Monday, May 6, 2019

The Big...56.

Been kinda Losin' my Mind....
these last several days.
; )
What's New??
Today, is my Birthday.
Number 56.
How...did 'That'...Happen???
Wow!!! Those Years Fly!
Had a Friend, call me, this he's done, on this Day, since I was 17. 
: ) 
Over, nearly...40 years, he's never forgotten my Birthday. 
Bless His Heart!
: ) 
I, hit the road...this afternoon.
Found, the Highway. <3
That's the Best Birthday Present, of All, for me.
I found a Heart Bathtub, on line, yesterday.
I...simply, couldn't pass it up.
I'm hoping to make a Memorial, or...Reflecting Pool, in John's Memory....with it.
The Girl...who had it, was Sooo Sweet! : )
She wants to see Pictures, when It's Done.
: )

Visited some of my Old....Stomping Grounds, a couple of hours away, and found a Beautiful...1800's Cast Iron Urn, along with a couple of smaller, Vintage...Concrete Urns.

The Mighty.... Mississippi. <3 

It's so strange, most every radio station I, had Songs Playing....that had
 Something to do with a 
The Ford, and I...had a Wonderful, Wonderful...time.
Spent the weekend, working down the rabbit hole.
Dear Friends, popped in, and gathered up some Wonderful...Treasures. : )
It's been Crazy, over the last several days.
; )
Visited Liz, and her Family....along with the Most Wonderful...Old, Cupboards, she and Adam are using in their 1889 Home.
They've been working so Hard, on that Old Home.
They paid under 30,000 for it, and...are being very Thoughtful, as they put it back, the way it Should be. 
Love It.
Using all, Free Standing Antique Cupboards....that are Amazing, and...cost a Fraction, of what new, 'cheap' cabinets would cost.
<3 <3 <3 

 I started digging in the Sheds, the other day.
I, can't believe....what Cool Things, are there. : )
Things, I've totally....forgotten.
: (
Found the Old...Massive, Church Light...and, brought it to The Rabbit Hole.
It's Much...Happier, there. 

It's been difficult, this last...year.
I'm reminded, every, I broken, my body was.
It's Tuff, when I can't do things, Fast, as I could.....before the accident.
I read something, the other day....
that, totally re-set my mind.
"It doesn't matter, how are moving Forward.
It Matters, that you are Moving...
That's So True.
: )  
One Foot, in front of the other.
Moment, by...moment.
Inch, by....inch.
{I'm sure the Folks, who drive in front of our a Big Laugh, this Evening...
 as I struggled with that Heart Tub, and Urn....on the bed of The Ford, to get a Picture.
: )
{No...I didn't haul'em... two hours, on I-80, like that. : ) }
I, did it.
; ) 
I moved them All. 
; )
Fought With'em... a Little. 
: ) 
I, Won.
That's All...that matters.
That's All, any of us can do.
Keep Moving...Forward.
: ) Ya, 
Barb C. 
{ My Friend, who calls me, Every Year.... said, "I've wished you a 'Happy Birthday', all of these years, but...I have no old you are."
; )
I, told him... "You Never Will. : ) I'm 39. <3 That's the year...I quit having 'Birthdays'. "
; )
He said... with a Laugh!!!
"You, and Jack Benny!!!"
{That, should give him a Clue, because...We Both Know... 'Who' 
'Jack Benny' Is!!! Hahahahahaha!!! }

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