Friday, April 30, 2010

Up and Runnin'!

Here's Brandon! We had a great time... He has a booth at Sisters' Garden, is having fun, gathering all sorts of wonderful treasures for his darling area! Brandon is a real trooper, and helped me load... What a Guy!
I snapped these images while toolin' round the track... There were a lot more vendors, than I thought would be there! The wind was horrific, and today, severe storms are looming.... I hope to beat the rain... the track is 'mud soup' at What Cheer, when the rain hits it!
This is the 1.00 an item, guy... Next to him, the 2.00 per item, guy... Brandon and I scrounged through the boxes, searching for a treasure... we always drag some gnarly fragments out of here!
This is Dan Bean...I love Dan... He is friends with the American Picker Dudes.... He was on their first show, and I knew Dan wouldn't take any crap off of them! He didn't! I have known Dan, for many years, and been to his home, and dug through his buildings... He is a Cool Cat!
Sweet Ginger! She and Garth were busy setting up the booth... They had all sorts of fun stuff! I didn't get out of the pickup, by the time I found her, my poor foot, with, what I think is a heal spur, was telling me to get off of it... It needed a little rest... I hope to visit with her, today...out of the truck!
Headed back to What Cheer this morn... I'll be in the shop, and try and make a little sense of it, first... John and I had to tear the back of the shop apart, to get the Dry Sink in, last night... A few naughty words, pinched fingers, and scraped knuckles, and the Old Girl, has found a new resting place! I need to get the shop picked up, before I head out.... Brandon is picking up his treasures, from our trip, then I'll be on my way... Hope the rain holds off!
Barb C.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Brief Description of What Cheer....

It Was GREAT!!!!! Brandon and I hit the road running at 7:00 a.m. We ran hard, and fast.... Came home with a wonderful load! Saw Ki, and Jane, from Junk Bonanza, Dan Bean, from 'American Pickers'... and everyone, from the area! I am absolutely exhausted, and am going back in the morn, to pick up an entry way, and 2 arched glass windows, and deliver a pair of the beautiful concrete urns and bases to Lynn and Leah....Folks were still pulling in, when we left... Hope the weather holds for them.... I'll have more, later... I have to get some rest... I feel like a bag of bones... Barb C.

Dry Sink....Oh my....

This is truly, the very best Dry Sink, I have ever owned.... Found it today, at What Cheer.... It has a single board well, that is, conservatively, 20 inches wide.... The Wonderful, Old Soul,{ ca. 1870's} is all square nailed, with beautiful hand dovetailed drawers, that retain their original, ornate, cast iron hardware.... This Dry Sink, tho the image doesn't show it, is massive... close to 6 feet long, 23 inches deep... and has a wonderful, beefy trim moulding surrounding the well... It's surface is, dry, soft white, 80 year old paint.... with original, reddish, mocha peeking through...The interior, is fascinating, with many wonderful, old tin patches.... It's clean, and structurally perfect... No 'picks', on this dear, Old Soul....My friend, Gerald, purchased it a week ago, at an Eastern Iowa auction, this is the first show it has been introduced to... It is in the Shop, and will stay there... I'm not taking it on the road.... I truly adore it.... if I were a wealthy woman, it would be in my dining room...
{ The Wonderful Old Dry Sink, Sold, Sunday afternoon...Guess it wasn't meant to be mine...It's going to one of my very favorite people, so, that softens the blow.... I needed just a little more 'bonding time', with this Old Darling...}

Romancing the Stone!

I had to put this image on, for my pals, who needed to see them! I have a huge day at What Cheer, to report.... but had to get this done first!
These are all that are left, from a man who has retired... They are made from his Fathers concrete form, from the 40's... They are wonderful.... I'll have more stories.... later! { have to go unload the truck!}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sisters' Garden.....Oh My......

This is Sweet Elaine, and Barb H. { proprietor} They are truly the most Darling Pair! { They let their 'Little Light' Shine too!} Took a run down south, today... making deliveries.... Popped in, at Sister' Garden, and set a spell!!!! It's always so peaceful there, Barb has a way of spinning a web of 'gentleness', and 'soulfulness' as you take in the beauty, she has put together, as only she can.... I can't ever, just cruise by... I have to stop.... I always bring something wonderful, home with... The girls have been working hard, the Store and Lawn, look stunning... They are really doing Spring up right! Lots of Garden stuff, fence, gates, concrete, beautiful plants, birdhouses, oh my... Inside, tons of cool stuff! Dry Sinks, Harvest Tables, Cupboards, Ironstone, Transferware, Vintage Books... Candles, lotions and of course, Sharon's Wonderful Soap! {Wild Thing and Sweet Repose} Elaine was busy taking blog photo's, of all the new, cool stuff that has just come in the door! Barb hit a Great Auction, this last weekend, and is busy getting things priced up, and on the floor! Be sure and check out their blog!I had a lovely time, and left inspired..... I'm headed down to the Shop, and mow... hmmm... sounds like fun... Then, I have to deliver a 13 foot wide cupboard, this afternoon... ahhh... the fun never ends.... { John gets to go help... he is sooo excited.....}

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Calls...It's the Journey...a 'God' thing...

Fellow blogger, Jan {summer sundays} left a comment about how many 'calls' I get, from folks with things to sell.... Well, it's true, I do get a lot of calls, many are from fellow dealers,{ friends, almost like family} who have gotten things in, that they are sure "have my name on them".... Most of the time, they are right! I think it's kind of a 'God' thing, too... I have written stories, the last year, about some of the things that have slipped through my fingers, yet ultimately, have been rested at my feet... Some would call it 'coincidence', and, maybe I would too, if these instances only occurred, a couple of times... but, it happens weekly.... I call them 'Blessings'.... I do believe in Angels.... The calls I get, are from folks with Amazing Souls... I stand, and listen to them, talk about life, and their personal journey... Oh my...Some, just want to 'get rid of'... need to get things 'in order'... Some have battled c... some have went through painful divorces, and lost the love of their life... some have lost everything, and endured the '08 flood.... some have lost a Child...a Mother, or Father... some, are just lost, within themselves.....I tear up, as I reflect, on the people who have called, thinking of I see their faces, in my mind... The internal scars, the suffering.... I see so clearly, as I speak with them....and, listen to them...Seems, there is always a message, with these encounters... another person to pray for...And yet... It's always a happy time....On these calls... These folks are all SURVIVORS! So much the reason, I am so drawn to the worn things I collect... They have lived a colorful life...Loved, and abused, drop kicked through life, worked hard, serving it's purpose { and many other purposes, it was never intended for} and survived... ah... the stories... That is how folks know, who to call, when chipped, cracked, tarnished, faded, mended things come their way, they know who will find an appreciative home, for these 'Soulful' things....They may not know it, at the time... But, it takes one, to know one... They had to see good, in these old treasures, or they never would have brought this old stuff home, in the first place....Or, while reorganizing, and cleaning out, those certain little, soulful treasures spoke to them, and they couldn't stand to pitch it! This was never more evident, the day Dale F., John and I were digging through the scrap pile, and burn pile.... Dale is a very, very picky dealer... Fussy, Fussy, Fussy.... He denies it, but it's true... Only the best for Dale F.! But, as we were scroungin' around, Dale was like a kid in a candy shop, digging things out, and searching for a glimmer of hope... He took several little treasures home, with...he had found good in... even through the fire... oh my....The parallels... Folks say, all of the time, I "can make 'anything' look good'... I always bristle, with this compliment... I know it's meant well, but, the fact of the matter is... It was always good... I guess it just took me, to present 'it' in a loving way... I guess I should be thankful, for this gift, of putting a positive light, on things...and be Thankful, for the Folks, who call, who have rescued these wonderful treasures, and want me to turn on the light... Barb C. { The gnarly stuff, pictured above, was from a call, a call from an old friend... Bob J. He called about some old porch posts... I didn't need them.... oh, but the other treasures I found in his store {3rd Street Resale...Cedar Rapids, Iowa} Definitely had my name on them... Bob, has a very good Soul....{ my prayers are with Craig and Tracy...}

Monday, April 26, 2010

After the Rain...

Everything is starting to bud... It's getting lush and green...The Bittersweet Vine, is starting to show it's stuff, and the little sinks, planted with Peg's plants are very happy! Beautiful....

Victorian Sofa...{and the cool oil painting... I Love It!}

John was thrilled, when I asked him to help me bring the Sofa into the Store, last night.... Well... it couldn't get wet... We tarped everything else... I get to unload today! The fun never ends! {I had to leave the painting in the pic... I wanted you to see the colors with the flash!} THANKS STANLEY!!!!


This is the Beautiful, mid 1800's Oil Still Life, that Stanley repaired for me... I had to look hard, to find the spot... He is an amazing Man...

Still Runnin' from the 'Steam Roller'!

Spent Sunday, pretty relaxed... Until my friend Mark called... { not 'show partner Mark', another Mark} He had a garage full of stuff, he needed gone, so I obliged! He shot me very fair prices, and we loaded up! 2 Pie Safes, a Victorian Door, a Stoneware Cupboard, a huge wooden box and a beautiful Victorian, curved back, tufted Sofa! It was a pretty darned good load! As I was driving across town, to take a gander at Mark's treasures..... I was thinking about Stanley and Klarika... My Artist friends... I haven't seen them, in so long.... Then, just this morning, I noticed my phone was flashing... Stanley and Klarika were at the Shop, about the same time, I was driving past their neighborhood...somehow, I didn't hear the cell...{ must be the masking tape, John put on last week, holding the little phone together, that is muffling the ring...} I was soooo sorry I had missed them... Several months ago, I wrote about running into them at Antiques of Marion.... I had just purchased a beautiful oil painting, from the 1800's, that unfortunately Steve K. { the Proprietor} had accidentally put a hole in... He sold it to me, for very little, with the damage....{ Everyone knows, I see this as part of it's journey... No worries... I love it anyway....} It was a 'Still Life', which I adore, and it had CORN with all the fruit!!!! I have always wanted an oil paintings with corn... There it was.... Just as Carolyn A.{ she was riding 'shotgun' that day!} and I were leaving, Stanley and Klarika were walking in! { I had actually just thought of Stanley, that very moment, as Steve was referring me to someone who could repair it...If, I chose to repair it... sometimes, I would rather see the hole, than a 'bad' modern I would do! {actually, every time... I have learned to leave things, simply 'as found'....} Stanley said he could fix it, I have seen his unbelievable work, I had no doubt....So, I sent it home with them... They brought it to me, yesterday....And I Missed 'em.... Well, we'll hook up, sometime this week... I just ran down to the shop to take a peek... oh my... Stanley is absolutely Amazing.... Patty from Fern Hill, just rang, she and Steph had 2, "Blow Your Doors Off ", "Barn Burner!" fabric shows!!!!! Back to back, Chicago, and Paducha.... They are exhausted, but thrilled! Patty said they had folks waiting 35 minutes to pay, at their booth! The lines were that long, for Steph's Original Fabric!!!! I am sooo happy for them... They work, so incredibly hard, they deserve to do Gangbusters!!!! I really think things are picking up! The shows have been pretty darned good to us, as well! Hope it keeps, keepin' on! I gotta run... Get printing done, get my fanny in gear! Go, Take on the Day! Barb C.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ahhhh.... Treasures.....

I found this image, the other day... a little girl... feeding her chickens.... this, and other paper,{ the document below, included} were found in Illinois, but have reference to Springville, Iowa, which is a hop, skip and a jump from here! How cool is that!
Found the fun, Victorian Era books, while shopping at Maple Tree Corner, in Williamsburg, Iowa, last week.... Vivian always has lots of fun stuff!
This is an image of a lamp, in the shop... It's gnarled up with lace, and jewelry, even an early tea cup... and to top it off, hanging by a wire, a Victorian Sugar Urn.... Gotta Love It!
An old 'Texaco' tin pail... just for fun, to have hangin' round!
I love Currier and Ives Prints... My friend Eudora collected these... the 'Littles'... Just the ones titled, with 'Little' before the subject's name... I found these at a yard sale in Williamsburg, and was thrilled... They are from around the 1870's, and are darling... Eudora would have been sooooo excited....3 of them, at one stop!
Found this fragment, of an old "White" sewing machine drawer, at the city wide sales....I have it displayed in the shop, in "Paul Bunion" { The Monster White Cupboard, that holds all of the Ironstone!}
I am a sucker, for any vintage Iowa stuff... I haven't seen this butter box before... I am sure they may be common, in Southern Iowa... but... I live north of 80, and it's like a different world up here... { Just ask Lynn, he'll tell ya!} { Just say "oil"... If you pronounce it "ol", your from south of 80... My brother and Dad, said "ol", I am multi lingual... if I'm in the south, my accent leans that way... in the north, even up in Minnesota... the "oh yah's" and "you betcha's", just roll off my lips... just call me the 'accent camillian'...}

A Day of Rest... {ah...sorta...}

I took the bulk of yesterday off...Had some nice folks stop in, at the end of the day...Nichelle, and Clint... A very sweet couple... Nichelle thought the Shop was, well, in her words... ah, like 'Wonderland'... Hmm.. and we have never met before... It was their first visit, and they are moving to Austin, Texas....{ they are looking for a home there, so if you are from that area, let me know if you know of something....} They redo older homes, and are true 'go-getters'! Nichelle and I, I think are 2 peas in a pod.... We totally understood each other's perfectionism, and we agreed, we are very fortunate, to have such willing, and for the most part, easy goin' partners! It's been a lazy, wonderful, rainy weekend... We needed the rain, the plants are smiling, and really growing.... I was sooo worried about the Fall Clematis, that I totally annihilated, last fall, and afraid it wouldn't come back, in the Green House...Oh my.... It is growing at least a foot a day... It's going WILD!!! I don't stand too close to it, I'm afraid it will suck me right in! WOW! I received a wonderful comment, on the 'Mid West Show' post, from friend, Linda... She visited the booth at Mid West, and somehow, she thought we were set up at the Collector's Eye, side of the show...she walked in circles, for a long time, then finally called me, and found our booth... She is such a warm spirit... I truly love her.... Always has a big hug, and kiss... Linda is from the South, and still has the most wonderful accent... I think I must have been from the South, in another life... I just love it, and am always drawn to it...Linda is a perfect example, of warm, Southern Hospitality.... I love her... Ran down to the shop this morn, snapped a few images... Have a very busy week ahead... Then Gold Rush, the following week...Then.... Get ready for the Memorial Day Weekend Sale.... Oh my... I feel the steamroller closin' in...YIKES!!!! Well, I better get rollin', myself... Have a Wonderful Day! Barb C.

Friday, April 23, 2010

This image is pretty bad... I was in a hurry, John was helping, and I had a delivery to make... these are a few treasures from yesterday, the lil' hen's colors are much brighter, I think she was my favorite 'find'.....
This is the old, old Straight Front Cupboard, from Garth... It's really strange...It never had shelves, in the top, just old cast, hooks.... It's all original, pegged doors, single board sides, and is probably an Iowa cupboard...It's about 4 feet wide, by 7 1/2 feet tall... I would guess it dates from the 1870's.... It needs a good scrubbin', but I love to bathe these old beauties....
I love these little folding racks... Got this one, from Garth!

Dave and Tammy's Sale!

They go 'all out'! The Garage is full, the lawn is full, the tent is full, and they find the most interesting stuff! I always go home, with all sorts of fun treasures from their Sale! Thanks Guys, for the 'Reminder'!

A Day In The Fryin' Pan!

Oh my... Spent the entire day, 'Salin'', not 'sailin', Salin'...Pals, Dave and Tammy gave me a ring, about their garage sale... That I totally Love running to, and hit several more, while I was in Williamsburg! City Wide, don't ya know... As I was making the 4o mile trek, the phone rang, it was Bud, {Renates, Amana, Iowa} he said a man had called,{ by the way, Bud had no idea I was en-route, to that very town, when he phoned, to 'Sale'...} had a garage full of antiques, and was taking appointments.... Bud couldn't go, so he gave me the Man's number! I called him, set up a time, and went about hitting all the sales in Williamsburg! My first stop was at Dave and Tammy's... They always have the most, cool stuff, and always affordable...They set it up so nice, and really do a great job! Their place was packed, every time I drove by... I bought some cool stuff from them, an early hand made, almost folk art'ish Victorian dresser {John says we should keep it!} a McCormick Deering Oil can { Before the company was International Harvester} a gnarly old box, cool old iron legged table, a huge white cat, and lots more! Then I started running the other sales, ran into Steve K. {Antiques of Marion, Marion, Iowa} I have known Steve for years... He is a wonderful soul, always keeps his prices very fair, and will work with you... Just an all 'round 'Good Guy'.... He said, "hey, I was just at an appointment, and the guy has some things, I think you are going to want"...{ He was on the phone, with 'show partner' Mark, to get my number...} See.... now this is what I'm talkin' about.... Angels... Tammy, calling, reminding me, about the sale... I would have missed it... Bud, calling me, as I'm en-route, to the very town, where the man was from... For good measure, Steve, being sure I didn't miss out... Angels... I'm telling you... Bud and Steve are in the business... they didn't have to look out for me... but they did... I hooked up, with the Man... Garth... What a nice guy, for the appointment.... The 'Man Angels', above, are Garth's Crew { Iowa Mobile Concrete, Williamsburg, Iowa} { Garth is 3rd from the left} I didn't catch the other guys names... or if I did, I have forgotten...{ My memory cells are totally gone... I'll remember them, just not names...}{ we were really moving fast! Those guys that do concrete, get'er done!}but they were amazing... they helped load, and strap everything down! I barely had to touch a thing! I asked them if they would like to come home with me, to unload... ah, not so much...dang... I purchased a HUGE Step Back Cuboard { 5 feet wide, by at least 7 1/2 feet tall, thankfully, in 2 pieces...} 2 heavy, heavy, built in cupboards, a wonderful, early, never painted, walnut, straight front cupboard, a gnarly stained glass Victorian door, and a pile of 'smalls'! Oh my... That was a load! I decided to run that load back home, and come back, to pick up the treasures from Dave and Tammy... When I got home, John was nowhere to be found... So, I unloaded what I could, then waited as long as I could...{ I had to get back to Williamsburg... more sales were opening in the afternoon!} Still, no John... So I attempted to unload one of the huge 'built ins', myself... well.... it took a fall... thankfully not on top of me, but, close... It didn't get hurt too bad, but it was a wild ride....About then John showed up... Grrr.... We got everything unloaded, and tucked away, then I headed back south... Popped in at Vivian and Fred Becker's...{Maple Tree Corner Antiques, Williamsburg, Iowa} They always have a yard sale, during 'City Wide', and they are the sweetest couple... I found lots of fun stuff there! An 1885 Store Ledger, from Williamsburg, some neat old Mourning beads, a pair of early, bisque goblets, with a mocha glaze, and the SWEETEST chalkware Hen, that is also a bank, and egg holder... oh my... I just Love that little Hen! I got everything loaded, and headed home... then, unloaded, delivered a piece of furniture to Mark, thankfully Dale F. popped over, and helped unload at Mark's, or I would have been on my own... enough of that, for one day! It was quite the day... I am on the road again, today... Concrete... oh my.... loads of concrete... Wish I would have got the guys numbers, yesterday... they do 'concrete'....Ah.... the fun, truly, never ends...
Go take on the day!
Barb C.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Because You Love Me....

I have a new song on, for the beginning of the blog... "Because You Love Me", You can take it, anyway you want.... I think of God, John, our Children, Critters, Family and Friends... Without them, life would be so, cold....


I am on the sizzling skillet, this morning... But Had to send A HUGE Thank You, to Cathie, {this girls art} She sent me a package, because she cares... She is amazing... Cathie called, and said she was sending me something... I expected a cool image of her garden, or a fun, interesting something, she had found... Nope, it was something that I truly needed, and she was kind enough to to think of me.... This blog, has been a God Send... Angels... Angels...They are truly everywhere... Cathie is an Angel, no doubt... Thank You, my Sweetness... Barb C. I opened up my 'Streams' this morning to read...." I will turn your Mountains into Roads'.... This happens, with Angels like Cathie... When we keep climbing, and falling, yet brush ourselves off again, it's the Angels, like Cathie, when you are on the ground, at the foot of the Mountain, they are the ones, with the hand outstretched, putting you back on your feet....I thank God, for having our paths cross... I thank God, for the Mountains, they make me strong... And, the Road, where I can walk, for a while, with the Angels... Barb C.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

John and Dale.... Looking the Situation Over...

The Guys had great fun diggin' round all the scrap, and gnarly fragments! I got a kick out of them... What Scroungers! I guess it takes one to know one!

Loadin', Junkin', Diggin'.... and 'Horsein' around....

Oh my.... It just doesn't get any better than this....It was the most beautiful day, here in Iowa, yesterday.... I have been taking Scout, { our horse} out of the pasture, and letting him eat the sweet, new grass, that is in the yard... He loves it, and it's like therapy, for me... Knocks the stress level down, an octave or two... I had to go get the other 2 loads from Duwa's Auction, in Wellman, but couldn't til 5, or got some stuff done around here! Had a few visitors, throughout the day, and the afternoon was uneventful.... Dale F. decided he'd like to go see Junell and Dwight, in Wellman, so John drove the little Ford, and we took the flatbed, and made quick work of getting the auction treasures loaded, and home... I have been storing things at Dale's Farm, for some friends from out of state, and some of the bigger pieces needed to go to Dale's... Mark came over and helped unload, and it was a long day for all... But... when we were leaving Wellman... we were invited to go dig through a 'burn pile'.... oh my gosh... The sad thing is, he had just burned... The good thing is, tin and iron doesn't burn.... I waded in, but had my silly rubber garden shoes on, already with holes in the sole... so, was mighty careful... wire, nails, bed springs, glass...smoldering... But, Dale and John had boots on, and we had sooo much fun! We found some really cool stuff! I'm goin' back! It's going to be a long week...I'll be running every direction, through Saturday... I plan on being in the Shop, on Sunday... I feel like I'm being chased by a Steam Roller! It's always like this, this time of year... Shows, and Memorial Day Weekend Sale, around the bend... I have picked up more shows, trying to keep our heads above water, as so many have, that sometimes, I think, I'm meeting myself coming, and going.... Thank God, I love what I do... What a blessing this Gnarly Old, Old stuff, has been to all of us...None of us are getting rich...{ monetarily} but we are staying alive...{ we have been so blessed, in gathering, and selling... I am so thankful, to all, who attend the shows, and shop us...without those Angels, things would be mighty tuff... I am so thankful, to all of those equally Angelic Souls, who call, and give us the opportunity to buy, and think of us when ready to sell... I hope we have been helpful to them, as much as they have been to us...} I picked up my "Streams in the Desert" Just now... What I turned to, like every single day, I open it, to find the most perfect message... today is no different... " My grace is sufficient for you." { 2 Corinthians 12:9} "When we have exhausted our store of endurance, When our strength has failed ere the day is half done, When we reach the end of our hoarded resources, Our Father's full giving has only begun".... This is only a snippet, of the the message... But it is so true...If we simply have faith, keep moving forward, we will survive, and hopefully help others on the journey...The Angels are always sent our way, if we give notice... and when difficulties come our way, are too much to endure, hand them over, to the One who can carry the load...{ this is one point, I still stumble with...} Somehow, I am blessed with enough strength, and endurance, to run this crazy marathon...Try and help others, who are on their own 'marathon', and give Thanks....That's life... Let's go Live it! Barb C.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

1836 Ledger...

I spied this old ledger in a box of stuff at Duwa's Auction, Saturday.... I love these old windows into the past... Someone used it as a scrapbook, during the Civil War, and pasted clippings concerning the war, and all of the sadness created from both sides... The Blue and the Gray... on the first 20 pages, or so... I haven't had time, to sit down and thoroughly go through it, find out where it is from... I can see "Canton", but I don't know what state, at this point... The way things are going, it could be winter, before I have enough time to really scope it out... It must have been from a General Store, it tallies up merchandise, like 'calico', 'buttons', 'tobacco', 'sheep sheers', 'flour', 'nails', 'sugar'.... Seems, fabric, especially calico, and buttons, are listed repeatedly, on most every page.... I could get lost in this old book.... I am headed to Wellman, to get another load, this morning, then, back again... Just got off the phone with Sharon, {Sweet Repose}and { Wild Thing} We are hooking up, sometime tomorrow, at Sisters' Garden, {Sisters' Garden} so I can get a batch of her wonderful soap! Check out her blogs, and try some...She'll send it right to your door! Her soap is AMAZING! { Men seem to Love it on their skin, too!} Sisters' Garden, near Kalona, Iowa, carries it, and Gatherings, in Anamosa, Iowa, as well... I would love to, but, ah... my little mice would find it quite delightful, I am sure.... They Love soy candles, too... Well, I guess, they have to eat too... I'm headed south... Hope Everyone has A WONDERFUL DAY! Barb C..

Monday, April 19, 2010

A Beautiful Sunday...

John took the camera, and shot dozens of wonderful images, around the yard... These are a few of my 'fav's'...
I didn't get the truck unloaded.... But, spent time with Peg, Liz and Nick... Had great folks stop by, fellow blogger, 'T', and her hubby, from Washington, Iowa popped in, we had a nice chat. Had some Professional Photographers, stop in, and ask if they could do some photo shots, I think for a wedding, or graduation... I always let them... I am so happy to see young folks, WANT to be a part of this gnarly old stuff! Neighbor, and friend, David called, as we were loading Peg's truck... I have promised to get to his house and pick up a bunch of block, I think since last fall...Nick and Liz, just happened to be here, and we went up, and got it done! I thought there where only a dozen or so, blocks.... Oh my gosh! The mud flaps where skinin' the highway, all the way home...Then, we had to unload, so Liz and Nick could use the truck, to haul the mower... Ooops! { like David said, it was perfect timing!}
I'll be headed back to Duwa's, sometime today, to get another load of furniture... Oh my goodness... I have no idea where it's going to go.... Guess I'll figure that out, when I get home.... The Fun Never Ends!!!
Go, Take on the Day!
Barb C.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sweet Repose...

I wanted to send out a special "Thank You" to Sharon, from "Sweet Repose"... She took some beautiful images here, and wrote some very kind words, after she, Theresa and Craig stopped by... As dead on my feet as I was, I read her post, last night, and was so blown away, she said it, did it, photographed it, put just the right music to it... I slept like a baby... She has got it goin' on, and truly can capture the essence of her surroundings... It's that wonderful free spirit, and deep soul, she encompasses... Thanks Sweetie... Sharon is an amazing woman, creative, beyond belief... always coming up with something new and exciting, with gnarly old stuff... Sharon is a True Artist....
Thanks again...
Barb C.
Be sure and check out her blogs, and order her wonderful soap, Sharon makes from scratch! Sharon sells some of her things, and soaps, at Sisters' Garden, on Hwy 1, between Iowa City, and Kalona... Go See!

A Day at Duwa's!

Here is an image of 'The Gang' at Duwa's Auction, Saturday.... From left to right, back row... Brent H. { 'Sisters' Garden', Kalona, Iowa} }... {trying to hide} Bud S. { 'Renates' Amana, Iowa}...Dwight Duwa, Auctioneer and Janelle Duwa, Clerk, and EVERYTHING ELSE! She is amazing! {'Duwa's Auctions', Wellman, Iowa} Next to Janelle, is Sweet Renate S., Bud's better half, and owner of 'Renate's'...Then, Wanda, from {Gatherings}{ check out her blog!}, in Anamosa, Iowa, with her very Sweet husband Terry{ who is ever so thankful, Wanda didn't purchase the big 21 drawer piece}... The two Gals in front, are Duwa's Auction Gals... They make it run like clockwork...It was a great day, and this is my first load of three... Oh my... With Gold Rush, and my Memorial Day Weekend Sale, just around the corner, it's time to hunt, and gather! I was so thankful, to all of the folks {Angels} who helped load the truck! As always, Dwight furnished refreshments, then we headed for Kalona, had supper, and visited... It was great! I'm so glad Dwight called... I probably wouldn't have known about the sale, otherwise...{ seems I never have time to read! So, unless someone calls, I don't know about them... I guess those 'Antique Angels' have a way of letting me know about the 'good ones'!} I was so tired, last night, I truly don't know how I made it home.... Peg is stoppin' by, this morn, and several other folks, who called yesterday, while I was at the Auction... It will be a long day... But, a Great Day! I had better start Livin' it! Barb C.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Some of Todays Gatherings...

The photos don't come close to showing how cool these Old Iowa Treasures are... They are pretty gnarly.... The old counter has 21 drawers, all of it's original fancy cast hardware with slots for a label... It has an unusual graduated top, it's about 9 feet long, by 7 1/2 feet tall... It really didn't like it's picture taken.... It's way happier in person! This Gnarly Old Cupboard...well, it truly looks like a bag of bones, in this image.... Oh my gosh, does it tell a story when you stand next to it... I absolutely fell head over heals in love with this 'Big Daddy!' Believe it, or not... this could go right in the house... I love it, that much...
Again, if you could see this cool, very unusual table in person, you would see why I waited all day for it to sell!
The Gnarly Old Counter, will be spruced up, and look like a million bucks, when John gets done with it!
A Huge THANKS to Sharon { Sweet Repose}... I haven't read her blog yet, it's after 9:00, I've been on the road since 7, this morn, after a wonderful, yet gruelling 20 hour day, yesterday.... I have received several e-mails, concerning her blog...I am headed there now.... I'll have more from the Duwa's Auction, in the morn
Barb C.

A Day in Chicago...

Here are a few images, to tide you over! Dwight Duwa {Duwa's Auction Services} called Thursday, and and thought he'd have a few things on his Sale, today, I may like.... So, I'm on the run, bright and early... I'll write about the AMAZING SHOW, and all my friends! Scarlett, Val, Roxanne, Mary Ellyn, Al, and spending a great day with my two best girls... Liz and Peg!
Wish me luck, at the auction!
Barb C.