Sunday, September 29, 2019

Thanks...So Much!!!

Thanks, so Much...
to All...
who attended The Stoney Point Road, Estate Sale.
The Beautiful Family Members, were so work with. <3
These are such difficult times, closing an Estate, many of us...understand.
Somehow, we Git'er Done, and...even, find ourselves laughing, through tears, at times.
The Sale, was a Success, we Sold The Walls.
The Carnival Glass, was a Huge Seller, and found it's way to many appreciative Hands.
That, meant The Family, I know.
We are starting on another, wonderful....Estate Sale, tomorrow.
It's near Fairfax, Iowa...
 I'll have images, in the next couple of days.
: )
It will be October 10-13!
Stay Tuned!!
Love, to Ya...
Barb C. 

Friday, September 6, 2019

Estate Tag Sale!!! 50% OFF OF EVERYTHING SUNDAY!!!! Still...Tons of GREAT STUFF!!! {Updated 9/29}

50% OFF TODAY!!!
{Numbers at 8:30 Opens at 9!!!}
Some Great TREASURES!!!
; )


3531 Stoney Point Rd. S.W.
Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
September 26-29
(Numbers at 8:30 on the 26th., and 29th. }
No Early Sales.
All Sales are Final
Sept. 26, and 27... Full Price.
Sept. 28, 25% off.
Sept. 29, 50% off!
Cash, and Cards are accepted forms of Payment.
Hope to See YOU!!!

We are working on Three Estate Tag Sales, that will be held over the next several weeks!
The First...
is Set for 
September 26, 27, 28 and 29!
All of these Estate Sales, are Beautiful...
and, very...very... Clean.
Lots of Loveliness!
: )
The first, has some Beautiful...Beautiful...
Carnival Glass... as they had collected, for many years.
Everything in this extremely nice.
I'll have images this evening!
Stay Tuned!!!
It's gonna be a Busy, Busy.... Month! 
: ) 
{All of these Sales, will be near Fairfax, Iowa. } Ya, 
Barb C.

Updated 9/25/19

There are several walkers, and a like New...Wheelchair.
Tools, and Tool Chests.
Lots of Lovely Name Brand...Clothing, and Shoes.
Lots of Bedding, and Linen. this Sale, is Clean....and in Very Good Condition.
{The next two Sales, are Nice. }
Below, is just a snippet.
I'll be adding more images, the first of the week.
Make attend.

Updated 9/9/19
Like New....
Amish Crafted Table, and 4 Chairs. {3 Leaves}
The images below...are of some of the items on the Lower Level.
There's...Much, Much...More.
I'll have more pictures, soon.
We are still...sorting, and unpacking. : )
Everything is Clean...really, : )
I was working on Linens, and...Bedroom items, today.
Not ready for pictures...yet.
: )

Love...that little Lamp. <3 
Queen of Hearts...decanter. <3 

Updated 9/6/19
Below are a few images, from a portion, of the Main Level, where I worked today.
There's a Full Lower Level, with Lots.
Bill...was working on that today.
There's a Garage, as well.
We'll be working there, on Monday.
More Images... Monday Evening!
Stay Tuned!

That...tiny little Rose Bowl, is my Favorite. <3 
Oh Dear!!!
It's a Sweetie! <3
Out of All of The Beautiful Glass, I've found only one small vase, with a chip.

Madam Alexander Dolls, and Barbi, have original boxes.
We just unpacked them, today.

These are tiny little watches, set into Darling....little Objects. : )
They, aren't 'Antique', but....are The Sweetest Little Things!!!
: )
Most, are 'Timex'. <3 : )
The little Apple, opens...and has a little watch, inside.
There's a Variety, as You'll See!

I find these 'little' time pieces, absolutely...Adorable!!!
<3 <3 <3

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Simply Iowa September 4 2019

Mark Wills - Don't Laugh At Me (Official Video)

The Morning Dew.

The morning is slippin' away, fast!
So...just a short post.
Have to get out the door, and work down the rabbit hole, for a couple of hours, then...
head over to the Estate Sale, that'll be at the end of September.
Went outside... this Beautiful...Morning, with my 'Morning Dew'... {Coffee. : ) }
Sat, and soaked the
 Watched the Busy Traffic, fly by. a hurry to get where they need to be.
I captured a video... I'll post, later.
: )
Felt a twinge of melancholy, as I looked off in the distance, now....
saw the Sun, glistening off of the heavy Dew, that's laden down the Corn's Tassels.
The Corn Field, used to be so much...closer.
Also, was sad....because I saw my breath, this morning.
Soon, leaves will be falling, and....before we know it, the snow, well. 
Went to 'Mediation', at the Courthouse...yesterday.
Sadly, it, kind of expected it to.
The city, won't all. I, tried. Even more, than I thought I could.
The Lawyer, we Great. Very kind, and caring. : )
Looks like we'll be going to Trial. 
That'll be in mid October.
I've Prayed...a Lot, about all of this.
The Lord, I...believe, wants me to forge ahead.
I, gotta tell ya, after the last 3 years, battling with the city, I'm pretty weary.
It's all, so senseless.... another Battle, over something, that never should be. 
: (
But, I...know, I'll find the strength, to carry on. 
So many times, over my life....I've Thanked God, for the unanswered Prayers.
He, Knows....what the future holds.
How...the puzzle pieces, together. 
I, have to Trust.
 Took the picture above...the other day, looking out the back door, of the rabbit hole.
There's on old, old...Pie Safe door, over the glass.
It reminded me, of something....I'd shared with our Lawyer, yesterday.
As I walked into the Courthouse, that was filled with so many...Folks, waiting, for their Cases to be heard, I was taken back.
The variety of Folks.
Every walk of life.
I've 'Known'...most every one of them,
over my life. 
From... the little Child, 
who was waiting with Family, as they argued...amongst themselves, 
soaking in the a sad, little sponge.... : (
 The Folks, who...were close to being Homeless, because...they'd lost everything, including,
 much... of their sanity. 
: ( : ( : ( 
Told our Lawyer, tho....I make little money, I'd never want to be a Judge, or...a Lawyer, a Deputy....or in Law Enforcement. : (
I've lived down the rabbit hole, for so long....
I'd forgotten, how 'The Real World', is.
Life, is all about The Journey, and....I, have seen Much, on mine.
I count my Blessings, that I've been the Rabbit Hole's loving arms, over the last, many...many...years. 
Hard work, long hours, lots...of struggles, and, chaos....
so, very...Blessed.
I, may old...Mad Hatter, but...I'm Thankful.
<3 <3 <3 
 Got to get Moving. 
Head down...that Rabbit Hole, Sanctuary, that...shelters me....from 'reality'
The 'real'...'World'. 
Love, to You.
Barb C.
{Praying for all...who Suffer, and Struggle, today. Hope, You...will, too. <3 
There are Many. }

Monday, September 2, 2019

Alison Krauss - You Will Be My Ain True Love

The Rabbit Hole...

Spent this Labor Day...
workin'...down the rabbit hole.
There were Many...many,
I'm too tired, this evening to share the stories.
Have to be Up...
Runnin', early.
Have to be at The Courthouse... over our...'Chickens'.
: )
{'Walking Trail'...Retaliation. : ( from Fairfax, Iowa...City Hall.}
I captured a few images...of The Rabbit Hole, this evening...before, I shut everything down.
I, am so very...Blessed.
Everything pictured...
has a Story,
<3 <3 <3 
are Beside me, always.
; ) You, and...All, who suffer, and struggle...
There...are Many...many. 
Please, keep Your Beautiful...Prayers.
<3 <3 <3 
Barb C.