Wednesday, August 5, 2020

No words.

The Servpro Men, just left.
They're coming back...tomorrow.
They are super nice, and work very hard.
That basement, is a mess.
: (
I had the Boys, Justin, and Eric...start piling things high...wherever they could, to get things to higher ground, in case it flooded, again.
It's total...destruction, on every level.
The Servpro Guys, tore out all of the drywall, about 4 feet up.
All of the doors, and casings, are...gone.

I, can't even look at it.
Hearing them...demolish, was absolutely...devastating.
Peanut, my little Best Friend, sat next to me shaking.
She, doesn't understand...what's happening.
That, makes two of us.

The IDOT, opened the area where the drain tile was/is located.
I, have no idea...if it will drain.

Looks to me, like it's seeping into the ground.
I, don't see any intact tile. 
for a Wrongful...Trail, that nobody, should ever walk on.

There were things, I'd wanted to save...but, the Men told me, I should let them go.
: (
Mostly, I agreed with them.

 Made my way to the basement, a few minutes ago.
I, didn't go down there, while they were working.
 Doubted...I could've kept my composure.

I was doing o.k., until...I saw this.

It's an old...level, John probably used, when he was building the walls, in the basement.
Under...the old, level...
was an empty pack, of John's Lucky Strikes.
I picked it up, and...cleaned it off, the best..I could,
Lost It.
Lost It.
Melted into a Pool...of Heartbreak.
 Had to remind breathe.
Literally Knocked The Wind Out Of Me.
All Of It.

yes, I'm glad...I didn't go there, while the Men were working.

There words.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Iowa City Estate Sale....Snippet. come.
 are few images, of the Iowa City Estate Sale.
{August 13-16}
There's More...Coming.
; )

Monday, August 3, 2020

Alice's Theme - Danny Elfman (Lyrics, HD)

'Of Cabbages and Kings'...
What a Day.
I'm writing tonight, because tomorrow will start early...
I'll be in Iowa City, working on the Estate Sale.
I've lost a week, holding down the Fort, or...'Tara', as my Pal, Steph...referred to our 'Home', today.
: )

Seems, I'm always pushing through the 'Looking Glass'.
 today...was no different.
This 'World'...we exist in, these days...truly, gets 'Curiouser. and Curiouser'.
oh my.
Between meeting with Cleaning Services, {Great Gal, came out....
today, to give us an estimate... : ) I'm very hopeful....with them. : ) }
 Then arguing with our Insurance Adjuster....and, having long conversations, with Fairfax's Mayor, and...several Workers, well....
It's been a Push, Through The Looking Glass, to say the least.
oh my.
: )

 Ran across this image, from a couple of years ago...
I was driving back and forth from Des Moines, daily....while doing an Event, there.
{Junk Jubilee}
It was grueling.
Spending nearly four hours a day, driving...and, working like crazy, at the Show.
On one of the drives, Home...
I was enamored with an Amazing....Semi.
It was Beautiful.
The Driver, must've been as enamored with Jethro, as I was, his Truck.
; )
We had Great Fun...zippin' through the Interstate Traffic, most of the way from Des Moines, to the Amana Exit.
: )
Sometimes...all it takes, is One Person, to make a long day....into a short one.
: )
They help ya Push...on through.
: )
Forget, all of the obstacles...of the day....and, 
Run...with ya,
Full Throttle, Wide Open.

Went to the Rabbit Hole, gather supplies.
I'm doing repair work, at the House....
Spotted a little frog, perched on one of the totes, in the Greenhouse.
 Tried to put him outside, but...he didn't want to leave.
He must've jumped 5 feet, out of my hands.
: )
There's plenty to eat, there...and, water... so, I figured, he might as well...make himself at Home.
I'd had enough arguments, and...frustration...for the day, 
The Frog, could simply...have his way.

I'm weary...tonight.
Mental stress, can be far more exhausting, than physical, as we all...know.

Love...Johnny Depp.
Above, is one of my favorite quotes, of his.
It's so....true.
Hope Everyone, has a Beautiful Tuesday.
I'll have more images, of the Iowa City Estate Sale, tomorrow Evening.

Love, to Ya...
Barb C.

Johnny Cash- Get Rhythm (Official-Unofficial) Music Video

Monday.... a Brand New Start.

Got up up early, to face the day.
It's gonna be a full one, interesting one, I'll bet, too.
; )
Meeting with an Insurance Adjuster, and another clean up...Dude.
I went to the basement, yesterday....
it's so bad.
: (
The IDOT, still hasn't fixed our drain, to the ditch.
It's been a week.
My fear, is that we'll get it all cleaned, could happen all over again, with that drain unable to drain.
I knocked some of the cobwebs down, from the basement ceiling, yesterday...
moved fans, and dehumidifiers to different areas.
Since my tumble, down those stairs, I don't go to the basement, often.
I don't remember the fall, but...those rooms hold many memories,
 tho..they are fond, it's still..painful to visit them,, that so many are destroyed

Daughter, Liz....brought a huge bag of Garden Veggies, the other day.
I, Love Fresh Veggies.
Cooked some of them up...yesterday.
I don't eat much meat, if  any....
Folks ask me, what do I eat...if not meat.
Everything Else!!
I won't go hungry...; )

With the Tequila, the Stogies...hit the Trash, yesterday....too.
It's difficult to sit here and write, without a Stogie.
; )
but, I liked it.
: )
However, it's Grab the Bull by the Horns.
Self medicating...and, leaning on crutches...makes the Job...that much more difficult.
{they've probably saved a few, others....from being wounded, over the last few years. ; )
  If they thought I was a pain in the ass, while subdued by nicotine....
: ) 
oh dear...
They're about to meet a different side...of The Mad Hatter. ; ) }

There's a few reasons, I'm kickin' the habits.
I want to be healthy, and as I can be.
There's a Battle coming.
I need to be All In.
: )
The other reason, 
{most people won't understand this. Closest Pals, and...Son, Justin....don't.}
The Gypsy Ford, needs a new /rebuilt 7.3 Engine.
I....Adore that Old Truck.
When I talked with Justin, this morning....asked him to call Cody, the Diesel Dr., and tell's time for a 'Heart Transplant'...
Justin rolled his eyes.
: (
{Makes me cry, just thinking about it, did...when I was trying to Justin, too. : ( : ( : ( }
There's...not much 'joy' my life, these days.
Hasn't been, for a long, long....time.
That...Old, beat up....ruff riding, coal rollin'....Ford, makes me happy.
I feel Good...when I climb inside.
: )
That's...rare, for me....on most days.
{I'm not complaining. I know...Everyone, has their Mountains. : ( }
So, I told Justin.... if you can find Something, that makes you Smile, it's worth Keeping, and Fixing.
 I 'Bad Habit' going to pay The Diesel Dr., for The Transplant.
: )
It'll ad up fast.
I quit smoking, several years ago, saved the buy 'Sally', 
the Mustang Convertible.
Then...when stress got pretty heavy, a few years later, I started smoking, again.
: (
If I can quit, now....with 'This'...kinda stress, well...I'd say, that's it.
They're Gone.
; )

I saw the below quote, on FB yesterday.
{Pal, Janice...had posted it. : ) }
All I could say, when I read it....

"That's a Fact."

; ) You,
Barb C. 

Sunday, August 2, 2020

Kenny Chesney - You And Tequila ft. Grace Potter (Official Music Video)

Tequila...oh my.

Had such a Great Day...
: ) 
It was a Hot...One, workin' outside.
I quit..around 4.
Went to Casey's...picked up a bag of Ice.
Thought...I'm gonna have an Ice Cold...Margarita.
; )
The Dude, at the Grocery Store...told me about a brand of Tequila, 
that's supposed to be pretty good, a while back.
It is, I sip on it, over ice, now and then.
; )
Last night, I thought I'd try to make a Margarita, like Pal, Jan... introduced me to, in 
Santa Fe, a couple of years ago.
: )
They're different, from the Marg's around here.
Much cleaner.
Not Sweet.
Lime...a little Orange Liqueur, guessed it, 
over Mountains of Ice.
oh my.
; )
: )
I gotta tell ya, One....too many.
One Never Enough.
Holy Smokes!
I, don't know......if it was because I hadn't eaten...
or, was a little dehydrated, from working in the heat...
it was that Blue Agave....
{Frickin Succulents.
An Iowa Girl, should always stick to 'Corn Squeezins'.}
; )
Sadly, I don't think I'll be able to sip Tequila....for a bit.
I'm not sure...I can even stand the smell of it.
I'm...not sure, that I can look at a Succulent Plant, for awhile.
oh my. 
{The Tequila Hit The Trash Can...this Morning, 
Far...Far...Away. }

The Grocery Dude, was correct, that Good.
; ) Isn't.
Holy Smokes!
I've never been one to do 'Moderation'.
: )
Like the song goes...
"It's always your Favorite Sins, that'll Do Ya...In!!"
; )
It's gonna be a Long....Long, Day.
{ As Ron White would say...."Shooooo.... Buddy" 

Love to Ya...
Barb C.

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Darryl Worley - I Miss My Friend (Official Video)

Some Things...Never, Ever...Change.

Snapped the above image, of the 'Confessions'...Plaque, today.
Spent lot's of Time, down the rabbit hole, today.
<3 <3 <3 
Spent a Lot of Time...Cuttin' Brush, so I could Find My Way...down the rabbit hole.
: )
The IDOT, wasn't Wrongfully
It was Good, Workin'...Outside, Enjoying...what I Miss...So.
The Rabbit Hole.
My Sanctuary.

Love, to You.
Barb C.