Sunday, August 9, 2020

POSTPONED!!! ESTATE TAG SALE!! '1' Cottage Grove Dr. N.E. Iowa City, Iowa. NEW DATES!! August 20 - 23!!!... 9 - 6 Daily! {Numbers at 8:30 a.m. on the 20th, and 23rd..}




August 20 - 23!!!

Due to The Catastrophic Storm {Hurricane, actually.} that Blew through Iowa, August 10th, there is Much Damage, and most power is OUT. Thankfully, only loss of power, at the Iowa City Sale Home. 

I have no power, water, phone, or internet. To Update this Blog, was quite a Trick!!!

Thanks, So Much to Fern Hill, in South Amana, one of FEW that have service..I'm updating, from their Store, now. There may not be many updates, until we get Power in Fairfax, that may not happen, before the Sale. 

The Crews are working as quickly as they can, this point....there are few places to find Fuel. It's like a war zone.

Everyone I know...have lost Much.

We'll Be Ready To Go...on The 20th!!

'1' Cottage Grove Dr. N.E. Iowa City, Iowa.

NEW DATES...August 20 - 23!! 

9 a.m. 'til 6 p.m. Daily! {Numbers at 8:30 a.m., on the 20th, and 23rd. No Early Sales.}

August 20, and 21. Full Price.

August 22, Most Items 25% OFF

August 23, Most Items 50% OFF

The Attached Chandeliers, and Sconces will Not be Reduced in Price.

Masks, and Social Distancing Required.

This is an Absolutely Beautiful Home... {For Sale!} Filled, with...Lovely, Lovely...Things. It's been a privilege working with these Beautiful pieces.

There are Several French, and Victorian Upholstered Pieces. Sofas, Settees, Chairs, Bedroom Sets, Paintings, Prints, Mirrors, Leather Sofa, Chandeliers, Candelabras, Furniture Dating from the Late 1700's to Modern. 

Loads of BLING!!! <3 <3 <3 

I'll be updating if, and when...I can! No Power...Yet! Make Plans to Attend, on the New Dates!

Much, to unpack. There will be a partial Estate, along with a Family Friend, bringing Items. Those haven't arrived yet. 

Stay Tuned!!

Below, are a few images.

This is just a Snippet.

I'll be posting a link, to ID # 333408 'Fabulous French Estate Sale' on my Simply Iowa Facebook page, with Many...more images, as well. ; ) 

There's also...Regular Household,  Lovely....Clothing, and...Garden Related Items...on this Sale, too.

Make Attend! 

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Patsy Cline - Your Cheatin' Heart

Shiftin' Gears... Iowa City Estate Sale August 13-16.

Shifting Gears.

I'll be posting images, and details concerning the Iowa City Estate Sale, starting the Evening of August 9th. 

Hopefully...there will be No MORE Wrongful Catastrophes, caused by The IDOT District 6, this upcoming week. I've been tied to Home, with the Flooded basement, and Servpro working here, daily. I'm very Grateful, to Pal, Bill...for working in Iowa City, during these hectic, demanding... and devastating... times.

I've also...been so concerned, that something could happen again, that would flood our basement. I'm nervous about leaving Home. The IDOT finally opened a hole in the ground, a few days ago, near our tile, won't be able to drain, freely, seeping into nothing but dirt.

I'm also having 'Blogger Issues', as you can see, everything is double spacing.

: (

Daughter, stopping by, to try to help me figure it out. It could, a 'Blogger Issue', as they seem to be 'Updating' everything, now. : ( will be, what it will be. All of it. ; ) Just gonna have to Roll with The Punches, no matter.

After the Iowa City Sale, I'll be Setting my Sights, on this IDOT Wrongfulness. There are many issues, that have me gravely concerned. Wrongful Trails....and Flooding. With the IDOT's Trail Accommodations, for Fairfax, {That were Agreed through our Recorded Settlement Agreement, Would Not Be, after the IDOT Condemned our Land, for 'Highway Maintenance and Road Improvement', when according to their own Engineer, in writing...was actually Condemned for Fairfax's Trail, on the Bridge, and Under. : (  uh....oh. : (  } we have lost the drainage, not only from our Home, {gutters, and floor drain}but...The Rabbit Hole, as well. Our Land...will become a 'Mote'. { Poorly designed Stallman Drive/151 Intersection. } As I've shared with District 6, long before they broke ground, on numerous occasions. Verbally, and in writing. {I'm also terribly concerned about the Safety, but...the IDOT District 6, is not. They've proven that, over and over.} : (  I've never asked for anything, that wasn't Fair, and Forthright. Truth, Honesty...with the Expectation, of Those I Deal with, To Keep Their Word, as I do. That's All. It's called, 'Respect'. 'Integrity'. 

I've seen very little, of either...over the last 4 years. 

I've often...wondered, how the Fairfax, Mayor... Council, Engineer, IDOT Boys...would 'feel', if Their Mother, Daughter...Sister, or...Wives...were being Treated, in Their Absence, the way...They, have, and...All, We've Worked our Lives...away, for.

For that matter, I..also, 'They'd All Feel', if 'Their' Dad, Son, or....Brother, were being Treated, as We 'Their Absence'. 

Several, of my Dear...Friends, have suggested, if...I weren't a Woman, they'd all treat me differently. I, don't believe that. {I, don't want to believe that. } They, also... say... "If John were Here...This, Wouldn't be Happening." : ( I, don't...want to believe...that, of Them...either. 

I wasn't Raised, Brought Up... to 'Think'..That Way. Guess, Time will tell. It Always...does. <3

So...I'm heading to Iowa City, looking Forward, To That! It's an Amazing Sale, with Loads...of Beauty. 

Stay Tuned!!! Ya!

Barb C. 

{Thought...since I posted my Favorite Patsy Cline...Quote, I...should probably, of Her...Perfect Tunes, well. ; ) }

Thursday, August 6, 2020

Love Story ~ Taylor Swift Lyrics

Finding moments of weakness.

Found my the basement, early...
this morning, before the Servpro Guys, arrived.
I, knew....I'd better find my feet, and face the Music, before it was gone.

I went into the back corner closet...I'd not been in, for decades.
Opened the door, and saw an old...suitcase, partially open, on the floor.
I'd never seen it, before.
I, opened it wider, and began carefully looking through it.
Inside, was much of John's personal papers.
His, long...long...ago, Art Work, and Drawings.
<3 <3 <3 
Then, I saw a leather pouch.
It, was a Billfold.
All, hand tooled.
Had John's name, and initials...tooled into the leather.
I knew, it was something, John...had made.
I tucked it under my arm...and set the suitcase up high, on the things...we are attempting to save.
{Had I not found that old suitcase, this morning.....I'm sure, it would've been gone. It's in pretty sad..shape.}

Rescued a few other precious...things, as well.

After the Men...arrived, I sat down with John's Billfold.
I, never...ever...went through John's Wallet. Ever. 
John, never said...I couldn't...but, that's something, I would...never, do.
He, never...ever...went through my Purse, ever.
I remember asking John to grab something out of my purse, every now, and then....
: )
He, never would.
; )
He'd just bring my purse, to me....and let me Dig.
: )
I, always felt, whatever....he kept in his wallet, was His...Business.
; ) was difficult, opening his Billfold, today.
I, kind of I was invading his privacy.
: (
I, opened it, and carefully....went through it, because...I felt, maybe....I should.

Oh my.
It Held...Everything, that was So...John.
I won't's contents, here..
I, will..with our Children, and Grandchildren....
Most items that were dated, were from the early, to mid...70's.
Before I knew John.
I found it interesting...that there were many things in John's Wallet, then...
that, I carried in mine, about that same time.
There was a Title, to a 1965 Mustang, folded neatly...inside.
I, also...carried a Title to a 1965 Mustang, in my Wallet, about that same time.
<3 <3 <3
I, lost that Mustang...had to sell it, to pay the fines, when I was picked up...for no muffler, and a few other...little violations.
: )
John, also...had a 'Moving Violation'...Ticket, tucked in his wallet.
; )
I, couldn't make out...exactly what it was for, but....I have a few, ideas.
; )
I, carried a few of Those.... with...around then, as well. 
; )
I gotta tell ya, finding John's Wallet, really...gave me a lot of Strength, today.
It...was such, a Blessing, through...all of this, Madness.
<3 <3 <3 

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

No words.

The Servpro Men, just left.
They're coming back...tomorrow.
They are super nice, and work very hard.
That basement, is a mess.
: (
I had the Boys, Justin, and Eric...start piling things high...wherever they could, to get things to higher ground, in case it flooded, again.
It's total...destruction, on every level.
The Servpro Guys, tore out all of the drywall, about 4 feet up.
All of the doors, and casings, are...gone.

I, can't even look at it.
Hearing them...demolish, was absolutely...devastating.
Peanut, my little Best Friend, sat next to me shaking.
She, doesn't understand...what's happening.
That, makes two of us.

The IDOT, opened the area where the drain tile was/is located.
I, have no idea...if it will drain.

Looks to me, like it's seeping into the ground.
I, don't see any intact tile. 
for a Wrongful...Trail, that nobody, should ever walk on.

There were things, I'd wanted to save...but, the Men told me, I should let them go.
: (
Mostly, I agreed with them.

 Made my way to the basement, a few minutes ago.
I, didn't go down there, while they were working.
 Doubted...I could've kept my composure.

I was doing o.k., until...I saw this.

It's an old...level, John probably used, when he was building the walls, in the basement.
Under...the old, level...
was an empty pack, of John's Lucky Strikes.
I picked it up, and...cleaned it off, the best..I could,
Lost It.
Lost It.
Melted into a Pool...of Heartbreak.
 Had to remind breathe.
Literally Knocked The Wind Out Of Me.
All Of It.

yes, I'm glad...I didn't go there, while the Men were working.

There words.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Iowa City Estate Sale....Snippet. come.
 are few images, of the Iowa City Estate Sale.
{August 13-16}
There's More...Coming.
; )

Monday, August 3, 2020

Alice's Theme - Danny Elfman (Lyrics, HD)

'Of Cabbages and Kings'...
What a Day.
I'm writing tonight, because tomorrow will start early...
I'll be in Iowa City, working on the Estate Sale.
I've lost a week, holding down the Fort, or...'Tara', as my Pal, Steph...referred to our 'Home', today.
: )

Seems, I'm always pushing through the 'Looking Glass'.
 today...was no different.
This 'World'...we exist in, these days...truly, gets 'Curiouser. and Curiouser'.
oh my.
Between meeting with Cleaning Services, {Great Gal, came out....
today, to give us an estimate... : ) I'm very hopeful....with them. : ) }
 Then arguing with our Insurance Adjuster....and, having long conversations, with Fairfax's Mayor, and...several Workers, well....
It's been a Push, Through The Looking Glass, to say the least.
oh my.
: )

 Ran across this image, from a couple of years ago...
I was driving back and forth from Des Moines, daily....while doing an Event, there.
{Junk Jubilee}
It was grueling.
Spending nearly four hours a day, driving...and, working like crazy, at the Show.
On one of the drives, Home...
I was enamored with an Amazing....Semi.
It was Beautiful.
The Driver, must've been as enamored with Jethro, as I was, his Truck.
; )
We had Great Fun...zippin' through the Interstate Traffic, most of the way from Des Moines, to the Amana Exit.
: )
Sometimes...all it takes, is One Person, to make a long day....into a short one.
: )
They help ya Push...on through.
: )
Forget, all of the obstacles...of the day....and, 
Run...with ya,
Full Throttle, Wide Open.

Went to the Rabbit Hole, gather supplies.
I'm doing repair work, at the House....
Spotted a little frog, perched on one of the totes, in the Greenhouse.
 Tried to put him outside, but...he didn't want to leave.
He must've jumped 5 feet, out of my hands.
: )
There's plenty to eat, there...and, water... so, I figured, he might as well...make himself at Home.
I'd had enough arguments, and...frustration...for the day, 
The Frog, could simply...have his way.

I'm weary...tonight.
Mental stress, can be far more exhausting, than physical, as we all...know.

Love...Johnny Depp.
Above, is one of my favorite quotes, of his.
It's so....true.
Hope Everyone, has a Beautiful Tuesday.
I'll have more images, of the Iowa City Estate Sale, tomorrow Evening.

Love, to Ya...
Barb C.

Johnny Cash- Get Rhythm (Official-Unofficial) Music Video