Friday, August 31, 2018

Dancing In the Moonlight

Labor Day Weekend Sale...Runs Thru Monday, September Third!!! 8 a.m. 'til Dusk...Daily!!!

We had a Great...Day One!
We'll be Bringing More the Morning, Early!
: )
Come Dig!!!
Rain, or Shine!!!
Wear Your Grubbies...
and Bring a Truck!!!
101 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa.
Don't Miss It!!!
: )

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Labor Day Weekend Sale!!! August 31 thru September 3rd!

Just came inside, from unloading some MORE...Great Stuff!!! coming in, Tomorrow!!!!
We've been Working All Day, but...have a LONG Way to Go!!!
Oh My!!!
: )
Here are a few images. More....Tomorrow!
Hope to See Ya!
{101 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa.}

Sunday, August 26, 2018

John McCain Reads Hopeful Book Excerpt

Rabbit Hole prep for 2018 Labor Day Weekend y!

Workin' down the rabbit hole... preparing for the 2018 Labor Day Weeken...

Hey...Everybody!!! Workin' Down The Rabbit Hole, Preparing for The Labor Day Weekend Sale! Please watch The Videos Posted Above.

Hey Everybody!
Labor Day Weekend Sale is
Aug. 31 thru Sept 3!!!
8 a.m. 'til Dusk...Daily!
Rain or Shine!
Wear Your Grubbies...
and Bring a Truck!
Outside Images, will begin on Tuesday!
You can follow my Rabbit Hole Progress...
by watching the YouTube Videos, above.
: )
I've had some Dear Friends, stop by...the last few days, and want to shop.
: (
It's So Crazy Here....I can't let 
The Rabbit Hole, is Torn Apart.
: (
How...I'm gonna pull This Off...: ) I have No...Idea!
I Miss...Peg, and John!!! 
I'm sure...if I asked for HELP!!! Folks, would be here. <3
I'm...actually, really enjoying...
{in a Very Strange I'm Wearing Out, too easily...
 and Sweating...non Stop!}
 {I Climbed the Ladder, a few, To The Ceiling! I thought to myself....
'I Really Should, have one of those Buttons, so when I Hit The Ground....I can Call for Help!!!!'
hahahaha. }
: )
Yeah, or....a video camera....watching the Insane things...I do.
oh my.
We'd Rich!!!
: )
'Can't' not an Option. 
It takes me a lot longer, far, I'm gettin' it done. : )
I've thought...many times, today....
I should've started This Project, a Year ago. : ) 
I had All...of my Body, then. : )
my Mind, wasn't here. 
: (
It, still...isn't. But, I feel more focused.
Prayers, and rest...will do that. <3 
I'm gonna post a few pictures, I honestly....haven't had time.
Please, make stop by.
I'd see ya.

The Sale is Located, down the rabbit hole.
{101 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa. }

{I would also like to say, May God Bless, John McCain, his Family, and Friends.
 I the Left, most Folks, think.
The Fact is...I Jump, in The Collar, as an American. 
John McCain...was a Fine Man, who Sacrificed, and Served Our Country.
We Need More, Like Him. <3 <3 <3}

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

God Only Knows - BBC Music

Home from Gold Rush!!! LABOR DAY WEEKEND NEXT EVENT!!! much, to Everyone for stopping by The Simply Iowa Booth, at Gold Rush!
It was So Great...Seeing Everyone. <3
This, was my First Show, I could attend, since March.
Thank You, All...for The Hugs, and Continued Prayers.
I Thank God, Every Day...for The Kids, Family...and Friends, who have helped me, so...since the accident, in March.
Really, over the last... four years, when our World, turned upside down. 
God, only knows...What, I'd be....without Each...and Every One, of You.
I'd intended on writing a post...concerning the Trail, Fairfax is trying to get through, but...I have no time.
It's gonna take time. What...I have to say, yes...will take time. 
It all Hit me, last week, while I was getting things in order, with John's Attorney....
like a Ton of Bricks, what they are do.
I've been so Safety concerns, I didn't realize, what They, are Us. 
I, can't tell that story, in a hurry.
Stay Tuned. <3

I'm working on Two Upcoming Estate Sales.
THEY...are going to have to Wait...

Is Replacing The Fall Harvest Sale.
: ) : ) : ) 
AUGUST 31st., 
SEPTEMBER 1, 2...and 3!!!
8 a.m. til Dusk...
Tents....are Already Up!!!
The Lawn, and Buildings....
Will Be Brimming!!!
Coming IN!!!
Friends, and Neighbors, are Bringing Some Very Cool Stuff!!!
I'm So Excited!!!!
: ) : ) : ) 
Lots...of Surprises!!!
: ) : ) : ) 
: )
Don't...Blink. ; )

Down The Rabbit Hole.
: )
101 Williams Blvd. Fairfax, Iowa.

I...Hope, to See You. 
<3 <3 <3 

We'll be travelling through....
The Looking Glass, for This Sale.
; )
{LOTS...of 'Em!!! } ya, Barb C.

Many...Images, to come.
Make Attend.
As, Always...
Wear Your Grubbies, and Bring...a Truck!!!

{I've been saving room, for the Folks, who I've directed here, for The Fairfax IDOT Walking/Bike Trail.
They'll have to scroll down.
I need, to take care of Business, and Friends, for awhile. : ) <3
I'm posting a Tune, above...for My Friends, and Family...who've Helped me, So Much....above.
<3 <3 <3
A few, of the IDOT Folks, that, have been.... Amazing, because...They are Honorable. : ) <3
along with a Wonderful...Linn County Attorney, 'Lawyer Daggett'. ;)
I, don't forget... 'Overlook'... 'Honesty'. <3
Thank You.
<3 }

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Good Morning!!! We Are Loaded For GOLD RUSH!!! {Folks wanting to see Fairfax Trail info, keep scrolling down on this site. }

So Sorry, 
I've kept my blog tied up with Walking/Bike Trail stuff...
for so long.
It's been Priority One....for a long...time.
It will be, for a while, longer. 
Still Much, to get done...concerning that. 
I'd truly...appreciate, any Help...You can offer. : )
I'd wanted to write a Long Post, about something that crossed my mind, while visiting with someone...concerning John, and the city of Fairfax... the other day.
I don't have time, today.
I'll do it, when I get Home, from Gold Rush!

Rochester, MN.
Opens at 8, on Friday!
Runs through Sunday!!!
We are in Graham North...
under the 'Visitors' Banner!!!
: )
We have a WONDERFUL Load...of FRESH Merchandise!!!

I'm So....Looking Forward to Seeing Everyone!
I'm still...pretty gimpy, from the accident, but... Son in Law, Adam...will be helping me, and Daughter, Liz...will be joining us, Saturday!
<3 <3 <3 
I gathered a HUGE Amount...of Greatness, last weekend, at an Estate Sale, that had been collected over Four Decades!!!
Don't Miss Our Booth!!!
Smalls, will be coming out, throughout Friday.
Furniture will be out, early...Friday. : )
Here are a few things...I can think of, this morning...
that's On The Load.

Beautiful...Early, Straight Front Pine Cupboard.
Kitchen Work Cupboard.
Work Bench.
Pier Mirror.
Old...Wooden Wheelbarrow,
Child's Wooden Bobsled, 
Huge Gothic Lodge Chairs.
Empire Sofa.
Painted Step Back Cupboard.
Awesome, Painted Pie Safe, on Tall Legs.
Many Primitive Farmhouse Cupboards.
Many Hand Dovetailed Chests, and Wood Boxes.
Several Grinding Stones, some on Stands!
LOTS...of Sandbox Toy Trucks!
Ironstone, Transferware, Clocks, Quilts, Textiles, Worn Velvet Boxes, Empire Chest of Drawers, Chandeliers, Beautiful Iron Beds....and
Much MORE!!!
Can't See Everyone!!!
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

Thank You, All....for 'Keeping' me, in Your Continued Prayers.
<3 <3 <3
They, are Carrying me, through this Fairfax, Highway 151 Trail...Situation, and giving me Strength...,while healing....from the accident.
I'm doing things, that my Doctor's...thought I'd Never be able to do, this early....or ever.
; )
I'm still...pretty gimpy, but.... after what my body, has endured....I...guess, I should be Thankful, I'm alive. <3 <3 <3
I, can't Thank You, Enough. <3 <3 <3