Thursday, May 30, 2019

Santana - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Official Video)

I'm...Back. Thank You, for waiting...on me.

Thanks, for being so patient, with me.
: )
Life, for the Old...Mad Hatter, has been quite 
'Round the Bend'...lately.
or, should I say...
It's Always...
for...Everyone, it seems.
I, really, don't know where to begin.
Maybe, I'll start with Gold Rush.
I, won't get in to all of the details, but...
I, was Truly...Tested, there.
It was the first Big, Event...I took on, alone...
since the accident.
Last year, was a disaster for Liz, and Adam...
They, Thank God, set my booth there, did a Beautiful...Job, and...
it hit rock bottom. 
We lost a lot of money, that we couldn't afford to lose.
I, wasn't going to go back...but, I So Friends, there, and The Promoters, I...couldn't let them down.
My body, is still...broken, and healing...
so, taking this on, was pretty tuff.
Everything, turned upside down, when I pulled in.
My door was, that's the back of my booth, was blocked, and I couldn't unload.
The Folks, blocking it, didn't leave space, for anyone...besides themselves, to unload.
That, has never happened.
We have a rhythm, all of us, who've done Gold Rush, for years... that allows us All, get through. 
I'm the only one, who leaves space, for Everyone.
This time, I...couldn't even unload, into my own booth. 
I was there, a half hour, before the doors were to open, but...they'd opened them early, and I was blocked out.
Knowing, I'd need help, unloading...I had two Porters, lined up.
They had to leave, and help others. 
They, couldn't wait...for the two people blocking my booth, they...had to move on. 
I knew, I was going to have to unload that Massive Load, alone, or...not, at all.
I, was Frantic. 
My, mind...was racing.
We only have three hours to Unload.
By the time the guys pulled out, and unblocked my booth, I was down to less...than two.
Sadly, when one, pulled out, and I could back in, the other...was over so far, no one...could get past my Truck.
That's Not...the way things go, at Gold Rush.
We try to help...Everyone.
I, was...pretty much, boiling point.
I thought about, not unloading, at all.
Just, pay the booth rental, and...go Home.
I went ahead, and started unloading.
Got, a lot...unloaded. Then, our Friends, The 'Good' Boys, stopped by, to see what I brought, and helped me with several of the big pieces.
Angels. <3
I kept working, and....nearly, got everything off. 
It, was Tuff.
My body, isn't used to that, after being laid up, for so long.
I, move...much slower, and am much...softer, than I was, before the accident.
Unloading...those Masses, mostly...alone, was beyond, difficult, and my body hurt, pretty bad.
I, had some pretty strong words...with the two men, who blocked my booth.
They, had a few...for me, as well.
At the end, of the show... I apologized to them both, and...they, me.
I...even thanked, the one man.
I told him, I think...the reason, I was so...upset, was because...deep, inside...
I, was afraid.
Because, of him...I learned, I Could...Unload the Truck, by myself.
That's a pretty big deal. 
<3 <3 <3 
{That's a God Wink ; ) }
This, is an old picture, of one of my Loads. : ) They, all...look the same.
To The Door.

So, all, it was a Blessing. 
The Show, was Good, and...I truly Enjoyed seeing my Beautiful...Gold Rush Friends.
I, Missed seeing Bruce, and Nancy, my Neighbors.
: (
I, Hope...they are o.k. <3 
I packed up early, on Sunday.
I, that.
but...knowing, how slow my body moves, I knew...if I waited to load, at 4, I'd be there until July.
As I got close, to loading the Big...Beautiful, Lady's Dressing Mirror, some Beautiful Women, were admiring it.
I, didn't care...if they bought it, but...I Really wanted to take their Picture with it.
Three Generations.
The Ladies... wound up purchasing the Beautiful...
Dressing Mirror. 
That, as the Story goes, once...resided in a 'House of Ill Repute' in Savanna, Illinois.
: )
I'll Never forget, how the Elderly Folks, I bought the Mirror from, Enjoyed, telling me, That...Story.
<3 <3 <3
I, also captured a picture... of my Neighbor, at Gold Rush, with his Beautiful...Granddaughter, who was helping him, and his Lovely...Wife. <3 <3 <3 
in..the Old, Old... Mirror.
: )
This, is what The FUSO...looked like, when I loaded out.
Much, lighter load, coming Home.
That, was a Blessing.
: )
The 'Good' Boys, had an Amazing...Tramp Art Cupboard.
They, had a Heavy...Load, going Home.
I Lightened it, a bit.
: )
They even Loaded it, for me!
<3 <3 <3 
I was feelin'...pretty good, when I rolled in, to Home.
Then, I was 'Served', by the City of Fairfax, concerning our Grandkids' Chickens.
oh my.
We've had Chickens, Horses, Geese, a Cow...over the years.
40 Years.
Now... they don't want our Chickens.
oh my.
First, a walking trail.
There's been so Much, going on....
my Head, is Spinning.
Me, and Jack... are another year older.

5 Years...have passed, since losing John., May 25th, was a very...Dark...Day. 
Every Day, is a Dark...Day, without John. 
I...wish, I could say, time heals. 
It, doesn't. 
I'm much better, when I keep very...busy.
John, was the same way.
He, always 'Worked' through the most difficult times.
Dad, too.
So, not having the Sale...
No...Memorial Day Weekend Sale, this year. Thought the IDOT would be working here, so I called it off.
: ( left a lot of 'Time', on my hands.
I was thankful...for Wanda, who spent the day with me...trying to pull the things together, down the rabbit hole. <3
She's been such a my life.
I, am...Blessed. <3
As we worked, Peg...crossed my mind, a Thousand Times. <3 

The Month of May...
has filled my mind, with 
Children, Grandchildren, Lilacs, Birthdays, Battles, Bloody Mary's, Hearts, Concrete, Friends, Chickens, Pigs, Horses, Losses, Weeping Mary, Heartache, Tornadoes, Flash Floods, Beautiful People, City Hall, Critters, Neighbors, Work,Wild Strawberries, Lucky Strike Cigarettes,
Lilies...and, Many...'Winks', from Above. 
: (
My Heart, is very sad, because a Dear Friend, lost his Mother, on the 11th. 
I, didn't know, until...yesterday.
: (
I would've been there....
had my mind, not been so...insane.
My, mistake.
This Vortex, will suck you in, allow it.
I've.... allowed it. 
: (
My, mistake. 
I've been so, Extremely....Blessed, by such Good, and Caring..Folks, in my life.
'The Vortex'.... is such a waste. 
It makes me Sick, I've given 'It', so much.
and, my Dear...Ones, so little.
Heartbreaking. ya.
Barb C.
{I didn't mention... The Angels, on my 'List'. <3
They, wouldn't want me, to.
I, couldn't have made it Through, this...month, of May...Without Them. }

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Maren Morris - Rich (Official Video)


Once, again...
I have to make excuses...
about my 'Gold Rush'
I'd forgotten... I had to attend a city council meeting, tonight.
oh my.
What a Mess.
: ( 
My life, is a Vortex. 
: (
; )
I, just...want to sit down, for a Moment...
put my head, in my hands...and, weep.
'Gold Rush'...
is a very important 'Story', I...can't go there, tonight.
: (
Stay Tuned...
I'll...get There.
Love, to ya...
Barb C.
{The Tune...I'm posting, my 'City Council' Night...tune.
It, makes me...sick, literally...every time, I walk into the meetings.
I can handle...The Truth, much.
 You, see....'Trust', and 'Honesty' Everything.
I, find...None...there.
I have to go...every month, protect our Backs.
Fairfax, has become something, I can't call... 'Home' anymore. : (  } 

Monday, May 13, 2019

Maren Morris - GIRL

Gold Rush...

So Much...transpired at Gold Rush, and....
I'd said I was going to post All about it today, 
I've been On The Road, once again...all day.
I'm beat.
It was a Very Good, Gold Rush.
I'm Thankful.
the Tune I posted, when I left...
well, it was definitely...
Barbara, certainly...
'Got it On', a time or...two. 
Yes... the Old...Mad Hatter, truly came out, in this Gal.
So Much... happened, over a few...short days, that...
seemed, and felt, like Eternity.
I, thought of the above Maren Morris tune, above....
Many, many... times.
It was So Good, seeing my Friends, from Gold Rush.
It...Truly, was. 
<3 <3 <3 
I've got several images, I'll share tomorrow,
with the Rest of The Story. ya.
Barb C.
{The Biggest Blessing, of The May 2019 Gold Rush...
I, Learned...a Lot, about...myself. ; ) }

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On

Headin' North! Gold Rush!!! Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN. May 10, 11 & 12!!!! Let's Get It On!!!

I, almost...
let this Show Go.
Last year, when Liz, and Adam...helped me out, by doing the show, for me...
after my Surgery, it was Ugly....for them.Broke, my Heart.
They worked so hard.
The Simply Iowa Booth, was Great!
but...sadly, they didn't sell well.
I, lost...a lot of money, just doing the show.
I visited with Kay, the
I'd thought about simply, paying for the booth, and leaving it empty.
I would've been money ahead, last year, had I done that, then.
Hearing Kay's voice... well, there was no way, I could let her down.
She, and Richard...are Such Wonderful Folks.
They've been So Good to Us, over the years. <3 
: ) 
So, I'm headed North.
: )
The 'Rabbit Hole' Headin' North.

Me, and The FUSO.
: )

I'll be on my own, this time. 
That's okay.
; )
We'll do the Best we can...with 'what we got'. <3 
I'm a Mess. My not working like it did, before the accident.'s workin'. ; )
just, a little slower. 
: )
I, just realized...when I got his plates...
 The FUSO, is 25 years old. 
Who Knew??? : )
He's still...Movin', and Haulin'... Darned Good.
Between the two of us....we can move....
: )
Let's Get It On.
; )
It'll be So Good, to 'Gold Rush' Friends. <3 <3 <3 
It's...kinda like a 'Family Reunion', at Gold Rush. <3 
We're All... Absolutely... Crazy. 
{Some, will admit it, others.... Never...will. <3 }
Kay, said the FULL.
No Spaces left, for anyone.
She's been turning Folks away.
It'll be a Full House. <3 
I've Always, Always... Loved, Gold Rush.
It's one of those Rare....'Shows', that you can both....
Buy, and Sell...very Well.
If the Kids, could've gotten out, and Bought, last May....
things, may have been different.
{When things are 'slow'...selling, at an Event, sometimes...
you can 'Buy' your way out of it. 
Buy things, you can Home, another Event. }
They were there, for One Reason.
To <3 
What a Blessing, They Were, and...Are. <3 
I'm gonna give 'May Gold Rush' more try.
: )
We'll see, how everything lands, then....I'll decide, if...maybe, it's Time, to simply....
Stay Down The Rabbit Hole. 
: )
These Events, are 'difficult', at Best.
They require Lots of Money, to...simply, 'Attend'.
: )
I, don't have lots of money, to burn. 
I, don't have lots of 'Body' work.
but, I am Blessed... and, have been, for over two decades, by some Wonderful...
Folks, in Rochester. 
Let's Go!!!
: )
Hope to See Ya'll There.
It's so much Shop.
It's one of the Best Events, in The Midwest. 
<3 <3 <3 
I'll be in Graham North, with Many...'Iowa Friends'.
It's Friday, through Sunday. 
Hope to see ya. <3 
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

Monday, May 6, 2019

That's The Way Love Goes - Merle Haggard

Heart - Magic man 1976

The Big...56.

Been kinda Losin' my Mind....
these last several days.
; )
What's New??
Today, is my Birthday.
Number 56.
How...did 'That'...Happen???
Wow!!! Those Years Fly!
Had a Friend, call me, this he's done, on this Day, since I was 17. 
: ) 
Over, nearly...40 years, he's never forgotten my Birthday. 
Bless His Heart!
: ) 
I, hit the road...this afternoon.
Found, the Highway. <3
That's the Best Birthday Present, of All, for me.
I found a Heart Bathtub, on line, yesterday.
I...simply, couldn't pass it up.
I'm hoping to make a Memorial, or...Reflecting Pool, in John's Memory....with it.
The Girl...who had it, was Sooo Sweet! : )
She wants to see Pictures, when It's Done.
: )

Visited some of my Old....Stomping Grounds, a couple of hours away, and found a Beautiful...1800's Cast Iron Urn, along with a couple of smaller, Vintage...Concrete Urns.

The Mighty.... Mississippi. <3 

It's so strange, most every radio station I, had Songs Playing....that had
 Something to do with a 
The Ford, and I...had a Wonderful, Wonderful...time.
Spent the weekend, working down the rabbit hole.
Dear Friends, popped in, and gathered up some Wonderful...Treasures. : )
It's been Crazy, over the last several days.
; )
Visited Liz, and her Family....along with the Most Wonderful...Old, Cupboards, she and Adam are using in their 1889 Home.
They've been working so Hard, on that Old Home.
They paid under 30,000 for it, and...are being very Thoughtful, as they put it back, the way it Should be. 
Love It.
Using all, Free Standing Antique Cupboards....that are Amazing, and...cost a Fraction, of what new, 'cheap' cabinets would cost.
<3 <3 <3 

 I started digging in the Sheds, the other day.
I, can't believe....what Cool Things, are there. : )
Things, I've totally....forgotten.
: (
Found the Old...Massive, Church Light...and, brought it to The Rabbit Hole.
It's Much...Happier, there. 

It's been difficult, this last...year.
I'm reminded, every, I broken, my body was.
It's Tuff, when I can't do things, Fast, as I could.....before the accident.
I read something, the other day....
that, totally re-set my mind.
"It doesn't matter, how are moving Forward.
It Matters, that you are Moving...
That's So True.
: )  
One Foot, in front of the other.
Moment, by...moment.
Inch, by....inch.
{I'm sure the Folks, who drive in front of our a Big Laugh, this Evening...
 as I struggled with that Heart Tub, and Urn....on the bed of The Ford, to get a Picture.
: )
{No...I didn't haul'em... two hours, on I-80, like that. : ) }
I, did it.
; ) 
I moved them All. 
; )
Fought With'em... a Little. 
: ) 
I, Won.
That's All...that matters.
That's All, any of us can do.
Keep Moving...Forward.
: ) Ya, 
Barb C. 
{ My Friend, who calls me, Every Year.... said, "I've wished you a 'Happy Birthday', all of these years, but...I have no old you are."
; )
I, told him... "You Never Will. : ) I'm 39. <3 That's the year...I quit having 'Birthdays'. "
; )
He said... with a Laugh!!!
"You, and Jack Benny!!!"
{That, should give him a Clue, because...We Both Know... 'Who' 
'Jack Benny' Is!!! Hahahahahaha!!! }

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Tammy Wynette - Til I Can Make It On My Own

Eagles - Take It Easy - 1977

Linda Ronstadt - Desperado (Simple Dreams Tour - Atlanta 1977).wmv

New Day.

I'd like to Thank...Everyone, who attended Junk Jubilee.
It was a Wonderful Event!
Miccia, and her Such an Amazing Job!
It was great, seeing Everyone. : )
The grass...seems to have grown 3 inches over the weekend,
 so get done, around the rabbit hole.
I'm going to be Open...this Saturday, and Sunday, from 10-5, daily.
Trying to get things...put together, it's been such a Long...Winter.
Seems, Old Man Winter....doesn't want to Let Go, this year.
It feels more like the first of April...than, May.
I was looking back, at some of the images, of the rabbit hole...then, all of a sudden, my little old laptop died.
That, was a couple nights back.
Lost, a few things...
but, Thankfully...our Neighbor, is a Computer Whiz, and...we're back on track.
So...I'm gonna post a few pictures, from 'Yesterdays'.
I always think about my Sister, Chery...this time of year.
Her Birthday, was April 29th.
I Miss her, so much.
We were 21 years apart...and, didn't become Close, until...I, was about 21.
Then...we were Best Friends.
We talked...several times a day, every day.
I stayed with Chery...the last couple of months of her life.
I...can't believe, she's been gone, over 15 years.
Chery's the one who made me fall in Love....with 'Old'.
Things, were always up in the air....when I was little, and growing up.
Not, at Chery's Home. <3
When we'd go to visit her, her Home...was Always, Warm, and Inviting.
Her Home...was filled, with Antiques.
She loved to Garage Sale, and refinish.
Chery, was always working on something. : )
I, knew...when I moved out on my own, I...too, was going to furnish it with
Old...Soulful, pieces.
That's exactly...what I did.
I was 15, when I moved out on my own.
Bought an old 10x50 mobile home, for 600.00.
It was Winter, my Beloved Hound... 'Dolsey',
 {she was a Great Dane, that a Friend, had heard about...Dolsey's prior owners were going to have her put down, if they couldn't find a home for her...right away. I took her in. <3 }
and I... had some mighty cold nights, in that old trailer.
The door, if you could call it a Door, was a Screen Door, with plywood over it.
There was ice, frozen in the sink...where, thankfully...the faucet was dripping. The pipes weren't frozen, and broken.
The drainpipe, was gone...under the sink, so I used a 5 gallon bucket, under it, to catch the wash water...then, I'd dump it down the bathtub drain.
I scrounged, and hit the St.Vincent de Paul....along with the rest of the Second Hand Stores, and furnished that old trailer, quite nicely. <3
I, also went to Auctions, and bought Antiques...that, at That time, nobody wanted.
The 1920's pieces, and...old, Primitives.
I bought a dining room table, and 6 chairs...for 2.50.
Yes...Two Dollars, and Fifty Cents.
It, was Home....for Dolsey, and me. <3
The furnace worked, but....had to be turned off and on, manually.
So...I'd get it Boiling Hot, inside...before we went to bed, at night.
and... before, I had to leave, for the day.
I worked, and went to school.
At night, Dolsey and I...would lay in bed, listening to Tammy Wynette, Linda Ronstadt,
and...The Eagles.
 Had an old record player, Mom bought me, when I was 12, or so....that I wouldn't have traded for anything.
: )
So, many...miles.
: )
I've got more, to share....but, it's been a Long, day.
: )
Big Plans, coming soon.
Love, to Ya.
Barb C.

Polly, reminded me of Dolsey, in so many...ways.
200 per cent... Devoted.
John would tell me, he always knew...when I was getting close to Home, after being on the road...for days.
Polly, would stay in my chair....until about an hour, before I pulled in.
Then... Polly, would go the door. and....wait. <3 <3 <3 

Chery, was an Amazing...Woman. <3
John, was pretty picky, about who he Loved.
: )
Who, he... 'Respected'.
He carried Chery's obituary in his wallet. I, didn't know that...until a few years ago.
He, Adored...Chery.
She, was....a Beautiful...Person. Inside, and Out. <3 

He was with me...from the time I was 12.
He was 4 months old.
Admiral, is buried here.
He was 27 years old...when he passed away.
He...was an Amazing...Thoroughbred.
I paid 50.00 dollars for him.
Nobody...understood, what a Giant, he was.
His Lines, went back to War Admiral, and Man O War.
Smartest Horse, I've ever known. <3
He...could the Wind. <3 

Peg. <3
She, reminded me, So Much....of Chery.
I, told her that...often.
Peg, always said... that I, was the Sister, she never had.
I Miss...her, So. <3
She, and...Chery, would've been The Best, of Friends.
I, feel, So Blessed, to have had them my life. <3