Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Headin' North! Gold Rush!!! Fairgrounds, Rochester, MN. May 10, 11 & 12!!!! Let's Get It On!!!

I, almost...
let this Show Go.
Last year, when Liz, and Adam...helped me out, by doing the show, for me...
after my Surgery, it was Ugly....for them.Broke, my Heart.
They worked so hard.
The Simply Iowa Booth, was Great!
but...sadly, they didn't sell well.
I, lost...a lot of money, just doing the show.
I visited with Kay, the
I'd thought about simply, paying for the booth, and leaving it empty.
I would've been money ahead, last year, had I done that, then.
Hearing Kay's voice... well, there was no way, I could let her down.
She, and Richard...are Such Wonderful Folks.
They've been So Good to Us, over the years. <3 
: ) 
So, I'm headed North.
: )
The 'Rabbit Hole' Headin' North.

Me, and The FUSO.
: )

I'll be on my own, this time. 
That's okay.
; )
We'll do the Best we can...with 'what we got'. <3 
I'm a Mess. My not working like it did, before the accident.'s workin'. ; )
just, a little slower. 
: )
I, just realized...when I got his plates...
 The FUSO, is 25 years old. 
Who Knew??? : )
He's still...Movin', and Haulin'... Darned Good.
Between the two of us....we can move....
: )
Let's Get It On.
; )
It'll be So Good, to 'Gold Rush' Friends. <3 <3 <3 
It's...kinda like a 'Family Reunion', at Gold Rush. <3 
We're All... Absolutely... Crazy. 
{Some, will admit it, others.... Never...will. <3 }
Kay, said the FULL.
No Spaces left, for anyone.
She's been turning Folks away.
It'll be a Full House. <3 
I've Always, Always... Loved, Gold Rush.
It's one of those Rare....'Shows', that you can both....
Buy, and Sell...very Well.
If the Kids, could've gotten out, and Bought, last May....
things, may have been different.
{When things are 'slow'...selling, at an Event, sometimes...
you can 'Buy' your way out of it. 
Buy things, you can Home, another Event. }
They were there, for One Reason.
To <3 
What a Blessing, They Were, and...Are. <3 
I'm gonna give 'May Gold Rush' more try.
: )
We'll see, how everything lands, then....I'll decide, if...maybe, it's Time, to simply....
Stay Down The Rabbit Hole. 
: )
These Events, are 'difficult', at Best.
They require Lots of Money, to...simply, 'Attend'.
: )
I, don't have lots of money, to burn. 
I, don't have lots of 'Body' work.
but, I am Blessed... and, have been, for over two decades, by some Wonderful...
Folks, in Rochester. 
Let's Go!!!
: )
Hope to See Ya'll There.
It's so much Shop.
It's one of the Best Events, in The Midwest. 
<3 <3 <3 
I'll be in Graham North, with Many...'Iowa Friends'.
It's Friday, through Sunday. 
Hope to see ya. <3 
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

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