Monday, March 30, 2020

Sunday, March 29, 2020

Oh Boy!!

I've got some Big News!
Very Soon...
I'll be doing LIVE ONLINE SALES!!
Through Facebook!
{my Simply Iowa page, on FB}
; )
It's gonna be a different format, than I'm used to, but....I've been thinking about doing this, for the last 2 years.'s something, I'm gonna have to quit Thinkin' About...and, Do.
: )
Bill, and Mark...will be coming on board, when it's Safe, to have them in the same room.
It'll be a little Rocky, at first, being by myself, but...
I'm Confident, it'll be Good, and...Fun!
: )
There's Some Gnarly...
down the rabbit hole, it'll be Honored, to Meet Ya!!
I'll also being doing Virtual Tours, of the rabbit hole, when I get things pulled together.
They will be YouTube Videos, that I'll be sharing with my Blogger Pals, as well!!!!
Stay Tuned!!!
So...Get Ready!!
: )
The Rabbit Hole, is Comin' to You.
; ) Ya.
Stay Well.
Stay Strong.
Keep those who are suffering, in your Prayers.
There...are many.
God, Bless...
Barb C. 

Love this quote.
Eleanor Roosevelt, was an Amazing Person.
No matter what 'Life'...throws at us, we Must...keep Moving Forward, and...
<3 <3 <3 

Saturday, March 28, 2020

My Old Friend~Tim McGraw Lyrics

Dustin' off....Memories.

I've spent a little time today...
dustin' off...
I was just cleanin'...didn't plan...on visiting, so Many...
'Old Friends'.
What a Gift, 'Cleaning'...can be. : )
{who knew???: ) }
Finally, can See...The Top, of The Old....Harvest Table.
{Only me, Harold, and...Ed, could Love.}
This...Old, Old....Table, has a Long Story, that I've written about numerous times.
<3 <3 <3 
John, worked His Magic, wound our Dining Table.
This...'Love of Old' Such a Gift.
: )
As I Clean...
I'm Surrounded by Old Friends.
: )
{Ya can't Get That, from Target, Walmart...or...Pottery Barn. : ( }
FINALLY...found the Lamp Hook, my dear Pal, Mark...gave me, so long ago.
: )
I've looked for it, High and Low.
Today...I found it, tucked inside the little cupboard, John's Tobacco Memorabilia is displayed.
: )

It's so Beautiful.
The Detail, in 'Old', is...amazing. : )
Picked up this wonderful...old, Box....a while back.
{It's been sitting on The Harvest Table, along with Much 'Other'...
{paperwork} for a long time.: ( }
Pal, Kevin...showed it to me, and...I had to have it.
: )
The secret...'ring box', in the top...
sold me.
: )
: )
It holds my
Helping me dust, today.
: )
{After, she Shredded...her last...Toy. : ( }
oh my.
: )
These times...are difficult, but....
there are Many Blessings, too.
Stay Well.
Listen to the Experts.
Pray, for All...who are Suffering, today.
There are many.
Love, to You.
Barb C.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Lookin' Out My Back Door (Official Video)

Do...Doo...Doo... Lookin' Out my Backdoor.

It was Such a Beautiful Evening,
Peanut,, sat outside...
Lookin' out the back door.
As the view is, these days, The Birds, have Never been Happier!
They are Singing like I've never heard them, before. ❤️❤️❤️
What a Beautiful 'Gift'. 
Tomorrow, is going to be a Busy, Busy....Day. 
Getting Loads of Work done, around here.
As I sat, listening to the Birds, I thought of the CCR tune, 'Lookin' Out my Backdoor'.
With the Horrible Carnage, {Unnecessary Carnage} and the Crazy Statuary, the Gnarly Equipment...Strewn, about...
I, thought to myself... Truly, like Fallin' Down a Rabbit Hole. 😉
Oh my. 
I reposted a quote, from a couple of years ago on FB, today. 
It puts it all into perspective. 
" A strong woman knows she has strength enough for the 'Journey', but a woman of strength knows it is in the 'Journey' where she will become strong."
{ Men, too. }
I, personally believe...
We are all here, at this Time, and Learn, and Grow. 
Make a difference, our own special ways...God has Suited us for. 
One a Time. 
One, a Time.
'For Everything, there is a Season'.
Like the Song goes...
'Bother me, tomorrow... Today, I'll buy no sorrow.' 
Love, to You.
Stay Well. 
Barb C.
{As I was sittin' by the back door, lookin' over this...Carnage, I myself, 'CCR, had to Smoke Weed, to Envision...what I'm...lookin' at, Sober!'....Hahahaha!! {Thanks, Fairfax, and IDOT. }

Wednesday, March 25, 2020

Martina McBride - Blessed


Tuesday, March 24, 2020

What a Day!!!
oh my.
Fairfax, City Council, had a 'Special Meeting', over the phone...tonight.
I, got in...somehow, many...didn't.
{and...Boy, are They...'not happy'. {Eeeek. : ) }
I've Pushed, for nearly 18 Months, for a Live Feed, at these 'meetings'.
"No, No...No." said the Mayor, and Council.
They voted on a 4 Million Dollar Water Tower, tonight...
that...should've been benched, when there couldn't be a real..'public'...meeting.
{I, requested that they postpone, this afternoon. They didn't. }
It Passed.
: (
oh my.
That 4 Million Dollars, might be needed elsewhere, very soon.
The Mayor, and Council...seemed to worry more, and...spent more time considering...
about How to address those who can't pay their water bills, this month.
How to handle...shutting them Off.
: (
{yeah...I, don't expect you to believe me...
That's Why, I've Begged, at Many, Many...Open Council Meetings, 
for a 'Live Feed', 
so You All...can See, and Decide, for yourselves. ; ) }

I, wonder...sometimes, I even care, seems, nobody else does.
Guess..the answer is, 
the answer...
that...always..seems to Slap me in The Face...
 'The Right Do.'
Indeed, it is.
It's watch, as it unfolds.
: (
: (
We attention.
Keep Ourselves, Informed. The Experts.
Not...Politicians, or Anyone, 
who 'profits', from a 'Critical Condition'.
We must...
Use...The Common Sense, God Blessed Us With.
Yeah, now...I'm talkin' about COVID 19, or...
as one of the Council members referred to it,, the
'Jung Flu'. 
: ( : ( : (
'oh my'. 
: )
I, Struggle with 'respect', 
as I sit...
and listen, during the Fairfax, Iowa, City Council Meetings.
: (
oh my.
The bottom line.
It's 'All', in God's Hands.
: )
He'll Suit Us Up...with Armor, to Fight These Battles, if...we Trust, in Him.
: )

Hope, too.
Battles aren't easily Won.
if we have 
We'll Never...
Fight Them,
<3 <3 <3 
Love...To You.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.

{Let's All..Be, the little girl, dancin' the video,
 'Little Girl Dancing at The Church Choir'
I, posted it, but...sadly, youtube didn't want me to. So, check it out, there... ; )}
<3 <3 <3

Monday, March 23, 2020

Macy Gray - Beauty In The World

Pretty March.

Peanut, and me....took a stroll, this morning, down the rabbit hole.
It snowed yesterday...things look so Clean.
: )
I've been stayin' home...and hoping others will, too.
It's an Interesting Time, oh my.
Things are gonna be tuff, for a while.
We'll Get Through.
; )
'Resting Places'.
When I looked through my 'Streams in the Desert', this morning...
seems, my mind...wouldn't be quiet.
I, felt so restless.
I read several pages, then...finally, landed on this.
; )
"God provides resting places as well as working places.
So, rest and be thankful when He brings you, tired and weary, to streams along the way."
<3 <3 <3 

I peeked in the door, of the rabbit hole.
So Many...Boxes, and Totes, to get through.
Three partial Estates came in, over the Winter.
We have 3 Estate Sales, on the Books, for when Folks can get out...again.
For now, I'm gonna keep pluggin' away, Home.
: )
Plenty...To Do!!!
Oh My!!!
They are putting up a Huge Building, across the Highway, seems this virus hasn't kept them from Hustlin' and Bustlin'!!
The IDOT, hasn't slowed front of our Home...either.
They keep diggin' and poundin'. 
: (

Sent an e-mail off to Cathy Cutler, {IDOT} this morning...
she'd said, a Bunch...during a Press Release, on the 6th., that...wasn't true.
: (
It'll be interesting to hear back, where she gathered her information from.
: (
oh my.

Had to post this, again.
: )
Hope...You can find some Beauty, in this Day.
; )
We can't fret, and worry...about Tomorrow.
after all...
Tomorrow, is promised to no one.

It was wonderful to hear the birds singing so Happily, this morning.
with the new blanket of snow, they were 
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to You.
Barb C.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Kenny Rogers And Dottie West- Anyone Who Is'nt Me Tonight.

'If You Think...I'm Braggin', You're Right!!!'

: ) : ) : ) 
I was saddened to hear of Kenny Rogers Passing, this morning.
: (
Love His Music.
: )
I've played many of his Tunes, here...over the years.
'The Gambler', is One...that Never Seems to Quit Having Meaning, in my Life.
; )
'The One'...
That Truly...
Brought a Smile, to my face...and, had me Dancin'...
through the House, this morning...was...
'Anyone Who Isn't Me...Tonight'.
{posted above. : ) }
<3 <3 <3 
{Peanut...thought I'd Lost...My Mind!! ; ) }
It's been a Long Time, since I've heard it.
It was popular, when John, and I....started out.
; )
It...wasn't 'Our Song'...but, It Could've Been!!!
; ) ; ) ; ) 
If...John were Here...
 We Both...would've had Big Grins, on our Faces, listening to it....
this Morning. 
; )
; )
Kenny Rogers, and Dottie West, were Amazing....Artists.
<3 <3 <3 
We are so Blessed, to have had their Beautiful...'Gift', of 'Song'.
<3 <3 <3 
John, and The Mad Hatter....
<3 <3 <3
1983 ; ) <3 
{I, always...felt like I was The Luckiest Girl Alive, with my side. <3 }

I stepped out of Seclusion, today....
as, Scout...needed his Toes Trimmed.
Baby Kitty, and Peanut, needed some Chow, and..Scout, needed a Salt Block. : )
Farrier, Rick Elson, and Scout a Roo, a few years ago, when the Grass was a little Greener, and....the Ground, was a lot...Dryer.: )
It was Muddy,
but, Never The Less....
Scout, got His Pedicure.
<3 <3 <3
; )
Rick, is Truly...'The Horse Whisperer'.
<3 Bless His Heart. <3 
Very Careful.
Very Sanitized...
At Every Stop, I Thanked, EVERYONE...{from a Distance} for Being Here, for Us.
Keeping Shelves Stocked, and...Helping Us, Get Through.
<3 <3 <3 
It Takes a Village.
<3 <3 <3 

We're Going to Get Through This.
: )
One Day, one...moment, at a Time.
: )

FB Friend, Jodi...posted this, today.
Had to with You.

We Must... Stay Positive.
Listen to The 'Experts'.
Help...Others, when we can.
Be Grateful...for All We Have.
be, So Very Thankful, for God's Blessings.
Oh My.
<3 <3 <3 All, in God's Hands.
<3 <3 <3 
I, Pray...that we'll...simply, Him.
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to You.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Greensleeves for solo violin


In 1825, a Young Man, Vincent Morgan Townsend, 
wrote his 'work' a simple...Book.
I'm Blessed, to have..his, Book.
There's Nothing...'simple'...about it.
The Work, he did, was...absolutely...Amazing.

It worries, me...that nearly 200 years, later, We....
are Still, 'Guessing', and..'Searching'. 
oh my.
Love, to You.
Barb C.

George Jones and Tammy Wynette - We're Gonna Hold On

Jason Aldean - The Only Way I Know (Lyric Video)

Back to The Basics.

Hope Perkin' Along, 
during this Very...Interesting Time, of our Lives.
I have to say...from my Heart, of Hearts....
Things are Gonna Be OK.
: )
It's gonna be Tuff, but...we're used to that.
: )

Sometimes, I believe...we are placed in uncomfortable situations, to Learn, and Grow.
Went to the grocery store, on the way home from Wisconsin, on Monday.
Daughter, Liz...asked if I could get some Baby Formula, as there wasn't any...near her.
I called 'my' Johnson Ave, Hy Vee, as I was driving, and...they said there was some on the shelves.
I, was about an hour out, didn't ask them to pull any, as...there may be others, who were at the store, and able to get it, first.
{No, I didn't buy it All. I bought Two Containers.}
Visited with two Friends, while I was driving.
One...was Totally...Shook.
: )
She said... she couldn't understand why I'd even bother, shopping.
Everything...will be sold out.
: )
When I walked inside the store, what I saw...were some empty shelves.
: )
The shelves that held, macaroni and cheese, ramen noodles, pasta sauce, canned soup, boxed, quick meals....
yes, 'Those' shelves....were pretty empty.
As I walked on, to get to the Formula...I thought....
'Folks, in So Many....Other Countries, would think this 'Empty' Store, is like Heaven.'
There was Plenty of Meat, Milk, Eggs, Flour, Beans, Rice, Spices, Butter, Fresh, and Frozen Fruits, and Vegetables, Cheese, Juice...So MUCH, know how to Cook.
: )
{We Need Home Ec 'Living Skills', classes, our Schools.}
Thankfully, we have the internet, that can show people How to Cook.
Bread, is as simple as mixing Flour, Salt, Water, Yeast. {a little oil, if you have it. 
There were Plenty...of Baking Supplies, too.
Noodles, are as simple as mixing Eggs, Milk, Flour, and Salt.}
They were out of gallon jugs, of Bleach, but...I found plenty of Cleaners, that had Bleach, as their First ingredient.
Plenty of Soap, maybe...not the Brands, most people like, but...Good Soap, all the same.
: )

I, was very Blessed...growing up.
Mom, prepared Wonderful Meals, on a Dime.
She made so Much, from so....Little.
Guess, that's why...I never knew, we didn't have much 'money'.
: )
We Always had eat.
: )
Here's what we didn't have.

Boxed Meals.
Canned Drinks/Soda.
Store Bought, Restaurant, or Prepared Food, or Meals.
Dry, Boxed Cereal.
{Dad, Loved 'Wheaties', so...she'd buy that for him, now and then, when it was on sale. : ) }
She'd usually fix Real Oatmeal...{not the instant, in little packages}
Most of the time, for Breakfast, we'd have
Rice, with Cinnamon, Sugar, and Milk.
Ham, and Eggs.
{Cinnamon Toast}
Toast, with Butter, Cinnamon, and Sugar.
Whole Milk.
{Mom said, if she wanted Skim Milk, she'd dilute the Whole Milk, down. : )
 That...Never, Happened. : ) }

Most Everything....we had, growing up...was Real, Non Processed Food.
Those...were the Food Items, that were most Hy Vee, on Monday.
John, grew up...much the same, as me.
We, pretty much...cook that way, too.
I've been very concerned about this virus, for many weeks.
Almost, cancelled a meeting, with a Client, several weeks ago....because I knew she'd been Flying, with her work.
Told her, so.
When things were getting so ugly, many weeks ago, in other countries...I was nervous, about Planes, and Cruise Ships.
: (
'Petri Dishes'.
: ( 

I believe...Everything, is going to work out.
We have to use common sense, and...listen to The Experts.
There's No Place...for 'Panic'.
'Panic', is like Quicksand.
The more ya Twist, the Deeper, you'll sink.
Dad, always preferred to Farm with Mules.
"They are smarter than Horses", he always said. : )
Dad, used to mow ditches, and would only mow...with Mules.
I, asked him why, one he was telling stories, from back in the day.
He said...
"Many times, when you're mowing ditches, you'll hit Bee's Nests. 
Horses, will go Crazy. Out of Their Minds....
You can't hold 'em. The faster they go, the more...the Bee's Attack.
Mules, will stand completely Still, until the Bee's settle down, then...they'll step very slowly, until they're in safe territory."
We...need to be More, like Mules. : ) 
I, also...believe, we are going to come away from This, in a Positive Way.
We'll All...Learn, A Lot.
New Business's, will Sprout, New Ways....of Conducting Business, and...Living, will be Learned.
I've been working on some new ideas, for nearly two years.
Sure Wish...I'd had them in the Works, Now.
: )
unless, I'm in a corner, I usually Procrastinate.
: )
So, looks like I'll have a little free time, to get Rockin'. 
: )
I'm Praying...for All, who are Suffering, and Struggling.
Stay Positive, and....Stay Safe.
Remember, We Have Much...
Be Very, Very....Thankful, For. 
<3 <3 <3 
We'll Get Through This.
; )
Love, to Ya!!
Barb C.

{I'm very fortunate, to have this 'Love'...of 'Old'.
Everything, around me....reminds, 
What They, have 'Survived'. 
Many pieces, that rest....very near, to where I'm typing, now....
date, from the early 1800's, to the early 1900's.
They've all survived, a Civil War, Dysentery, World War 1, and World War 2, Tuberculosis, Smallpox, Measles, Chickenpox, Polio, Cholera, Whooping Cough, Scarlet Fever, Korea, Vietnam, Oklahoma City,  AIDS, 911, RSV, many, many...more, Deadly...Crisis's.
We, are Survivors, too. 
We're Here, for a Reason.
<3 <3 <3  }

Monday, March 16, 2020

Down To The River To Pray - Alison Krauss

May God Bless...the Car Bodies.

Crossed the Mighty Miss, and...The Mighty, Wisconsin, today.
: )

Me, and...Peanut, heard of a Very....Cool...Place, the Hills.
: )
The Ford, Ran Hard...for nearly Three Hours, gettin' us...There.
<3 <3 <3 
When I saw The Bodies...oh my. : )
{Car Bodies. ; ) }
'Junker's Heaven'.
<3 <3 <3 
'Home, Sweet Home' Me!!!
<3 <3 <3  
{It's heartbreaking, to, 
how many...'Car Bodies'...I've hauled, to make a few dollars.: ( stay alive. : (  we All, deserved Better.
John, referred to 'Places' this, as 'The Bone Yard'.  : ( }

Peanut, on the other hand....isn't quite, a 'Junk Yard Dog'...
: )

Places, like This....are Rare, anymore.
: (
I felt So Blessed, to Find...It!!!
The Scent...of, old...oil, and...'Cuttin' Torch'...Smoke.
<3 <3 <3 
To Find...Jesus...There.
Jesus, in Quad, well....That, was a Real...Sign. <3 <3 <3 
I listened to the president, as we
I'm takin' Everyone's...advise.
This, will be our last trip...until, things Clear Up.
Plenty to 'Do'...around Home. : )
It was a Good Run. 
Two 'Christs'...are coming Home.
<3 <3 <3 
{The Owner, wanted to keep...two, himself. : ) <3 }
They each weigh 1700 pounds, or so.
The Ford, Peanut...and, me...
will have to make Another Trip.
: )
<3 <3 <3 
Yesterday, was my Dad's....Birthday.
He would've been 107.
He was 50 years old, when I was born.
I, Miss Him...Every Day. 
Walking through this...Wonderful...
'Junk Yard', today...
was Such a Gift.
: )
Dad, was The King...of 'Scrap Iron'. <3 <3 <3 
I, have Always...felt Blessed, Proud, to be known as...
 'The Junk Man's Daughter'.
Marion Conner's Daughter.
<3 <3 <3 
<3 <3 <3 

Love, to You.
Barb C.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Mona Lisas & Mad Hatters - Elton John Lyrics [on screen]

Old...Chandeliers, and...Old, Horseshoes.

The Days have been Long, and Nights...Late,
 over the last several weeks.
{IDOT and City of Fairfax}
It's Good, to have a Friend.

<3 <3 <3 
It's walk outside, these days.
So Much....Unnecessary Carnage.
: ( : ( : ( 

Had a Sweet Gal, call...the other day, she was hunting Old...
: )
I, knew...I had some, but....where?
The last I saw them, was at The Anamosa Show.
I, was Sure...they were packed, in the Trailer.
I'd remembered selling a few, but...was sure, I had some.
Getting to them, would be another story.
It was so cold, loading out, and...that's the night Brandon's Truck blew it's engine...coming Home. a Blur, from That...Load Out. 

She also asked me if I was interested in an Old...Chandelier, she'd rescued.
: )
"Heck, Yeah!! : ) "
When she, and her Beautiful, Granddaughter....arrived, with the Chandelier, I told them, there wasn't much chance, of finding those old, Horseshoes.
: (
I was reaching in my pocket, to pay her for the Chandelier....and she said...
"Nope! I don't want Any Money! We'll Trade, for Horseshoes!"
: )
I, told her...she'd better take my dough, because...I had No Idea, when I could dig 'em out.
: )
She, wouldn't consider it.
So...we began scouring the Chaos, outside the rabbit hole.
Surely, there some Horseshoes, somewhere, I thought.
; (
Then, I said...
"Let's look in the Truck, and Trailer.{They, are Packed Tight.} but...who knows."
: )
Not in The Fuso.
: (
Then, opened the Trailer, the very end, the door, was a little, basket,
with the Old, Horse, and Mule Shoes....sittin' as Pretty as You Please. : )
I Could Not...Believe It!!
: )
There was an old...Cast Iron Bird, with them, that she liked, too.
: )
I said... "Horseshoes, and Bird, for the Chandelier???"
She Happily...Agreed. <3
As we walked around the rabbit hole, looking for the Horseshoes, I said, to her...
"Look at This. All of This. : ( 'This' me."
: (
I, burst into tears.
: (
"This...isn't overwhelming, to me. It's not something, I can't handle...
if...I were 'whole'.
What's Heartbreaking....It's a Reflection, of 'who'....I am. : (
The Rabbit Hole, has always...been a reflection, who...I am. 
: (
It Breaks My 'See' us Both, like This. : ( "
We, just stood there, 'coronavirus' Scare... and...all....and Held each Other.
: ( : ( : (
She kinda knows, what's been going on...for So Long, around here.
Bless Her Heart, for her Much...Needed, 'Shoulder'. 
<3 <3 <3 
May God..Bless, Her. : )
<3 <3 <3 

This Evening, I picked up an Old...Iowa, Dry Sink.
{Yes, I'm stayin' close to Home, when I do...go, I make sure to take every precaution.
Not going where there are Crowds, keepin' it Small, Quiet, and...Sanitized. : ) }
As I visited with the Folks, that had it, in their Home...
I, told them, I have a small Antique Shop, in Fairfax.
The Husband, said... "Not where that Old...Truck is?"
"The '49 Ford. : ) "
They Both...Smiled....and said, 
They'd been here, Many Times....when we have the Big Sales,
 and How Much They Love....All of the Little Buildings, and So, Enjoy...Coming.
<3 <3 <3 
<3 <3 <3 
Somehow, someway...I've got to Pull...myself, and...The Rabbit Hole, from the 
: ( : ( : ( 
We have two, estate sales...maybe, the next month.
I feel, we need to watch this coronavirus, for 30 days.
Put Events, on hold.
If...we take precautions, use some common sense, 
hopefully, this will be a 'ripple', and not, a 'Tsunami', 
like it's been for other Countries.
I Pray...for All, who are suffering, and...struggling, today.
There....are many.
Love, to You.
Barb C. 

Thursday, March 12, 2020



I wasn't going to post this....
but, I had The Most....Beautiful, Dream.... a couple of nights, back.
: )
I held my arms, like he was right here.
<3 <3 <3 
It...was amazing. : ) : ) : )
So Real.
Hearing John's voice...touching....his face, was... Priceless.
<3 <3 <3 

Then, I heard a tune, I hadn't decades, when I woke up.
<3 <3 <3 
'Loving Arms'.
 by Kristofferson, and Coolidge.
: )
I' it, above.
I, cried...and, cried...when I heard it.
Still, am. 
There are some dreams, ya sure hate to wake up...from.
<3 <3 <3 

Through the most difficult times, of our lives...together, we...
'Tightened Up',
 and...Stepped Closer, in Unison.
 : ) 
Guess, death...can't change....that.