Thursday, January 30, 2020

Neither One Of Us (Wants To Be The First To Say Goodbye)

Words left...unsaid.

Been doin' a lot...of thinkin' as I've been watching over Peanut.
: )
The horrific news, about Kobe Bryant, his beautiful...daughter, the Families, that'll never be together, again...
because, of a few feet, between a helicopter and the ground.
: (
So Many....suffer, every moment, of every day.
Sadly, the truth is...
none of us, are getting out of here...alive.
We never know...from one moment, to the next, what lies in store.
Our Journey, is a brief one.
Just...a bundle of 'Moments', for each of us.
The ones who are left, broken...and, lost, are the ones....
I truly...mourn for.
I'd read something, a few days ago...about how Folks, in the morning....
rush around, get dressed, grab a bite of breakfast, maybe...
say their 'Good Byes', and hurry take on another day, never thinking for a moment, that 'moment' 
be the last moment, we have the opportunity to say...
"I Love You."
tell each other, how Very...Much, we all mean, to one another.
: (
I, have few life.
I work stay away from them.
I, painful, they are, especially...when there is no way, to ever make them 'right', again.
Those...regrets, will haunt me....until my Journey, is over.
'The words...left unsaid', are my Biggest regrets.
John's coat, and boots...are where he left them.
They don't make me sad...anymore.
He wore them...when he was 'Well', and we had 'Hope'. 
: )
I, like to bury my his old jacket, by the, and then.
Smell...his scent, on the collar, he cursed this time of year, 
as he was putting it on, to head to the Shop, 
and Feed the Critters, on January this one.
: )
I've gathered antiques...throughout my life.
since I was a child.
There's something...soulful, and comforting....about them.
I've tried to figure it out, over the years, why....I'm so drawn to them.
Maybe, it's the stories my Dad used to share with me, about his childhood...
growing up in Derby, Iowa, during The Depression.
Being raised...'Loved' by his Grandparents.
At the Farm Auctions, we'd use to attend, before the 'Scrap' sold, Dad...would walk around the old Farms, and point out what the old things were, and how he remembered, his Grandmother used them.
Dad, could take me right to that old Farmhouse, where he grew up...
with his stories. : ) <3
I, could almost smell the bread baking...from his Grandmother's 'Warm Morning'...Cook Stove, he so often spoke of.
Like Dad....when I look at things, I've gathered, and...dear Friends, have gifted to me...over the years, in the Old...Cupboards, and throughout the house, I...too, smile...often, thinking of where they came from, and the Dear Ones, who....have 'moments', with them...attached.
But...there's a few things, that....give me pause. 
This...Old, old....
Burl Bowl, is one of them.

Pal, Jan...brought it to The Memorial Day Weekend, in 2014.
She'd brought several...wonderful, late 1700's, and 1800's Bowls, and wooden boxes.
I bought this one, was so soulful.
It has a large crack, in the side, and had been patched. : )
It was so dirty. {She'd probably found it in a Barn, somewhere....and never got around to fixing it, and cleaning it. }

The Memorial Day Weekend Sale, runs Friday, Saturday, Sunday....and, Monday.
John, had just completed all of the horrible radiation treatments, and was resting in the house, during that 2014 Sale.
Saturday, during a slow time, of The Sale....
I, sat down...under John's Old Oak, and began cleaning the Burl Bowl.
: )
I stayed close to the house, within 30 feet, of where John....was resting, inside.
I sat...throughout the day...scrubbing that old bowl.
Took an old piece of wire, and pulled the crack together, best I could....knowing John, when he was up to it, would put an Awesome...Old, Tin Patch on it, where the crack...had been patched before.
: )
Late, in the day...a Friend, stopped by, and asked if I'd like to join her for Supper, up the road.
I, went inside....asked John, what he'd like from there, and I'd bring it back.
: )
"Bring me a Hamburger, Fries....and a Coke." : )
As I was waiting for our food, visiting with Friends, a family member, of one of my Friends, came...and sat down with us.
Her Mother, was also battling cancer.
She went on, and on....about an oncologist her Mother was so taken with.
It was the same....oncologist that stole our Hope....away, a month earlier.
: (
{Tried to. : ( }
The Family member, and I....had many words, thankfully...only words.
It got pretty intense. 
I left, took John his burger....: ) 
We talked, for a little while...{Good Things. } as he ate...then, I went on to bed.
{John, slept in his recliner. <3 That's where he was most comfortable. }
John, left us....forever, the next day.
When I see that bowl...
all I can think of, is that I sat....
30 feet, from John...that entire day before....
and, of All...the 'Words left unsaid'. 
: ( : ( : (..... 
I think...of the 'Wasted' words, spoken to that 'Family member', who meant absolutely...
nothing, to me.
 Talking about a man, 'oncologist', who meant less....than nothing, to me.
: (
: (

This was the last piece, John and I worked on...together.
We took an old, Amana Barrel Band, with handles, cut an oval board, from an old Amana Box, side....
and, made a Wooden Tray.
{Two of them. }
: )
We Worked So Hard.... to get that band, to tightly fit.
Oh My!!
We kept sanding, little by little. : ) He'd hand sand...then, I would.
: )
I'd hold the board, as he'd try to tap the band around it.
: )
Then, John...would hold the board, as I tried to tap the metal band, in place.
We could only take a little off of the edge, at a time, because we needed the band to fit tight.
If we sanded too much off of the big board, the band would be loose, and fall off.
oh my!
We were making them for Nashville, in February...that year.
That, was just before John fell ill. 
I forgot to put them, on the load.
<3 <3 <3 
I gave Pal, Jan...the other, for helping me, so.....that year. <3

The Old...Cupboard, above....
is one I found in an 1850's Summer Kitchen, {was original House, on a Dad lived in, near North Liberty, the early 1940's}
John, and I worked so hard, getting it out.
It was hotter than heck, that day.
It was built in, between the Stone Fireplace, and wall.
It's Walnut...and nearly 8 feet tall.
; )
The owner of the Farm, was going to take the Summer Kitchen down, I wasn't sure...
taking that old Cupboard out, wasn't going to bring the old...structure down, around us.
We, kept goin'...anyway. : )
It was a 'God Wink'...that brought me, to that Farm.
To have something, my Dad....had lived with, long....before I was a twinkle in his eye, was Priceless.
: )
I, often wonder....what he'd think, if he could see it now.
He could never have imagined....back in the day, his youngest daughter, born...25 years after...he left that Farm...would bring that old Cupboard, to our Home, nearly 25 years, after he...left this Earth. 
Oh my. 
It holds, so many...precious memories.

Every little thing, inside....'Dad's Cupboard', has a story.
As I was taking Peanut outside, the other morning....
I saw a Huge...Crane, sitting on what used to be our land.
So...It, begins.
: (
I, have some regrets, about....those moments, when...I said nothing.
I, hope...John knows, how Hard...I've stood, to make things as right, and I could, for him.
<3 <3 <3 
I, hope... well, I know....I've done nearly Everything I can, to prevent others, from enduring Loss, so unnecessarily, next to this insane Highway.
{still have to write that letter. }
I'm sorry, in advance....for the 'regrets', others will endure, should they push forward, with a trail, next to 151, through Fairfax.
Sure wouldn't want to be them. : (

I, Pray....for All, who are Suffering, and....Struggling, today.
Dad, always told me, if you know in your Heart, you've done your best....then, you should have no regrets.
: )
He, said....
"Regrets, are hard to live with."
They, sure are. 
It's the things, we 'didn't' the moments, little 'moments'....that can hurt, the most.
I, wonder....sometimes, had I known...when I picked up that bowl, and...sat down, under John's Old...Oak,
an Angel, 
whispered in my ear, about what was going to unfold, over the next 24 hours....
how, would I have done things differently.
In my dreams, over the last, nearly 6 years...I've been Blessed, to see John, and live....those last 'moments', a few times.
I always kneel by his side, as he sits in his recliner....
my head on his knee....holding, and kissing his hand.
<3 <3 <3 
No words, spoken. 

Neither one of us...would, or...could, accept 'Good Bye'. 
I'm...sure, if an Angel....would've shared what Fate, was bringing....I, would've...
fought, her....and argued, with the end.
As, we all would.
I, know...we'll all be together, again...
That's....God's Gift, to us.
<3 <3 <3 
I, believe, and...can feel, John, Dad, often.
: ) 
That, is such a Gift, Comfort....Blessing. 
<3 <3 <3 

{Helper, Brandon....just came in, and asked if I needed anything done, today.
: )
He caught me...crying, at the computer.
: (
{Guess...I, need to keep the door locked.  Brandon's like 'Family'....and, just walks, in. : ) }
Told him, I'm o.k., and thanked him, for checking.  : )
As he was walking away, he stopped, and....looked at the Burl Bowl, that's sitting, where it's always sat, for nearly 6 years.
He spun it, slowly....around, on the table.
He, just 'noticed'
"That's a really, cool....old bowl."
: )
Yeah, it is. 

Love, to You...
Barb C.

Monday, January 27, 2020

Tom T Hall Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

Alison Krauss - When You Say Nothing At All Iowa.

These images are from a couple of years back.
It, never....really, changes...from one January, to the next...down the rabbit hole, in Iowa.
: )
It's been quite Beautiful.
Fairly...warm, for January.
The Snow...has been kinda heavy.
I've been staying in, with Nala, 
{'Peanut' : ) 
I, call her 'Peanut', she seems quite happy, about that. : ) }
She's spent so much of her life, in a shelter, and wire kennels, 
I'm working with her, on potty training. : )
She's doing very well.
: )
I, have to stay close...and watch over her, until she fully understands.
When I look at these pictures, I...know, this Spring....
Everything, will be changing.
The IDOT, will be making a huge mess, and....turning our lives upside down.
: (
'Change'....doesn't come easy.
: ( 
At Least, not for me.
: (
Especially, under The Circumstances, we were 'Taken'.
: ( : ( : ( 
When I look out the window, every day....I'm so Grateful, to our Lawyer, Josey Wales. wasn't for him, Much More....would be destroyed.
I, need to remember that, when we begin 'Losing'.
When, the 'Reality' becomes...'Reality'. 
: ( : ( : ( 
It...could've been
 So Much....Worse.
I know, I have Someone, in my Corner...should things get ugly.

Peanut, can't see me....much.
when I open a wrapper, or....shake a box of crackers....
open the Fridge, hahahahaha!!
She's On Point!!!
{Peanut learned Those Messages, very...Fast. : ) }
She's soooo Hungry.
: (
I, have to be careful...not to Spoil her, too much.
: (
That's So Hard!!!
I, just want to Fatten her Up.
: ) : ) : ) 
Give Her....Anything, she wants.
Restraint, is difficult, when I Much, she's been through.
I've been pretty good, about keeping her on a routine. : (
{Yes....I've Spoiled her, too. : ) <3 <3 <3 }
I plan to stay in, work in the house....for a few days, then...
we'll head to the rabbit hole.
: )
One....step, at a time, for both of us.
; )
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to Ya.
Barb C. 

Saturday, January 25, 2020

People Like You

If you're broken down...beat up, well...I am too.

Meet Nala.
<3 <3 <3 
Received a call, from Daughter....Liz, the other day.
She said...her Dear Friend, Heather...had rescued a Wonderful....
little Hound, a few months ago....
and, sadly, things weren't working out.
Heather, was beside herself.
Nala, came from a shelter, and...had been so abused.
She's blind...because she'd been badly beaten.
She, has a little sight. : ) 
Hopefully, she'll get a little more. <3
Liz, begged me to take her in.
Then, she called me back, and said...
"Mom, I'm so sorry....I shouldn't  make you feel like you have to take her in. I...don't want you to feel guilty, about saying no.
I, busy you are, difficult it was, losing Sweetie, and Polly. 
It's o.k., if you aren't ready."
: )
Heather, was heartbroken....with no choice, but to take her back.
I've thought about it, for the last couple of days.
Every Single Beloved...Hound, I've been Blessed with, over my life...
have come to me.
I've never....went seeking.
They, were lost, and....broken.
Several Folks, have tried to help me 'Find'...a Pup.
I...told everyone....when it's 'time', the 'Pup'...will find me.
This...little Girl, has been through Hell.
: (
Thankfully, Heather...found her, rescued....her.
Saved her Life.
Sadly...Little Nala, has some...issues, that a Girl, working two jobs....can't deal with.
I'm happy, to take her in.
<3 <3 <3 
Nala and I...have much in common.
: )
We'll get along, just....fine.
: )

Heather, couldn't Nala...found her way, around the house, without a hitch.
: )
I, know how Hard it was...for Heather, to give her up.
Heather...has done so much....for this little Girl. <3 <3 <3 
Nala, was a walking skeleton...when Heather rescued her, last November.
: ( : ( : ( 
{I saw the pictures. I, can't share them.
May God Bless...Heather, for All...She's Done. }
I think, Heather....was at ease...when she left.
: ) curled up, beside I type.
I heard the tune...I'm posting above...for the first time...this afternoon,
by accident.
; )
oh my.
Seems perfect, for this day.
<3 <3 <3 
It's pretty amazing.
Take a listen.
{made me cry. } Ya.
Barb C. 

Friday, January 24, 2020

Keep On The Sunny Side

For Everything...There Is a Season.

Oh My!!
What a Week!!
; )
Snow, and....more, Snow.
Thankfully, I...didn't have to Go...anywhere.
: )
; )
Took 'The Tree'...down, today.
It's always....a little sad, putting 'Christmas' away. 
So...many 'Memories' to put away.
Been working on 'Book Work', as well. 
: (
Most...'Mad Hatters'....
like, myself...
would rather
Stick Needles in Their Eyes. 
; )
Folks have been calling me, about....the 'Happenings' in Fairfax.
I've missed two meetings, this month
Maybe, that's why....I have a little 'Life', in my body.
; )
The City....can Suck the 'Life'...right outta ya. 
: (
Like Arnold said....
"I'll be Back."
; )
For now...I, have to get Life, in Order, at Home.
Take, a catch my breath. 
We all, need to do that, every now, and then.
: )
This time of year...always gets me 'reflecting', over the last year, 'years'. 
What...can I improve.
What...'Changes', do I need to make.
Seems, this time of year, is the only...time, the 'World'....slows down, enough....
to have a moment, when my head isn't spinning so fast, that...
I can Finally, 'see', without  'Blurred' Vision.
My Best Friend, Peg....always hated this time of year.
She said...
"Everything Is Dead!! I want to See Flowers, and...Green!!!"
I, reminded her....that things aren't dead.
They...are 'resting'.
Under the Snow....
Everything, is resting,
 and Gathering Strength....for the next Season.
Without that 'Resting Time'....
the Flowers, couldn't  put on a 
'Brilliant Show' 
for her...come Summer.
<3 <3 <3 
'For Everything...There Is a Season'.
<3 <3 <3 

Patience...has never come easy....for me.
 when it comes to 
'The Seasons',
I totally Respect
Mother Nature.
<3 <3 <3 
; )
We have to Embrace Her, and find The Beauty.
It's There.
<3 <3 <3 You.
Barb C. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

The Ride -- David Allan Coe

God Only Knows - BBC Music

Find Out Who Your Friends Are

Thanks to All...Who were Vendors, and...Shoppers, at The Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market!!!

What A RIDE!!!
The Weather, was a Reckon With!!
Oh My!!
: )
Like, always. 
: )
Folks Showed Up...
Got 'er Done....
Bless Their Hearts!!
It was a Full House!
The Crowd...was Great!!
Those Hot Turkey, and Dressing Sandwiches, didn't disappoint!!
: ) : ) : ) 
So Very...Thankful to All, who Helped Out!!
Filled In...
Pinch Hit!!!
The Last...
<3 <3 <3 
Sharon. <3
Cecilia's Lovely....Daughter.
She played 'Vanna', in my booth, showing the Awesome...1970's Doorway Beads, I bought at the Show, from Pal, Dave!
Dave, helped me hang them on the old...Arbor. : )
Perfect...for The Rabbit Hole.

Thanks, to Wanda, and Terry... {'Gatherings', in Anamosa}
for putting me up, for two nights. <3
I didn't have to drive back and forth, that...was a Blessing! : )
Their Beautiful...and, I got to visit, some of my Most....
Cupboards, and Treasures, their Home.
This is the Beautiful...Bedroom, I was so....Thankful For, at the end, of each day.
It was snowing, like crazy, the first night.
Lying in bed...looking out the massive windows, over the timber....watching the snow fall....was incredible.
I got a little 'Misty'....when I saw the old, Beloved....Cupboard, at the end of  Wanda's Hallway.
That, was one....from our Home, I...swore, I'd never...ever, sell. : (
When I found the Old...Cupboard, from where my Dad, had...once lived, several years ago...
I had to make room, as...'It', is 'Family'.
So....I, let this one...go.
: ( : ( : (
I, knew....Wanda, would Love it, much as I do.
: )
Even, so.... I...gotta tell ya, when I ran my hand over the old, worn....lift top, so smooth,,
That, was Tuff.
{Still Is, as I write! Yikes!}
It's such...a Soulful....Old, Cupboard.
Wanda said...she bought this old Sampler, from me, too.
I, remember it, but...vaguely.
Probably...didn't have it long enough, to connect with it.
: )
She had it professionally cleaned, and reframed, in it's original frame.
It's...beautiful. <3

This, was another....old, old... Pie Safe Cupboard, Wanda bought from me.
I think it came from our Friend, Rod.
: )
Many, Many....years ago.
It never made it, to our Home.
Didn't have room.
: (
Could've so....Easily.... kept it, too. <3 <3 <3
Ya, just...don't run across these Old Souls, as often....anymore.
Glad, she found a Wonderful Spot for it, in her Home.
: )
This is an Early, Early...Mule Chest, Wanda bought at our Estate Sale, last Winter.
I'm sure....the prior owner, would be happy, it's found such a Loving Home. <3

Truly...enjoyed, visiting with Wanda, and Terry.
It was a Grueling few days, relaxing, at Their Home!
<3 <3 <3

I so Appreciate All, who were involved with the Show!
It was Great Seeing So Many Early Birds!!
Especially, when it was Zero Degrees Outside!!
Oh My!!
: )
It Took a 'Village'....
We Had 'Em!
<3 <3 <3 

Mark, and I...were the last ones out, as usual.
Everyone got out, in Great Time!
Brandon, my Wonderful...Helper, Busted his Fanny, helping load, and mop floors.
: ) 
I didn't drive the FUSO, Box Truck....this time.
Had the Trailer Loaded, and Brandon's Chevy Truck, Loaded.
Knew, I'd be busy....helping others, so, went with a lighter load.
As we were nearly loaded, I hooked my coat on the truck, and took a Fall.
: (
My body, hurts so this show...anyway, for some reason, {always has. }'s the floor, I don't know.
When I hit, I I was going to shatter, in a million pieces.
: (
Had, to sit down.
Brandon, loaded the last pieces, by himself.
Bless His Heart!!!
I, was Done!
{Thanks, to Lori, who folded my Big Rugs, up. <3 Blessing!}
When we were taking off, I...was about frozen.
My feet were sopping wet, from mopping the Floor.
The heater, in Brandon's Chevy, just wasn't working at all.
I'd questioned Brandon, abut that...on the way, to the Show.
He had been going through a little antifreeze, but...we were watching the gauge, {real gauge, not a light} stayed between 170, and 180. Never got hot.....
I, might be a thermostat issue, as the heater would blow warm, off and on.
We weren't worried, as long as it wasn't getting hot.
We, could live with the cold...for the hour drive.
We got about 5 miles from home....
I, thought....Brandon, had let off of the gas, as the Truck....bogged down.
I, asked him...Immediately...
 If He'd Just Let Off of The Gas.
He said "No." 
I, said...
"Brandon, we...are in Trouble."
No more than spit those words out....
and That Chevy Started to Knockin'.
The Engine....Blew.
: ( : ( : (
He tried to limp it, as far as he could....we knew, the motor, was Gone...and, we couldn't hurt it anymore.
: ( : ( : (
Made it, about two miles, {about three miles, from Home.}
Pulled over on the shoulder, began to freeze, and weigh our options.
Tried to call Family, to no avail.
It was about 10 p.m. 
Nobody answered.
: (
Called Mark, who was behind us, and asked him....if he could dump his trailer, at home...
and double back, and grab mine.
{God Knows...I hated to ask that of him. : ( : ( : ( }
Being the Dear Friend, he is....he agreed.
: )
Called Pro Tow, they are Great, we use them, at the Shop. <3
They could haul the Truck, but not the trailer.
Took this picture, from inside The Chevy, as the Pro Tow Dude....
was rollin' his Rollback, back, to load The Frozen Chevy.
: )

The Pro Tow Dude, and Brandon...jacked up the trailer, pulled the truck ahead, and loaded it, then...we all went home, unloaded the Chevy, and bailed in The Ford.
Raced back, to the Trailer...where Mark was waiting, along the Highway.
When we went to hook up the Trailer, to his Van....
The Trailer, was blocked up, too high.
Mark's Van's...hitch, is very low.
We needed a Floor Jack, to get the blocks out, and lower the Trailer.
It was below zero. 
Told Brandon, we'd just run to the shop...and grab the Floor Jack.
He, informed me, Justin...{Son} had changed the locks, 
{because they'd broken a key off, in it. }
and....Mama, doesn't have a key.
: (
: (
: (
I, gotta tell ya...
I, nearly....drove to the shop, anyway.
Thought, I'd sacrifice a window. 
{I, was kinda....'not happy', by now. : ( }
then, decided....
to drive to town, and buy a new jack.
: (
I'm not a walmart shopper, but...was thankful, they were open.
; )
We got the Trailer hitched, and beat frozen feet, towards home.
: )
It was 4 a.m. before we all, made it to our Homes.
Brandon, took The Ford, home.
{I was telling him to take The Ford, to his Home, before his Truck died. 
I, was worried about him driving his Chevy, Home, blowing cold, like that.... }
Needless to say, Monday....was a Wash.
Tuesday...wasn't much better.
: )
Just stopped shivering this morning!!
Glad to Be HOME!!
Thankful...for Such Wonderful...Folks, in my Life.
<3 <3 <3 
Brandon, has another motor waiting, for his Chevy, at his Home.
Told me he knew...something hasn't been right with this one, for a while.
The Gauge, in my what was Wrong, with the Chevy.
It was BOILING HOT, when it came to a stop, on the highway.
That Gauge, was right where it should be. 
: (
As most everyone knows, we...are 'Ford'....Folks.
Brandon, and his Family...are 'Chevy' Folks. 
I felt so bad, I couldn't even give Brandon a hard time. 
{He and to tease each other, 'Ford vs. Chevy' ; ) }

Livin' The Dream!!!
The Tow....and, Jack....were expenses, I sure didn't count on.
Thankfully, I had the Dough, because Folks Came, and Shopped!!!
Another, Blessing!
<3 <3 <3 
Two Deputies stopped by, as we were hooking up the Trailer.
They had Big Smiles, on their Faces!
So Kind!
The Pro Tow, Folks....{Dispatcher, and Driver...} were So Funny!
Kept Crackin' Jokes. : ) : ) : ) 
Sometimes, The Best Survive Such
oh my.
; )
Love, to Ya!
Keep Smilin'!!!
Barb C. 

{Gonna have to sit, and ponder, which 'Tune'....fits the above post.
Oh My. : ) }

{Just called Justin, to say I am sorry...
I wasn't laughing this morning, when the Boys,
{Brandon, Justin...and Eric : ) }
 pulled Mustang, Sally....out of the drive,
she was stuck...{they are putting brakes on her, today.}
They slid her, off of the drive, and nearly....took out the Outhouse, next to the drive.
they didn't.
: )
Sally, is Fine. <3
I...kinda Barked.
Told Justin... I'm tired. : )
a Little Raw, from the Weekend.
I, Adore...Those Boys. <3
<3 <3 <3  }

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market January 19, 8:00 a.m. - 9:30 a.m. Early Bird, 9:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m. Reg. Adm.

The Show is ON!!!
Tons of Great Stuff!!! 
Located at The Lawrence Community Center, 600 East Main, Anamosa, Iowa!
Early Bird, 8-9:30
6.00 Adm.
9:30 - 3:00 
3.50 Adm. 
Hope to See Ya!
Barb C.
{ Having issues posting images from my phone, to blogger, tonight. Posted 45 images on Simply Iowa Facebook. 
Hope you can come see for yourself! Folks are still unloading tonight, and in the morning! ❤️}

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The Blues Brothers - Theme from Rawhide (Official Audio)

Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market!! January 19th!!!

Loadin'... Loadin'.... Loadin',
Tho, our Toes are Frozen...
Keep Those Dollies Rollin'
Oh Myyyyyy!
Through Snow, Wind...and Weather, 
We'll All Be Together....
Sunday Morning... eating Homemade Pie!!!
Hahahahaha!!! January!!
Sunday, looks Great...for Shopping!
Sunny, but.... chilly. 😉
Thankfully, it's Toasty inside The Lawrence Community Center, and...those Homemade Pies, and Hot Turkey & Dressing Sandwiches....The Church Gal's Provide, well....They, Feed the Soul.
The Show, is Full. 
These Dealers, are Tuff as Nails. 😘
Bless Their Hearts!! 😘

Can't See, what Goodies they're bringing! 
It's much Fun!!! 

Click on the image, of the card, below...
for The Details! 
Here's a Snippet, of what I Know, will be there.
Old Toys.
Vintage Gas & Oil Signs.
Advertising Memorabilia.
Estate Items.
Sewing Items.
Farm Junk.
Gnarly Painted Primitives.
Vintage Lighting.
Victorian Furnishings.
Garden Statuary.
Vintage Holiday.
Old Hardware.
Vintage Jewelry.
Red Wing Stoneware.
Western Stoneware. 
Early Decorated Stoneware.
Ironstone & Transferware.
1950' & 60's Housewares.
Vintage Coke Items.
Mid Century.
Vintage Quilts, Lace & Linens.
Feed & Flour Sacks.
Taxidermy , Hunting & Lodge related items.
Cast Iron.
Silver & Silverplate. 
Gnarly Tin.
Hot Coffee, Homemade Pie....
and, Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches.
Stay Tuned! 
I will, have images...after Set Up, on Saturday Evening! Ya!
Barb C.

Monday, January 13, 2020

Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market!

The Market is Full!!
Below are a few images, one of the Vendors sent, today. 😉
He Always...brings Fun Stuff!
Everyone Does!! 

This Vendor will have Much more! 
Most of us are loaded, for the Market...of course, I keep throwing stuff on the Truck, as we are pulling away from the curb!!!
'Just One More Thing' !!!! Hahahaha! 

There will be Loads of Fun, and Unusual.
I can almost taste the Homemade Pie, and Turkey and Dressing Sandwiches!!!
Those Church Gals... Really Know How to Warm the Soul!!! 🤗 Ya!
Barb C.

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Sawing on the Strings Coming to Anamosa!

So Excited!!!
Stephanie, Owner of Frond Design Studios, and...Dear Friend, will be Joining Us, at The Anamosa Antique & Vintage Market!!!
{Bless Her Heart!! <3 She's Headin' to a California Fabric Event, the 'Morning After'
She's Driving There!!! Oh My. ; ) Pullin' a Loaded Trailer, behind. ; )
Steph, is an Amazing Artist. <3 <3 <3
 'Sawin' the Strings', Always. <3 <3 <3
 {or, as Steph, would say...
'Livin' The Dream'!!! <3 <3 <3
Hahahaha!!! }
Steph is Opening a New Studio, in Cedar Rapids, Very Soon!!
Oh My!!! <3 <3 <3 
I'm So Excited, that Steph, and her Antiquer Husband....Marc, are Bringing a Load of Cool....Gnarliness, and Awesome Antiquities!!!
The Show is nearly FULL!!!
Have one single booth, and one, double!
{Update! One double left! So Excited!!! Brandon, from 'House Things' just Joined Us!!! Yippee!!! }
As I've been chatting with some of the Vendors, I'm gettin' Very Excited!!!
Here's a Snippet, of what's coming to Anamosa, on January 19th!!!

Garden Statuary
Garden related Items
Mid Century 
Oak & Primitive Furniture
Victorian Furniture & Decor
Vintage Lighting
Vintage Signs & Advertising
Advertising Paper
Coins & Jewelry
Red Wing Stoneware
Cast Iron
Railroad Items
Quilts & Vintage Textiles
Vintage Holiday 
Old Tin & Rusty
Vintage Glass & Flatware
Old Toys
Painted Farm Furniture
Gnarly Farm Junk
You Name It!!!
I'm so Excited!!!

What's So Cool... about this 'Home Town' Event...well, there are many Cool...Things.
You get a chance to Meet, some of the most Interesting Folks, who are near, with Open Shops, along with several, who also sell online, mainly, and meet them Face to Face! 

I'm Anxious to see the Great Group of Vendors, who've been with the Anamosa Show, for decades. ❤️❤️❤️
I'm Excited, to have Several...New Friends, 
Joining Us...Too!!!
Oh Boy!!!

See You Soon!!!
Barb C.
{ Did I mention...that I'm Excited!!!? Hahahaha! 
The Show is Full! 😉 Have a Great Gal, taking the last booth, from Wisconsin! 
Oh Boy!!! }

Thursday, January 9, 2020

Toby Keith - As Good As I Once Was

Heavy.... Loads.

Helper, Brandon....and, me....
Finally, picked up the Old Oak Cupboard, from Rose Marie, and Jim.
Here's the deal....
Heavy Oak, from a basement, Up....lots of Stairs, can be a Trick...for the Tuffest Mad Hatter.
It was a Stretch, for Brandon, too.
: )
We Both...were a little short of the time we found the Top...Step!!!
Jim, helped when he could....but, I gotta tell ya, it was a Long....Haul!
{Jim, offered me his gloves, as Brandon and I...began to climb the stairs.
<3 <3 <3
I've never worn gloves, in my life.
 his kind... gesture...was priceless. <3 <3 <3 : ) } 
Then, we decided to haul the 1888 Pump Organ Up Too!!!
What the heck.
Why Not?????
; )
Brandon, and....I, had to unload the Box Truck, to be able to Fit the New Arrivals.
Unload, Half of a Box Truck...
: )
Oh My.
; )
Livin' The Dream!!!
; )

Trying to get Everything....
'On Deck', for next week!
Anamosa Show!!!
<3 <3 <3 
; )
January 19th!!!
Oh Dear!!!
; ) Ya.
Barb C. 

{Rose Marie said, to me....
"You are So Strong!!". 
made me think of the Tune, above.
: )
I ain't as Good, as I once was...
'I'm as Good 'Once'...
as I Ever Was!!!
{Maybe twice, counting the Pump Organ! : ) }

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Shania Twain - I Ain't No Quitter

Rascal Flatts Mayberry Lyrics

I 'Mayberry'. {The Rabbit Hole}

As the 'Show' Season is about to begin....
I was thinking about what these 'Shows'...
; )
Oh My....
; )
Gathering, and Gathering...for weeks, months.
Cleaning, repairing....loading, hauling....
Vehicle issues. {not many, over the years. <3 }
Loading, in sub-zero temps,, Snow!
oh my.
Then, when you arrive, there sits an empty space, be Filled.
Usually, in very little time.
{Let's put it this way...'Never...Enough Time'. : ) }
The The Ford, with the small load.
The FUSO, Cab Over Box Truck, is always, just as Full....
Leading The Way!!!
: )
Daughter, Liz...was driving this load.
Sometimes, it would be Peg.
: )
Sometimes, another Dear Friend.
{, myself. }
John, and The Boys...would help me load, here at Home....
and, if I am lucky...I can hire Porters, at the other end.
Most times, there aren't any.
If I can't load it, and unload...myself, I won't take it.
{That, has never happened. ; )
 I don't leave Anything....behind, that I feel would be Perfect....for the Booth. <3 
Git 'er Done!
I've been VERY Blessed, by Friends, that just...'Happen' to show up, and lend a needed hand, in a pinch.
<3 <3 <3 }
We build a House, in a few short...hours.
Daughter, Liz....and, the mad hatter. 

These are a few of the Heart of Country Booths, in Nashville.
They all...
start out the same.
Blank Walls.
A 'Shit Load of Stress!!!'
Truck Loads....of Iowa Soulfulness.
<3 <3 <3 

The Porters, in Nashville, really...became Good Friends, over the years.
They worried about us 'Iowa Girls' much.
: )
They thought we were Crazy, and Worked...Too Hard!!
They always tried to step in front of us, to keep us from lifting, and lugging.
: ) 
Most of the time, we'd show them, the best, and easiest move mountains.
I'll never forget, how Kind....they all were to us. 
I, miss them, and Nashville. 'Heart of Country'. 
We did their last 2014. 
I think about 'Heart', so much...this time of year.
It was most always....around Valentine's Day.
I'd be fretting, and stewing....about... now.
'The Load!! The Load!!' Find, some Awesomeness, and...Gnarliness.
'Soulfulness'. <3 
The Anamosa Show, coming on the 19th, Never...let me down.
<3 <3 <3 
I could always, always....fill out The Load, with what I gathered there.
Bought this Amazing....
Crazy Quilt, at The Anamosa Show, for Heart of Country.
It has Hot Pinks, and Apple Greens, perfect....for a Spring Show.
It almost make ya dizzy, looking at the Hundreds of Tiny...little pieces.
It's pretty worn, I thought...and, probably....most, would dismiss  it, but....I didn't care.
: )
It was Stunning, and...'Spring'.
I was going to hang it as a backdrop, and couldn't care less...if it sold.
Friend, Connie Bennet, had it at Anamosa, for 35.00.
It wasn't until....I was getting ready to load it, for 'Heart', I opened it up, to show Pal, Val...
it's Beauty, 
when, I saw....
The Crazy Quilt, 
was signed.
It was from Derby, Iowa.
My Dad's....Hometown.
{Dad's 'Mayberry'}
I...about fell over.
I knew 'Derby', only....through my Dad's....Wonderful Stories.
Needless to say, it's Family....and will Stay.
<3 <3 <3
Thank Goodness, Val... stopped by.
I'd examined that Beautiful, old...old, quilt a Dozen Times, before I showed it to Val.
I'd never seen 'Derby, Iowa'...until I was pointing things out, to her....that I had...seen.
Tiny...little Flag, a tea cup....Names, and Dates.
Then, just....before it was to go on the Truck, I saw 'Derby, Iowa'. 
: )
I'm making some changes to the 'Show Loads'...this year.
Seems, like the world...has flipped Upside Down, in so...many ways.
{my Humpty still, trying to put all of the pieces back. <3 }
I'm going to give the attention that I've given, to....'Shows', to...
'The Rabbit Hole'.
It's...been so....patiently waiting.
I'll still bring Soulfulness, and the Shows.
; )
but, I'll be 'Building' the 'houses'...within The Rabbit Hole...
on my own 'Time Clock'. 
; )
Stay Tuned.
<3 Ya!!
Barb C.

<3 <3 <3

{Met with a couple of 'State Representatives'...this afternoon, at Fairfax, City Hall, as I was Running.
I thought it was a 'Meet and Greet'. That, wasn't what it was.
We had a quick chat, {they asked me to stay} after the meeting, so I could get their information, on where I could send them documents.
For the last four years.....I've spoken with them all.
I'm done.
From the Governor...down.
I'll refresh their memories.
All of Them, with a letter, that Spells Everything Out...
One, More Time.
{In Writing...with Every Name, I've Shared This All With, 'Together'. }
Walking to the most dangerous stretch of Highway 151, is all...on Their Heads.
{Another Multi Car....accident, this evening, just a mile up 151. It's Daily. }
Millions of Dollars, being wasted.
No Common Sense.
No...Safety Study.
: ( : ( : (
That's All....on Them, too.
They can't say....they weren't aware.
Sadly, the Mad Hatter, came out... : (
I gotta get away, from This.
I, told them, that.
This...has consumed my life, for too long.
I'm putting it All, in Their Hands.
Those....who were Voted In, to Take Care of Us.
Let's see...what they do with it. ; )}

At the End...of the day, or....early morning.
I, Ain't No Quitter.
; )
John, wasn't.
He, was Pretty Tuff.
; )
<3 <3 <3
<3 <3 <3
John, never tipped a glass.
He smoked Lucky Strikes, No Filters.
He, also...Called a Spade, a Spade.
He'd Show Ya....The Way Home,
when folks...
got 'off track'

are not, in our
way of thinkin'.

<3 <3 <3