Thursday, December 12, 2019

Vince Gill - Never Knew Lonely

Carpenters - Merry Christmas Darling (original 1970 single version)


I'm gonna try this post....
one more time.
I, Tried....Tuesday.
oh my.
Tuesday, was a Long...Hard....Day.
I was finishing up....the house, and...ran across two, small...totes.
I'd pulled EVERY BIT of Christmas....out, this year.
Much, I...haven't seen, in many years.
I...wanted to go through all of it, and organize.
oh my.
When I opened the First, little tote....
it was like Sparkles Shot Straight Out Of The Tote!!!
I, knew....who had last packed These Totes.
<3 <3 <3 
{The second tote, was Exactly....the same.}
Oh My.
: ( : ( : ( 
It was a Gift, to See...John's handwork, but....
They took my breath...away.
Pulling 'Christmas' together, by myself....this year, was really, really....difficult.
Usually, I'm in a big...hurry, and those who are helping, Liz....or, John....well, we'd be Dancin' around each other. : )
This time, every inch...of it, hit home...hard.
Those, last....two....little totes, really knocked my pins, out...from underneath me.
: ( : ( : (
Then, had to gather myself attend the regular City Council Meeting.
I'm sure...Folks wonder why, I keep going.
Well, had I been attending, over the years, I most likely....wouldn't have had to Fight for Our Lives, the last Four Years.
I've learned...I can't trust our City Hall.
We've Lost Much.....Much.
I, have to stay on top of what I can.
It makes me physically sick, to attend these meetings.
To watch, what's happening.
: ( : ( : (, forgive....what they've put us through.
By the time....I got home, Tuesday night, I....was pretty drained, to say the least.
Spent the entire day....Wednesday, in John's old...recliner.
I wrapped up, in the softest, warmest....blanket we have, and....sipped piping hot....soup, for lunch, and supper.
Didn't answer the phone, and...watched Vintage T.V. programs, all day.
Completely....Shut 'The World'...Out.
I, didn't have any more tears, left.
I, was completely....done.
: (
Guess, many of us....can relate.
: (

I finished, most....of 'Christmas', today.
Picked up, and packed up....empty totes, and boxes.
Still have to adorn...the old Horse, on the Balcony.
: )
It's his First Time, here... <3
Found him, at Rochester, 'Gold Rush', in August.
He didn't sell, at my shows, so....
Here He Is.
I, put the Old...Sleigh, up there....with him.
{That, was a 'Trick'. : ) }
I've got them secure, so when the Kids, and Grandkids...come for Christmas, there won't be any Casualties. : ) 

One of the most...difficult moments, Tuesday, was when I found the old Horse Feed Bag, that John had in the shop, to put trash in.
He'd thrown all of the metal shavings from his Hand Cut Tin....Artwork.
I, remember telling him, that those 'shavings', were as much 'Art', as his Beautiful....Finished, Creations...were. : )
{He Rolled His Eyes....Hahahaha...
as, he watched me scooping them from the floor, into that feed sack. : ) : ) : ) <3 }
Pulling them, from that...bag, just....about, did me in. 
{John hand cut, the 'Simply Iowa' Piece, for me...and gave it to me for Christmas. <3 <3 <3 }

I've been playing with some of the Old...Trucks.
That's...where I found enough keep goin'....Tuesday, afternoon.
Playing, with those....old trucks.
They remind me, of my Dad...and, John.
<3 <3 <3 
Daughter, Liz....said, she felt so bad...she couldn't help me...this year.
I, told her....not to.
<3 <3 <3 
The truth, is....I spent many years, doing 'Christmas'....alone.
: ) 
It...never bothered me, at all. 
It, was Such a Gift....when I moved out, on my 'Do' Christmas...
<3 <3 <3 
I couldn't afford much, but...Dolsey, my Beloved Great Dane, and...I....Loved, that first...
little Tree.
<3 <3 <3
It's not...being alone, that I struggle with.
It's the feeling, of being Less, than...alone, that....truly, hurts.
{Even...when you're surrounded by Folks. }
It's difficult, to put into words.
: (
I'm sure....there are Folks out there....who understand, what I mean. 
I 'Do' Big, as I Could...this year.
<3 <3 <3 
I want our be 'Christmas'.
<3 <3 <3 
Never, forget....the True, Meaning....
be a little, mesmerized....
<3 <3 <3
Love, to...You.
Barb C. 

{I thought about this post, after...I'd written it.
'Lonely', isn't the same...for everyone.
I'd been alone, for a long time....when I was young.
But, I....never 'knew'...'Lonely', until...I lost John.
I'm posting one of my Favorite Tunes, Vince Gill, from many years ago....
that, comes pretty close to the definition.}

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Working on The Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market!!!

I've been working on 
'The Anamosa Antique and Vintage Market'
Oh My!! Moving Fast!
The date, is Sunday, January 19th!
{8 a.m. 'til 9:30 Early Bird Shopping $6.00
9:30 a.m. 'til 3 p.m. Regular Shopping $3.50 }
Located at The Lawrence Community Center, in Anamosa, Iowa!!
Love...this Event.
I've referred to it, over the
"Iowa's Best Kept Secret"
: )
 I only told my Closest Junkin' Pals, about it.
: )
I've shopped it, for nearly the entire 26 years it's been going..
In the beginning, when Jon, and Cecilia...first started it, 
I was doing Heart of Country, in Nashville.
They fell too close together, so...I didn't set up in Anamosa.
I ALWAYS Shopped It!
It Never let me down.
: )
I, could Always...count on The Anamosa Show, to fill out my Nashville Load.
: )
Cecilia....asked me to help out, the last few years, as she's wanting to spend more time traveling...and visiting Family.
Pal, helping out, as well.
We are keeping it, as Cecilia...has. <3
'Home Town'. 
Like...We've Always...Enjoyed.
: )
There's Truly...Something, for Everyone. 
Everything...from Primitives, to Coins!
Vintage Jewelry, Old...Toys, Farm, Garden...Advertising, Lodge, Vintage Paper, Cast Iron, Old...Books, Quilts, Textiles, Holiday...I, could go On...and, On!!!
The Church Folks...make Awesome Homemade Pies, and Hot Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches!!
Oh My!!!
It's like 'Antique Shows'...Used to Be, 'The Day'!!!
<3 <3 <3 
Love IT!!!
See the details, in The Calendar of Events, on the right.
I'll be posting more, soon. : )
Make Plans, to Attend!
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Done.

Oh My....
; )
Still...have a few Miles...left, 
on The Rest.
{Yes....there's Much More. 
Stay....Tuned. ; ) }

I've been Crazy....Busy....with 'Everything'. 
It's been Fun...diggin' through Long, Long...Lost Totes filled with 'Christmas'. 
<3 <3 <3 
Stay Tuned.
<3 Ya, 
Barb C. 

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Chuck Berry - Run Rudolph Run (Official Lyric Video)


The last two days, I've had The Ford....Wound Up Tight!!!
My My!!
; )
So get Done, Time!
Appointments, Deliveries....Gathering....
Today, was Beautiful!!
So...spent the morning, and early afternoon....Cleaning Up The Yard!!!
Fixin', and Runnin' the Caulking Gun, around the Greenhouse Glass.
Unloaded The Ford, and Loaded...back up, again.
; )
Had a Lovely Time, visiting with Friends, and catching up.
Been Too Long, since I've had the chance, to 'Visit'. 
It's been Years, since I'd seen some of them. : (
So, it was very Good, catching up.
This Day, has been Filled with 
Hooked Rugs....
Vintage Christmas....
and, No Room, left in The Ford's Cab!!
{So The Ford's Cab, I could only use 1st, 3rd, and 5th.....Gears!
There was No Way, I had Room to Grab 2nd, and 4th!!
Tight...Tight...Tight!!! }
It was dark, as The Ford and I....made our way towards Home.
Decided to stop at Edith Lucielle's, and have a bite to eat.
I've known that place, for decades.
Long....before it was a Restaurant. 
It's fun to sit there...and remember the conversations, from nearly 40 years ago.
: )
Those....were The Days.
If Those Walls...Could Talk!!
; )
I'm going to Finally...get The Tree 'Done'....tomorrow.
{or, Saturday... ; ) }

Love...the 'Rules', at Edith Lucielle's. 
Especially the Part....
"We Reserve The Right to Refuse Service to Anyone.
No Matter Who You Are....
Who You Think...You Are, 
Who... Your Daddy Is."
<3 <3 <3 
Makes me Smile...
Every Time...I Read It!! 
; )
Hope...You, had a Lovely Day.
Enjoyed a little Time, with Friends.
Let the Sun...Shine, on your Face....for a little bit.
Love, to You....
Barb C. 

{Peg's Beloved....Michael, just called. <3
Looks like I'll be visiting him, tomorrow. : )
<3 <3 <3
Guess, it may be Saturday, before I get 'The Tree'...done. <3 ; ) }

Monday, December 2, 2019

Santa Claus is back in town - Elvis Presley

The Up.

: ) : ) : )
; )
It's Lit....Up.
: )
around 2000 lights.
: )
Not, decorated....yet.
; )
The Hard DONE!!!
120 Branches...
12 feet Tall.
oh my.
For someone...who, isn't into...
'Heights', well...
It's a Big....Deal!!!
I was called away, yesterday...
so...didn't make any strides.
One of the 'Calls', was to pick up some Vintage Concrete Statuary.
A Friend, had conducted an Estate Sale, and they were left behind.
She thought I might like to purchase them.
She sent pictures....and, I agreed to buy them.
I put the address in my phone,
when I saw the Home...
The Ford, and GPS....took me to.
: ( : ( : ( 
Damn It.
: (  : ( : ( 
It was my Old Friend, Gus's Home.
He was a Good Friend, to my Dad...too.
Damn It.
I, had no idea.... he'd Passed away, several years ago.
He was a 'Junk Man' my Dad.
<3 <3 <3 
He cut up Dad.
<3 <3 <3 
I a little Girl, bidding against Gus, 
at the Farm Auctions....on my Dad's behalf.
<3 <3 <3 
He was a Kind...Kind....Man.
Over the years, Gus brought me Cool...Old...Farm Scrap. 
: )
I walked through his Home, yesterday.... with a heavy...heart, 
and, gathered a few Christmas items, 
that were left over...from my Friend's Sale.
Things, I'll....Treasure, because they belonged to Gus.
<3 <3 <3
The image...below, is the last time I saw Gus, and his Pal...Ed.
<3 <3 <3 
Gus, is wearing the Gloves. : )

It was like...Dad, was there with us.
<3 <3 <3 
Gus, and Ed....brought some Great Stuff, to the rabbit hole, 
before it hit the Scrap Yard.
<3 <3 <3 
I, remember....on this load, 
there were some COOL....'Pig Tail' Hooks, 
I asked them to cut off of an old piece of  Horse Drawn Machinery.
Gus...Thought I Was Crazy!!!
 he Cut 'em off....for me. : )
I have one, and gave a Friend, for Christmas...that year.
They Are Awesome!!
<3 <3 <3 
Gus, was a Wonderful...Man.
<3 <3 <3 
Somehow, I...thought, he'd Live....Forever.
: ( : ( : ( 
Love, to ya...
Barb C.  

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Saturday, November 30, 2019

Elvis Presley - Merry Christmas Baby - HD with lyrics

Merry Christmas.... Baby.

: )
Spent the day...Diggin'...Christmas.
Spent....Yesterday, fixin'...'Broken'.
Long...long, story.
Looks like a 'Christmas Bomb'...went off, in the House.
; )
I've got Mountains....of Christmas.....Blowin' The Walls Out!!! 
; ) 
Thankfully, I've been listening to Christmas Jazz, and...The Blues,
This, is the first year, in 20, I've pulled 'Christmas'...together, all by myself.
Last year....was the first Christmas, since I was 15....didn't put up a Tree.
: (
That,  was an Ugly....Ugly, Christmas.
: ( : ( : ( 
Don't like climbin' up....HIGH!
But, I did.
That Old Bell....Had to be Hung.
<3 <3 <3 
Got about a Thousand....lights, on The Tree.
Have, about a Thousand, to go.
: )
Hundreds....and, Hundreds....
of Ornaments, too.
; )
; )
John, would be Rollin' his Eyes.
<3 <3 <3 
{He, always....did!}
 John, very important 'Christmas' is.
<3 <3 <3 
Stay Tuned....
; ) Ya.
Barb C.

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Happy All!!!

Wishing Everyone....
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
<3 <3 <3
There's Always...always, something to be
Thankful For.
: )  
Hope...You Eat Way Too Much!!
: ) You, and Yours!!!
Barb C. 

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Soggy Bottom Boys- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow

O Brother Where Art Thou(I've spoken my peace and counted to three)

Sunday, and Monday....
were very busy days.
Wanted to catch up, with Friend, and Neighbor, Kathy....
She'd sent some Lovely...Vintage Ornaments with me, to Junk Jubilee Jingles, and a Gnarly Tree....
that, I wanted to settle up with her, on.
She didn't want anything for them....and, That....was just...silly.
I sold many of them...they were Beautiful....and, I appreciated her sending them.
: ) <3
So...put the money under a weight, on her table...and walked away.
: )
As I was leaving...I pointed out the darling 'Heart'.
Told her how much I liked it....and, of Course, she Insisted...I take it.
<3 <3 <3 
Kathy, Made...that Darling....little Heart.
I, will Treasure It...Always.

Then, as I was heading home, I saw there was a car, by Scout's pasture.
: )
These Folks...were visiting him.
They'd brought apples, for Scout.
He's a School Bus Driver, and visits Scout....every day, on his route.
He told Much, he...and the School Kids, enjoy saying "Hello', and how Scout puts on a Show...for them.
He brought his Grand Nephews, Sunday afternoon, to visit Scout.

Then, as we were visiting, with Scout....Neighbor, Bob...popped over.
He Loves Scout.
Brought him an ear of corn.
<3 <3 <3 
Then, Finally....Sunday afternoon, I visited Grandsons.
Keeden, Kyler...and, Kaycen.
<3 <3 <3 
I'd missed Kyler's 2nd. Birthday, as I was in Des Moines, doing Junk Jubilee Jingles.
: (
The Wonderful...Wonderful...Energy, these Children Absolutely Priceless.
It was Very Good, spending a little time, with 'Children'. 
Adults, make me Crazy.
{Most...of them. <3 }
Now, I know why...Dad, Always sat at the 'Kids' Holiday Gatherings.
<3 <3 <3 
{I, do it...too. }

Then...Monday, rolled around.
oh my.
Had the meeting with the IDOT.
They were both very nice Men.
It's difficult, for discuss this entire situation...
and, go over the same....facts, again...and, again.
It's like they are reading from a text book, and....aren't 'hearing', or....thinking of any options, except....what they've been programmed to say.
Make, no mistake....
I, wouldn't want their jobs.
They, too...were very all of this.
But, I...don't want 'Sympathy', I want them to show me the Safety Studies, me to understand, Why....they came up with the designs they have.
Common sense, isn't being considered. 
Without it, there will be much loss.
Monetarily, I told them....with 'Lives' well.
I did my get the facts out, without losing myself.
It, didn't work...the best.
{The first Man, I visited with, told me last week, he'd have a couple of hours, to go over everything. Then, when he arrived, on Monday....said he couldn't stay long, because he had another appointment.
I, said....guess, he'd be coming back, then, because...he said, he'd give me some Time.
He, wound up staying.}
He promised he'd send the safety study. : )
I learned, that the bridge in front of our going to be completely  changed, and in doing so...the ditch, that was put in 20 years ago, for Vehicle Safety, is going to be Filled. {Trail}
So, the highway will be level with our Home. 
Vehicles will have a straight shot, into our home.
Also, our gray there. 
Looks like, it's going to have to be moved.
{They were surprised to see it. They were 20 years ago...too, when they destroyed it, with the last project. }
We didn't know it was broken....until we had a water leak, and the drain couldn't drain....because the IDOT had crushed the tile, in the Summer, but....when our basement flooded, in January, of the next year...the ground was frozen. It was -40, as I stood outside with the IDOT, and a hired, by us...Excavator.
The IDOT stood there, and said...
"If that's Orangeburg Tile...we aren't paying."
It Wasn't. 
They, still...didn't pay. Our Insurance Company did.
: ( : ( : ( 
The Man, in the Excavator, front of us was obvious, the IDOT's Equipment Crushed that tile.
{We'd shown it to The IDOT, back then, too. }
To see, how Surprised....the Two Men, were...on Monday, concerning that tile, after I'd reminded the Contractor....the IDOT Acquisition Folks, and... have it in our paperwork, from our Lawyer, concerning that tile, was rather disappointing.
: (
The Man, who was in charge, on Monday....said they are trying to do Everything, to prevent the Maple from coming down.
Said the Pine, where our Beloved Pets, are buried....won't be bothered.
: ) 
The problem is, The Massive Culvert, they are putting in, because of a Bridge, that's Huge, to accept causing this Entire...Mess. 
Stallman Drive, is another story.
That's... going to be a Circus.
I, told them so.
Told them, they keep sayin' "Safety is Priority One"....
Not from where I'm standing.
Of course, I've only lived here....nearly 40 years.
: )
What could I possibly know, about how 'these' roads work.
The Man said... "To move that new drive, the IDOT approved, a couple of months ago, {that...they shouldn't have put, where they did...}
to connect with Stallman, 
{and make it Much safer}
they'd have to acquire some land, to the West. 
{Nothing is there, but...dirt, it was a Farm Field, until July...of this year.}"
I, said...
 "Do It."
It was o.k. for the IDOT to come 'West', and come 12 feet from our home, for a Trail...No One, should Ever...walk on. 
Those Folks...wouldn't even lose a tree. 
If...'Safety' Truly.... 'Priority One'.
Do It. 
Told them, I know....the IDOT is going to do what it wants, but....whatever they decide, they need to remember, what I said. 
Like the Gal ' O Brother Where Out Thou'
"I've spoken my Peace....and, Counted to Three." 
<3 <3 <3 
Just trying to save 
Lives, are Very....Important. 
I'll be anxious to see that 'Safety Study', as promised....for that new Drive.
Love to ya...
Barb C. 

{This....Drains me. 
I, sure wouldn't their jobs.
Bless their Hearts.
<3 <3 <3 }

{Just was thinking, as I was headed into Town. 
The Stallman Drive intersection, {Where the rabbit hole, is.} 
Even as irregular, as it is.... has never, to my knowledge....ever had an accident. 
One, of Fairfax, that can say that. 
Yet, That's the One...the IDOT wants to Completely, 'redesign'. }

If you've never seen the Movie,
'O Brother Where Out Thou'
watch it.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Jo Dee Messina - Because You Love Me (Official Music Video)


Went to the grocery store....a couple of nights ago.
As I was checking out....I saw a huge display of Roses, that had been discounted.
I, instantly thought of my Mom.
<3 <3 <3 
Her name...was Rose.
<3 <3 <3 
When I'd see Roses, or....anything, I thought Mom, would enjoy....
that, I could afford, I'd get them for Mom.
<3 <3 <3 
Surprise her....: ) 
I, couldn't help...but buy a couple of dozen, in Memory...of Mom.
<3 <3 <3 

I carried the Roses inside, before...anything else, when I got home.
Clipped their stems....and gave them a much needed drink.
: )
There's been an old Pitcher, on the counter, since Gold Rush, back in August.
While doing the show....a Fellow Dealer motioned for me to come to his booth, as I was making my way towards mine, when the show was opening.
He reached under his table, and handed the Old...Pitcher, to me.
: )
He said.... 
"As I was unpacking, I found this transport, the handle was broken. 
I saved it back, for you...rather than pitch it. I knew you'd appreciate it, even broken."
<3 <3 <3 
Oh, Yes....I do.
{I, sit...filled with I write, this morning.
My mind, and...spirit, has been so consumed, seems it takes me catch up with
'Emotions', anymore.
I, should've shed these tears of Gratitude, when he handed the old....pitcher, to me.
Seems, I have to Focused, on each hand, to get through them, without stumbling....
I, can't let anything....touch me, until each mountain is conquered. 
: ( 
That, makes me...very....sad.
I'm so Sorry, if I Haven't...Thanked YOU.
If, You are one of those Wonderful, Caring...Loving, People...
that, I've stood  before, 'Numb', and.... 'Emotionless', 
when You, have shown me Love, Support, and...Kindness,
I' Very, Very....Sorry. 
: ( : ( : ( 
Please Know....I Am So, So....Grateful, for You. 
Don't....ever doubt that. 
<3 <3 <3 

Sadly, the pitcher has been sitting, and waiting for me to mend it, for months.
The Friend, who gifted the pitcher, to me...had carefully placed it's handle...inside.
so...after I got Mom's Roses, situated....
I, sat down, and repaired the old...Pitcher.
: )
It was so Proud, to hold....Mom's Roses. <3
The Rose's....were a bit forlorn, as well.
That's probably why, they were discounted, so.
But...within moments, of being 'touched', they Opened Up....
in the Old...Pitcher, and couldn't have been More...Beautiful.
<3 <3 <3 
Mom, would've Loved Them.
<3 <3 <3 
I, took them....and the Beautiful, Old...Pitcher,, my Friend, had given to me...
 and placed them next to Mom's Ashes.
{and, John's... <3 <3 <3
 He, Loved...Roses, too. : ) <3 }

I will always treasure, that Old...Pitcher.
Not, so much....because of it's age,
because of the Kind Man, who thought of me, and saved it. 
: ) 
Broken Things, that live on...are very special.
The Pitcher, means far me, 'broken', than...had it been 'perfect'.
Love, to Ya...
Barb C.

Below, are images concerning the walking trail, the IDOT, and Fairfax....are planning.
I'm meeting with the IDOT, tomorrow morning.
I wanted these images, close at hand.
Please, Pray....about this horrible plan of theirs.
Pray, that they will come to their senses.
Please...Pray, that I can find the carry on, with this battle.
I intend to go to the Powers that Be, at The Capitol....
Insisting, that No Trail, can be placed next to a Federal Highway, {or, Anywhere}, without First, having an Independent Safety Study, concerning the Safety of Pedestrians, and Cyclists, when they are situated to coexist with Vehicles.
Had one been conducted, here....we wouldn't be having this discussion. 
There are No Safety Studies Concerning the above, in our State, at this time.
Fairfax, denied, for nearly a 2016, at Public City Council Meetings, there were any trail plans.
Then, the city said..."They had no choice, the IDOT was forcing them to put in a Trail."
As you can see, Fairfax, asked....for a Trail, next to Highway 151, in 2012.

I begged the council, and mayor....{The IDOT, too}
to PLEASE...have the University of Northern Iowa, conduct a 'Safety Study', concerning their Trail Plans.
They, refused.
I, offered to pay, to have one conducted, in 2017.
They wouldn't consider it. 
A Safety Study, should no longer be an option. 
It, should be Mandatory. 
That's....just common sense.
They, would save Lives. 
The IDOT says, "Safety is Priority One."
Not from where I'm sitting. 
{These 'Safety Studies', should be independent, not affiliated with the IDOT, or City Government.}
Highway Patrol, or State Troopers, should be involved with these 'Trail Plans', that are coexisting with Traffic. }

It took me two years, to find this document.
This states, the city of Fairfax, requested this Trail, next to Highway 151, through Fairfax. 
Something, they'd me, publicly, at council meeting, after council meeting. 
Do you understand, why....when the city ordered us to get rid of our 'Livestock', after having them, here...without a single complaint, for nearly 40 years, until I fought their 'Trail', so hard....last Fall, I'd lost them.

This is a Trail, near Janesville, Iowa. 
Next to Highway 63.
It's 4 lane.
This car, came to rest...on the Trail.

Highway 151, North of Fairfax.
I, have many,, and reports, of the Accidents that happen, nearly...on a daily basis, in the Urban Area of Fairfax.
The IDOT will try to say....that's why they are doing road improvements, now.
That's what they tried to do, 20 years ago, when the IDOT did highway 'Improvements' on 151.
Made wider shoulders. Designed the Ditches, so when vehicles went off the highway, they could drive through the ditch, {where they now...want Fairfax's Trail} able to continue...without a 'Roll Over'. 
The IDOT accomplished that, in the two Counties, South of us.
The Fatalities, and Accidents, were reduced, there.
But, as reported, by The University of Northern Iowa, in their 2010 Safety Audit, 
even After...the 151 Highway Improvements,in 'The Urban Area of Fairfax', the Fatalities, and Accidents, continued to Climb.

There are 20 intersections, within a mile stretch, through Fairfax. 
{Business Drives, Private Drives, and Street Intersections.}
The Traffic Count, much...are Heavy Trucks, and Semis, is around 13,000, a day.
I'd bet....more.
No stop signs, and a 45 mph. Speed Limit. {many, run 60}
The University of Northern Iowa, concluded this was one of the most dangerous stretches, in Linn County, for 'Vehicles'. {No Study, has been conducted for Pedestrians, or Cyclists}
The IDOT, is planning a center turning lane, for left hand turns.
That, will...become a 'Passing Lane', when people are making Right Hand Turns.
Getting turned in, to the left...may be safer.
Getting ON, to Highway 151, from all of those Intersections...
 will be Extremely Dangerous, even Worse...than they are...Now.
Then, having to watch for Pedestrians, and Cyclists....that would be 15 feet, from the Traveled Portion of 151, along....with All of The Traffic....
: (
Our Property is where the Big Trees, were standing.
They, are now....Gone. 
Trail Plans, were a huge part of their taking.
The car in the ditch, crossed over the on coming traffic, and slid through the ditch...
Exactly where people would be encouraged to walk, if a Trail was there.
This concrete fragment, probably bounced out of a Dump Truck, while travelling on 151, in Fairfax. {my behind, to the left.}
One, of Many.....along with all sorts of debris.
That fragment, weighs over 200 pounds.
I, have it here.
Took it, along with the smaller one, a city council meeting, last year.
The mayor, and council refused to look at them.

 This 'Trail', for Fairfax, has nearly  consumed my life, over 4 years.
We've lost land, and trees.
Many, have, solely....for a Trail, No One....should ever walk on.
{Council members have stated at public meetings, that they won't allow their Children, or Grandchildren, to walk on Fairfax's Trail. 
And....went on to say....
It's The Parent's responsibility to keep their Children, Off...of Fairfax's Trail.
I've lost, many...Loved Ones, over the last 5 years.
I, can't watch others, 'Lose',  because of such reckless actions, without any 'Safety' considerations. 
There are some things, happening the IDOT begins to do road construction, that have brought this all back up. 
Taking of land, that was condemned solely, for Highway Construction., being 'Graded', by the IDOT, for Fairfax's Trail. 
Bridges, that are costing Millions Extra...
 to be widened...Solely...for a 'Trail'.
A Trail...that, was supposed to have been eliminated, in front of our Home, through a Lawsuit, last Fall.
I have a document, that states...what they are trying to take, now.....would Not be necessary, if Fairfax's Trail was taken out of the Plans for Highway 151, through Fairfax.

We, are All...Paying for This.
Some, Will Pay a Much...Higher Price, 
than others,
 if the IDOT, and Fairfax...gets this Trail.
Please, Keep This Situation In Your Prayers.
No Trail...along 151, through Fairfax.
No Trails, along Federal Highways...without an Independent Safety Study.
Thank You.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.

Visited with a Dear, Friend....a while back.
She said, in her darkest times, when she helpless....
 she Prayed,
"Your Sufficient for me."
and... asked the Lord, to bring Someone, to 'Help'. 
He, Always...Did, she said. 
I, believe that, too. 
Every Word. 
<3 <3 <3 
I, too... can testify to that. 
He did, 
that very morning.
with her call.
<3 <3 <3

Saturday, November 23, 2019

Friday, November 22, 2019

Love In The Hot Afternoon , Gene Watson , 1975

The 'Scrap Yard'...on the Shelf. Simply....Iowa.

Made the long trek, to the mailbox.
Oh my....
There' s always, much there, waiting.
I, always...say a Prayer, before I head that way.
I, procrastinated.... for quite awhile, this morning...before I found my way, to it.
Played with the Old...'Scrap Yard', on the Shelf....for a bit.
There's a bottle, from New Orleans, that's perched on the back of an old, old...Truck, there.
It's been there, for years.
Inside....the old bottle, are the remnants....of a Beautiful...Flower, I picked....on a Beautiful Day, long...ago.
I, often threaten to run away, to New Orleans.
I've been fascinated with it, most of my life.
Pal, Allyson, and I...visited New Orleans, many years ago.
I remember walking down Bourbon Street, on a hot afternoon....
: )
Had...a Lampshade on my head, 
shoes, in one hand...
and, a Cajun Martini...from K-Pauls,
in the other.
: )
{Pal, Allyson...was carrying the Lamp. : ) }
I'd bought the Lamp, at a Fun, Antique Shop, in The French Quarter.
A Man, came walking up, briskly....from behind he went around us, he said....
"Baby Girl! I was Gonna Tell Ya, How Much I Like Your Hat....
Until I saw Her, Carrying The Lamp!!!: ) : ) : ) "
New Orleans. 
Yes, I....think, it's The Original....'Rabbit Hole'.
At least, The French Quarter.
I, don't know much about the rest.

The 'New Orleans' Bottle, was actually, 'Dug'...out of an old, old....
dump site, Cedar Rapids.
Pals, Dawn, and Jerome...dug it up, on one their expeditions.
<3 <3 <3 
I, treasure it. 
The little old...Trucks, too.
<3 <3 <3 
There was nothing in the mailbox, I...couldn't handle.
Thanks, Lord. <3 
Make No Mistake, there was Handle.
But, nothing...I, couldn't.
Thanks...Lord. <3 
Thanks, to All...who keep me in your Prayers.
They, Matter.
<3 <3 <3

One of these days...I'm gonna jump in old, Jethro....
and, head South, to New Orleans.
<3 <3 <3 Memphis, and forget for a moment, I'm vegetarian.
; )
{I'd always hoped, John...and, I...could make that Run.
He would've Loved...New Orleans, and...The Gulf. }
There's The South.
 There's something very soothing, and....gentle, about it. ya,
 Barb C.

{The above 'Tune', is one, of my Favorite... Gene Watson tunes.
That's 'New Orleans', I'd many.  }