Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Changing...of Seasons.

After picking up Sweetie's ashes, I stopped at Hoppy's in La Porte City, Iowa.
That's where our beloved...Vet, has his office.
Visited with Dave, and Shelly...for a bit, then...
headed for Home.
I missed my turn, and...was heading towards Palo.
I'd thought about going to see Kathy Zeller, she, and her Husband, Bill...
have a Wonderful Place, at their Home, in Palo, Iowa.
I've known Kathy, and Bill...for nearly 30 years.
Hadn't been to their place, for many....many...years.
With the 'Jungle', growing by leaps, and bounds, I'm in search of Garden arches, to hold the Wild Grapes, and Bittersweet...Up, and out of pathways.
I, knew...Kathy, might have a few.
: )
However...as I was driving, I'd talked myself out of going.
Just... wanted to get Home, and...retreat, with Sweetie.
Jethro, had other plans.
Couldn't believe I missed my turn. 
It was a Blessing, to see Kathy's Gardens.
: )
She works Tirelessly in them.
Just...the 'Peace'...I needed. 
Kathy rubbed her eyes, when she saw me standing at her Garden Gate. 
: )
Yes... it's been too long.
She, is Such...a Dear Soul.
<3 <3 <3 
As predicted....Kathy had a Huge Arch, that will work, in one spot.
I'll need to find a few more. 
Below, are a few images of Kathy's Garden.
Much...more Spectacular in person. 
Not sure...of her Hours.
I went on a Saturday, I'd guess...she'd be around through the Summer, on Saturdays.
Palo, is a small town, once you get there, ask most anyone...where The Zeller's live, they'll point ya there.
It's Beautiful.

I so...enjoyed strolling through Kathy, and Bill's... Beautiful Gardens.
They, are Lovely...Lovely....People.

Below... are a few images, I captured, while sorting...and packing, down the rabbit hole, on Sunday.
It was a busy afternoon. 
Had to get things cleared for a table that was leaving.
It was so..sultry.
Standing completely still, would bring sweat to your brow.
Turns out, a Tornado was sighted not far from us, that late afternoon.
That seems so rare, in August.
I was going through...tons of 'littles', from the Old...Victorian House, sale.
Takes me a long times, to go through the old...soulful. 
It's all...so beautiful.

I have a weakness for handmade...anything.
Love... vintage handwork.

This old, old...Sewing Box, has worn..velvet pin cushions on either side.
: )
It dates from the later 1800's.
: )

As I was making coffee this morning, stood in the kitchen...
and had a 'Wave'...of 'Fall', rush through me.
I'm not ready...for 'Fall'.
I, do...Love It, but....
not ready, to start thinking about Winter.
Not sure...exactly, what's happened to Spring, and Summer.
: (
This...year is slipping by, so fast.
: (
Daughter, Liz...and Miss. Scarlett, stopped by, on Sunday afternoon.
As Scarlett stood by the entrance to the rabbit hole, she looked like she'd grown four inches since I'd seen her last, just a few weeks ago.
Time Marches On.
Too Fast.
I'm heading to work...today.
Took the day off, yesterday.
 Needed to rest my spirit, a little.
Josey Wales, our Lawyer...
sent me an e-mail...about the Court mess, the city of Fairfax, is bringing against us, over our Chickens, we've had here...for over 30 years. 
{retaliation, for losing their suicide trail, along Highway 151. }
That'll be in early September.
This is Daughter, Liz... holding one of her Beloved, Barred Rock Hen's...Eggs.
Liz, was so Proud...of her Hens.
This, was in 1996, or 97.
Our Grandchildren, have also enjoyed the Chickens, and caring for them.
<3 <3 <3 
We've all, enjoyed the Fresh Eggs..those Beauties have provided.
I've again...went vegetarian...these Beautiful Eggs, are one of my major sources of Protein.
I've went back and forth, over the years....keeping meat, out of my diet.
I, just....can't eat it, anymore.
I, don't feel good....when I eat it, and... I, guess...I feel, if I can't bring myself to 'kill', anything...how, can I expect anyone to 'kill'...for me.
I, Love...Animals, so.
<3 <3 <3 
I don't want to have them... sacrifice, for me.
Well, have Much...to get done.
Better get hoppin'.
Love, to each and Everyone, today.
Please...remember to keep all, who suffer, in your Prayers.
Barb C. 

{Posted 'Get me through December', by Alison Krauss, above.
It seemed the perfect tune...for today.
When I felt that 'Wave'...of Fall, this morning....it took me right to December. 
Skipped right over....Fall. }

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