Sunday, December 30, 2018

Garth Brooks The Dance

It's all...about The Journey.

It's time...
I get caught up, on my blog.
The Estate Sales, and work...
has taken my Simply Iowa page, tied up...
Writing, my therapy.
oh my.
I've sure missed it. 
Many know the Battles, I've been fighting..for so long.
The last two years, have consumed my life...fighting for our Land.
This is our second go round...we fought the IDOT, 20 years ago.
My heart sank, two years ago...when I found that the city of Fairfax, and the IDOT, were going to destroy us, for a trail, that no one...should ever walk on.
Fighting, all of those years ago...was Tuff.
but...I had John, to lean on.
This time, I was alone.
Not, I alone, after losing John....
well, I'm not half the person, I was....then.
Most days...I find it very difficult to get out of bed.
I work, Git 'er Done....but, then the rabbit hole.
Taking on this Insane, Battle...has nearly killed me.
I've been lied to, over and over, by the city, and...yes, I can prove that.
They had me so twisted, I'll always believe...they had hand, in pushing me down those stairs...
last March. 
I, am so very Blessed, tho.
Dear Friends, stepped Up, and have survive.
Prayers, have brought some Amazing Angels, into my life.
I, am Forever Grateful.
<3 <3 <3 
I haven't opened any Christmas Cards, nor...for the first time, since I moved out, on my own...when I was 15, there was no Christmas Tree.
Sitting here, next to where The Tree, should be...
I've wondered, over and over...why, it was Always...So Important, to have a Tree, at Christmas.
Looking back, at my childhood, I think...a Tree, at Christmas...meant, that Everything...was going to be o.k.
It meant... 'Stability'.
: )
It didn't matter, if there were gifts.
: )
None...of that, mattered. 
: )
This year, 'stability'...was nowhere to be found.
Everything, was Always...Always...
Spinning, and Up in The Air.
It's been very difficult, fighting...this Battle, alone.
When my Pal, Allyson, took me to Santa Fe, to visit, Pal, Jan....
I scooped up all of the paperwork, for The Battle.
Kept working on it, there. 
I, look back, on the notes I took...while talking to The IDOT, Congressmen, and Women.. The Governor's Office, Appraisers, Friends...Dear Friends, that are in The Legal Field...
oh my.
Had to keep reminding them all to 'Slow Down'.... : )
I was trying to write, with my left hand, smoke, and drink Lots of Coffee, as we visited!!!
They, I'm Sure...thought I was a Crazy Woman!!!
{Something, You...already, know. }
Then, my notes, got better. I was using my broken...right hand, to hold a Big Marker, to take notes.
oh my.
: )
While I was in Santa Fe, after being told Everyone, I Mean....Everyone, 
to get a Lawyer, and fight for the money...because, there was no way....I was ever going to stop that trail, or save...our Land, and... had been served Condemnation Papers...that had a Strict Time Table, for a Hearing, to Fight...
a Blast, from The Past...came up.
'Chuck Meardon'.
His, Dad...was 'Bull Dog', Bill Meardon, from Iowa City.
The Best Lawyer, when it comes to Fighting the IDOT.
Sadly, Bill...passed away, many years ago.
I, didn't know much, about of the Appraisers I visited with, while in Santa Fe, encouraged me to call him.
: )
About 30 seconds into our conversation...
I Knew, once again....I was Blessed.
; )
Chuck, isn't a 'Bull Dog', like his Beloved Dad.
He's a 'Pit Bull'. : )
{Actually, Chuck...informed me, he's a 'German Shepherd' Man, : ) Just Like Another Man, I Know...and Love. <3}
My Heart, was so Much Lighter, after visiting with Chuck.
Jan, was so Happy, I'd found Help Fight This...Mess!
Then, my hopes were dashed.
Chuck, wasn't concerned about saving our Land, or...stopping a Trail, as much as getting a Fair...settlement.
As most of you know, if you've followed this blog, 'Money'..should be first priority.
What's Right, is First...Priority.
Keeping people safe, saving...what John Much, for.
Money, is such a Worthless...thing.
I explained that, to Chuck.
Thankfully, a Man, of Integrity.
He, got it. ; )
However...I had no I was going to pay him, if we lost. didn't matter.
I, figured...I might lose Everything, but...I was willing to take that chance.
To say the stress level, has been pretty high.
I, couldn't live with myself...if I didn't take it All the Way.
Chuck...hahaha....told me I was the Biggest Pain in The Ass!!!
It's true, we all know it.
What was happening, was so Wrong, on Every Level...
There was No Way, I was letting go.
Well, there is no way of making this long story, short.
This is how it seems to have ended up.
We will be losing Land.
The IDOT Shaved off a Third, of their taking.
We won't be losing the Trees in front of our Home.
The IDOT, has taken The Trail Plans Out...of the road work.
Chuck put it in writing, that The IDOT will Not have a Part of any Trail Project, on, or under our Bridge, or next to any of our Land, along Highway 151. Nor, will they issue a permit, to anyone else for one.
The IDOT, is compensating us...fairly.
I could argue...that. 
There isn't enough 'Money'...on this Planet, to compensate us, for what's 'Priceless'.
I just wrote Chuck, a Thank You,  for Everything he's done.
Jumping on this...'Crazy Train', with me....took Grit.
He's Got It. 
; )
I, knew I had the Right Man, for The Job, when he leaned his chair....
Threw his Feet, crossed, on his Document Piled Desk....
and, I saw the soles of his shoes, had holes...worn through. 
; )
I knew another Man... who wore his Boots Out, then... taped 'em up...
with Duct Tape. <3
I, Believe...That Man, would Approve. <3 <3 <3
He, knows...I've done my Best. ; )
Chuck, Truly... Looked Out for me.
I, would've Chased This The Gates of Hell.
He, handled Everything, it needed to be.
No Regrets.
When I kept telling you, 'Prayers Matter'...
They Do.
There's So Much....More, to This....Story, that I can Only Explain...
because of God, and Prayer.
I want to Thank, a couple of Men, within The IDOT, who also...have Integrity. 
They, told the Truth. 
I, won't say their names, God...Knows. <3 <3 <3 
Thank You All... for Your Continued Prayers.
They Matter.
<3 <3 <3 
Love, to You.
Barb C. 

{I have mentioned this, many times on FB, I want to make it Clear, I will be heading to Des Moines, this New Year, and Fight, for Independent Safety Studies, concerning Any, and All Pedestrian, and Bike Trails, that are proposed along Highways in Iowa.
I'm not, anti Trail. I'm pro Safety.
We all...should be. : ) <3 }

Thanks... to Everyone Who Attended The Blue Grass Estate Sale!!!

I,'s been a long time, coming...
Thank You!
It was a Great Sale!
Great People,, and helping. <3
The '52 Chevy, sold....on Christmas Eve.
It, found the Most...Amazing, and Deserving Home.
<3 <3 <3 
Larry's Daughter, Kelly, and her Family, were wonderful.
Such, difficult times.
Jan, was also...Great. I, know how Tuff, this all...was for her, too.
Larry's Neighbors, Al, and Deb....were so Kind. 
Many, Blessings. 
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2018


Don't Miss It!!!
13033 82nd. Ave.
Blue Grass, Iowa

December 13, 14, 15 & 16!!!!
9 a.m. 'til 6 p.m.
{Numbers at 8:30, on the 13th, and 16th!!!
I'll disclose the address, on December 9th!}

Cash and Cards are accepted forms of Payment.
All Sales are Final.
No Early Sales.

This Sale, is Absolutely....
It's like Strolling Through a 'Country Living'
: )

Loads, of Early...Painted Furniture,
Graniteware, Vintage Quilts, Vintage Baskets, Early Iron,
Vintage Mail Box, {Large}
Vintage Beds, Dressers, and Upholstered Furniture!
Stoneware, Tools, Designer Men's Clothing, and Western Ware.
 Many...Vintage Signs, and Advertising Pieces.
Garden...Pieces, Vintage Birdhouses, and Much...Much...More,
along with Regular 'Household'!!!
There's a 52, 5 Window...Chevy Truck, that we'll be taking Sealed Bids, on.
It's Amazing. : ) 
The Opening Bid, is 15,000.
It Will...Sell.
: )
The Beautiful Home, is Also....For Sale!
I knew the Owner, for several years. 
He, was a Kind Man,, Truly...Missed.
His Dear Friend, and Mine....Jan, helped Larry Furnish, and Decorate his Home...
many years ago.
It's... Absolutely...Beautiful. 

Here are a few, images...there will be More.
We have to Hustle, to get this one ready, so I won't have much time for questions.
Please, Simply....make Plans, to Attend!
: )
{Blue Grass, Iowa is just South of the Walcott exit, off of I-80}

These are 'First Blush', images. 
There's Much More...I'm Sure!
There are Tools, and Tool Boxes, we haven't begun to go through Anything.
Stay Tuned!!!
Don't Miss It!!!
: )
Barb C.

The Table, in this image...may stay with the Family.