax, fined me 104,000 thousand dollars, and took me to Court...over having 
The 'Livestock'...we've had here, for nearly 40 years.
They, 'Grandfathered', Scout...our Horse, in.
not the Chickens.
They decided to come down on me, after I fought them over their walking trail, along 151.
Said, They'd Never Seen 'Livestock' here, until last Fall. 
{when we stopped their Trail. Tho, they are trying to bring the Trail, through the 'Back Door', with the IDOT}
: )
Funny, Everyone Else...did. 
Including the Council Members Children, and Spouses.
I, have a petition...with Their Family Member's Signatures. 
Along with...
Over 40 of our Neighbors, and Customers, who vividly remember 'Livestock', being here, for decades. From the 1980's 'til present.
: )
City Hall, tortures me, like None...Ever, in Fairfax's History.
It breaks my heart, our Children, our Grandchildren...have taken care of the Chickens, over many...many, years.
That's...when I see our Grandchildren.
So, City Hall, has taken 'that'...away, from me, too.
When I walked in the house tonight...
The old, French Doll...caught my eye.
: )
'Kindred Spirits', I...thought, to myself.
She's so...tattered.
Shabby, and...worn. 
She's been through....a lot.
I, keep on fighting, for what's right...
 guess...I always will.
Kinda like the old...French Doll.
Kindred Spirits. 
They've taken our land, unlawfully.
Taken our 'Family', 
So, when ya wonder...why, my hair is turning white, and...
I, look a little shabby, around the edges, remember...
life, isn't easy outside the rabbit hole.
It's all about the Journey, the 'Adventure'. 
It's been a long, long....hard, ride. 
Still, have many go.
; )
Like the song goes, 
"If the people are buying tears...
I'll be a Rich Girl, someday."
Love, to Ya.
Thank You, for Your Continued Prayers.
They carry me.
Barb C.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Johnny Cash I Walk the Line


Trying to post from my phone.
New, to me. 
Took this picture this morning.
I peeked out the door, and snapped a picture of the Beautiful Maple Tree, that the IDOT was going to take down, last Friday. { Solely for Fairfax's' Trail}
It took many phone calls, and text messages, over last Thursday and Friday, but... it's still standing. 
For now. 
Had to take a picture of where the Plows Throw The Snow!
Right where Fairfax wants people to walk. 
Now....Thats a Smart Engineer, who Dreamed That Design Up! 
And...We, are The Lucky Ones, who between the City, and State.... will be paying Millions of Dollars Extra, to accommodate, for Pedestrians next to Highway 151, through Fairfax. 
The Most Dangerous Stretches of 151, in Linn County, Iowa. 
That's just Snow. It could be Rocks, Trash, a Trailer, Tires, Vehicles....
I've... Seen It All. Right where Fairfax, wants Children to Walk. 
City Council Meeting, tonight.
Oh my. 
I, hate attending. But, sadly...I have to. 
Love to You.
Barb C.

 {Forgot to mention, when Son, Justin...called me, as I was backing in to unload, at Junk Jubilee, Wednesday,  the man was here, to cut down the Old Pine, where the Saint Stands. Where all of our Pets are buried. I was promised That Tree, wouldn't be bothered. The Man, wouldn't cut it down...until the Saint was moved. Turns out, it was the wrong tree. Had that Saint, not been there...the Old Pine, would've been gone. I gotta tell ya, a Mess. I was told last year NOTHING was going to be touched, South of our driveway, where the Maple Stands.
It wasn't until Thursday afternoon, I was told...It Was Coming Down.
It's been one shock...after another. Heartbreaking.
I was on the phone, Thursday, at 8 a.m., with the Engineer who drew these plans. We went over everything. It wasn't until he mentioned The Saint, I choked up...and started to cry. Told Josey Wales, my Lawyer...It's pretty difficult to sound professional,'re fighting back tears. : ( : ( : (
This...isn't all the IDOT's fault. It Is, The City of Fairfax's. This...was Their Idea. Still is. The IDOT, should've washed their hands of this. I'm hoping, they will.
I survived another Fairfax City Council Meeting, tonight. It's painful to sit, Very.
I'm Walkin' The Line.
 Step by Step...
Inch, by inch. }

let's dance ~Chris Montez

Took a Day Off!

Took a Much Needed Day, yesterday.
Did Absolutely Nothing.
; )
Now, I'm setting my site on The Anamosa Antique and Vintage Market, that'll be in January!

{Also...dealing with 'Fairfax', and...the IDOT, yet...again, concerning Fairfax's Suicide Trail, that wasn't supposed to be, and saving Trees. oh my.
 It appears, they like using the 'Back Door'.
: (
Thought I could concentrate on getting the rabbit hole ready for an Open House, and get the house in shape...for Thanksgiving, after Junk Jubilee.
Sadly, as of last Thursday, as I was unloading, the IDOT, once again....solely for Fairfax, have planted roots in my brain.
Sure didn't need...yet, another 'Dance'. : (  }

I found the little, old... Dog Nut Cracker, at an Estate Sale....several weeks ago in Davenport.
Had it priced for sale, at Junk Jubilee, it nearly sold.
After the customer passed, I picked it up, and looked at it.
Oh My!
What a Perfect Card Holder!
{reminds me of Sweetie!}
So, pulled the price tag off, and for now...she'll become a 'Working Dog'!
Her jaws hold a stack of cards....Beautifully!
I handed out many,, and visited with Customers about
'Iowa's Best Kept Secret'!
{click on image to enlarge, for the details. I'll be posting more, soon. : ) }
The Anamosa Antique Show, is in it's 26th year.
I've shopped it, most every single one.
: )
Jon, and Cecilia....have promoted it, all of those years.
I've started to take it on, over the last couple....with Cecilia's, and Pal, Mark's help.
Sadly, Jon, Cecilia's Beloved, passed away, a couple of years ago.
I shared with the Customers, at Junk Jubilee, the reason I call it a
'Best Kept Secret'.
: )
Before I became a vendor, and...was only shopping, I Told NO ONE, about this little Event.
: )
It...was one of my 'Honey Holes'.
: )
When I was setting up at Heart of Country, in Nashville....
I Counted on This Event, to fill out the 'Simply Iowa' Load.
: )
I, always....Always....found some Wonderful, Soulful...Treasures, to take from Iowa, to Nashville.
I explained, to the Customers, the Anamosa Show, isn't like Junk Jubilee, or....Gold Rush, any of the events, around....these days.
It's small.
35, to 40 Vendors.
Most, are local Folks, that have been setting up there, forever.
: )
Most of them, do only....this event.
They always come up with wonderful treasures, that are affordable. 
The Show, is at The Lawrence Community Center, and...The Church Ladies Serve Homemade Pies....
and, Hot Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches as a fund raiser. 
It's like 'The Old Days', of Antiquing.
There's Furniture, and...Signs, Advertising...Stoneware, Old...Toys, Quilts, Loads of...Fun Old Stuff! Bigs!
Things, from .25 cents, on up. : )
It costs 3.50 cents to get in, 6.00 for Early Bird.
I always, always....shopped Early Bird.
; )
The show is just one day, and runs from 8:00 - 9:30 {Early Bird} 
9::30 until 3. Regular hours.
It's Over, for another year.
I Absolutely Love...this Event. 
Now, that I'm helping with it, I have to Share. 
I've been sharing, for several years, since I became a Vendor.
: )
So...if you're getting Cabin Fever, like most of us, come to Anamosa, on January 19th.
You'll have Fun. : ) 
There's Lot's of Great Shops in the area.
Anamosa, Mt. Vernon, Marion, The Amana Colonies, Dyersville, Cascade....
depending on which direction you're travelling from. 
Always check ahead, some shops aren't open in January, but.... there's Plenty that are!
I have to Run!
'Bout froze my tail off, this morning...doing chores.
It's Brisk Outside!
The Ford, is running...warming up, for a mad dash to town.
Oh my! Ya!
Stay Warm!
Barb C.
{Please...keep me in your Prayers, concerning this highway project.
It was debilitating trying to set the booth at Junk Jubilee, after having a Bomb Dropped, on my head, Thursday.
I, know....The Angels carried me through. <3 }

Monday, November 11, 2019

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Roberta Flack / Killing Me Softly With His Song


Just pulled in, and....have survived.
: )
Junk Jubilee Jingles, in Des Moines was Busy...Busy...Busy!!
I, didn't take my little laptop with, so...I couldn't blog.
It was a good thing.
: ) 
That 'Book' I've been promising to write, is getting becoming Real, by the moment.
Told a Friend, as I was setting the booth...
"I, think The Lord wants to make me 'see', 
no matter how much I have on my shoulders, I...can still create."
It took everything, everything...I had, to make it 'happen'. 
I, really am too exhausted, explain.
Thanks, so Much...
to Miccia, and her 'Junk Jubilee Family'.
<3 <3 <3
Thanks, so Much...
to All, who Visited, and Shopped.
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to You...
Barb C. 

{After I got the Trucks, unloaded...{with Brandon's Help!}
and, got to the hotel,
I ran...a Hot Bath.
Soaked...for a Long...Long, time.
Listening to Roberta Flack.

Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Welcome To My World by Jim Reeves my World.

It's been a Long...Long, day...
Daughter Elizabeth.
Miss. Vivian Elizabeth.
Father, Adam.
Our Family Grows.
<3 <3 <3 

Saturday, November 2, 2019

Friday, November 1, 2019

The Valley - k d Lang sings Siberry

We will good company.

Finally, finally...
found my way to the rabbit hole, this afternoon.
It's been....many weeks.
Peg's Beloved, moving back to Iowa.
He's been bringing boxes, and...boxes, of Peg's 'Treasures'...
 to the rabbit hole...
while I've been working 'away'.
I began to go through...them, this afternoon. 
Wasn't...long, until...I lost the wind, from my sails.
to walk away.

There were so many, many...memories.
: )
The Bird's Nests...
The...tiny, fragments...of lace, that Peg...adored so.
The 'Memory Tree', I'd created...for Peg.
Peg demanded, several years ago...that I give her something for Christmas that I created. 
Couldn't be bought from a 'Store'. 
That...was a Tall Order.
I'm, not an Artist, like She.
The 'Memory Tree', was the Best...I could do.
Every...little fragment, meant 'something', only Peg, and...I....could understand.
yes, it's been a difficult day.
On a happier note, I did some last minute shopping, for Daughter, Liz.
: )
She was going to come to town, this late afternoon, and grocery shop...with me.
She's....not feeling well, so....tired.
She, simply...had to stay home, <3
Baby Girl, will be coming within the next few days.
If...she's not 'here', by Tuesday morning...the Dr. said they will induce. 
Our Newest Granddaughter will be here, no later than Tuesday.
<3 <3 <3 
The Ford's old...ratchet straps, for the Very First Time...
Strapped Down Boxes of Diapers.
: )
I, delivered them...this evening, along with a few other...things, 
I thought they may be needing.
<3 <3 <3
Love, to Each...and, Everyone.
Thank You, for your continued Prayers.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.

Wednesday, October 30, 2019

In The Palm of Your Hand ~ Alison Kraus ~ lyric video

Everything....happens, for a reason. It's all...about 'The Journey'.

The last year....has truly, been a whirlwind.
Well, the last many....years, have been a whirlwind.
I've had a few moments, over the last couple of reflect, a little.
I'm absolutely...exhausted. 
These 'Estate Sales', back, to back, have been grueling.
Then, throw in a lawsuit, over Chickens....
: )
Oh my.
: )
The City of Fairfax, fined me 104,000. dollars, for having Chickens.
Six Chickens...and, an Old...Tom Turkey, to be exact.
I'll be writing all about it, very soon. 
Last year, this time...I was fighting to save our Land, and...Folks.
All for a Walking Trail...Next to Highway 151, that the City of Fairfax...thought they Had to Have.
Oh my. 
: )
Again, I'll be telling the rest of the story...very soon. 
Because of the city's suggestion of their Trail, the Beautiful...150 year old, Cottonwoods...are coming down. 
I, didn't know that, until I was driving home...from work, Saturday night...
 in the dark...
I saw the branches, next to Highway 151.
It's heartbreaking. just the beginning. 
If you've never been through 'Condemnation', well...
I'm gonna take you through it, step, as we watch everything...we've worked our lives away for, destroyed.
All, for a wider bridge, that no one...will, or....should, ever... ever walk on.
On Saturday, Daughter, Liz...came to visit me, at The Estate Sale.
{Miss. Scarlett, Too! <3 }
Later, I walked to The Ford, and saw the Beautiful...Beautiful, Cross, on The Ford's seat.
Liz, had found it, at a yard sale, and...thought of me.
<3 <3 <3 
What a Lovely.... Surprise...
Gift, that was. <3 
Exactly, what I needed, to 'cling' to. : ) <3 
I've taken a couple of days off...just today, I brought the 'Cross', inside.
<3 <3 <3 
Seems, my life...has been filled with friction, and....battles, for so long. work. I, truly Love, what I do.
Helping Folks, handling...the 'Old Souls', {antiques <3 }
 makes me Crazy.
: (
I, my heart, that everything...'happens', for a reason.
: )
It's the Weights, on The Old...Grandfather Clock, that make it Go.
: )
Steel, is tested, over and over. 
It's put through intense heat, before it can be at it's best.
As I sat back, and...processed, over the last two days, I realized...
how Much, The Lord has Blessed me. <3
He's placed some of The Most Amazing...People, on my path.
I've been so....very angry.
but, believe it, or not....
I've held back.
{couldn't have done that...a few years ago.}
I've learned to 'Trust'. 
<3 <3 <3 
Whatever happens, happens for a reason.
I'll do the Best, I can keeping notes.
The Lord, His Chosen Time, 
make the crooked roads...straight. 
<3 <3 <3 
I'm so be back.
Not being able to write, here...has been tuff.
Thank You, for staying with.
Thank You...
for your continued Prayers.
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to You.
Barb C.

Monday, October 28, 2019

Thank You!!!

Thanks, Sooo Much...
 Everyone who attended The Norway Estate Sale!
: )
We are wrapping it up, and...Movin' On!
So Get Done!
Junk Jubilee Jingles...
at The Fairgrounds in Des Moines,
November 8-10!!!
A Brand New...Granddaughter, will be Here, between now, and Then!
Hopefully a Christmas Open House, Down The Rabbit Hole!!!
Oh BOY!!!
around my Neck, around Home....from doing Estate Sales, back to
Oh My!!!
Lots to report...very soon, about Fairfax, and our Chickens. {Old...Tom, Turkey...too. }
It's been Awful...not being able to Blog.
: (
I'm so Very Everyone, that's kept us in their continued Prayers.
<3 <3 <3 
They are Appreciated Much, and... Needed. 
Life, has been very difficult....
Your Prayers....and, Faith....have kept my pins under me.
: )
Thank You. 
<3 <3 <3 
I have to Run, but....
I will be back to Blogging, very...Soon!
Love, to Each, and Everyone.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.

Friday, October 18, 2019

50% OFF.... TODAY!!! ESTATE SALE!! OCTOBER 24-27!!! Norway, Iowa! {Just West, of Cedar Rapids! }

50% OFF
{most items!!!}
; ) : ) : ) 
After 2:00 p.m.
We'll be Bundling!!!
400 Apache Drive,
Norway, Iowa!!!
OCTOBER 24, 25, 26 and 27!!!
9 - 6
{Numbers at 8:30 on the 24th, and 27th!}
{no early sales}

This is a Lovely...Clean, Estate!
Loads of Good, and Clean Household, Vehicles, and Garage Items!
Over 100 Cookbooks, many are from small Towns in Iowa!
Large Collection of Cape Cod!!!
Vintage items, along with some Early Antiques!
There will be some Advertising Items, as Well!!!
We are just....getting things pulled out, and unpacking.
We will be bringing some things from The Farm, as well!
I'll be posting more images, as we go.

Make Attend!!! a Tiny Portion, of This Sale!
Don't Miss It!!!

Updated 10/22.
MUCH...has been added from The Farm!
Oh My!
We are Scramblin' to get it In, and...Cleaned Up! 
; )

Here are a few images.
Not much take 'em!

Several...Early, Oil Paintings, and...Frames, just came from The Farm, TODAY!

140 Plus...Pieces of Cape Cod!!

Amana Gate Leg Table!
I've Never....seen another.

Many...Hand Woven Rugs, from a Local Weaver!

150 Pounds...of 1960's Lucite Grapes. 
Oh...My! <3

Just unpacking Boxes... this evening.
Oh My!
Tons, of Stoneware Bowls, and Crocks!!!

of Vintage Cookie Cutters! <3

Love these Old...Cookie Cutters.
The Cat, and...the Ghost, are Fun, for this time of year.

The Vehicles are CLEAN...with LOW, LOW....Miles!

Beautiful... Old, Old...9 1/2 foot Railroad type...Desk!
Mid 1800's Amana, Iowa
Sofa !!!