Sunday, August 25, 2019

Another...Fatal Accident, on Highway 151 in Fairfax. {updated}

I, don't have say.
I, Pray...
for All, concerned.
: (
My heart...breaks.
This is why, I've fought so hard...against the City, of Fairfax, as They...have fought so hard...
against me....
for a walking trail, next to this...
'Suicide Highway'.
There's a Major Accident, every other seems.
: (
A Man, lost his life...just steps, from our door....this morning.
His, fighting for her life.
A, young Girl...turned her their path.
: (
That was probably the last thing, she ever imagined...would happen, on such a
Beautiful Sunday Morning.
She'll have to deal...with this, for the rest...of her life.
: ( : ( : ( 
Highway...151, through Insane. 
Shame on Fairfax, City Hall.., and The IDOT.
: (
They...Know Better. 
: (
: (
: (
Heart Breaking.
: (
There are So Many...things, the city, and the IDOT, could be doing to
Slow This Traffic Down.
Lower the Speed Limit.
45-55, is Too Fast, through town.
Should be 30-35 mph through Fairfax, to Highway 30.
There are So Many...Drives, and Side Streets, off of this section of Federal Highway.
Much Turning Traffic.
We Need, more Turning Lanes, but Only...if the Speed Limit is Lowered.
Otherwise, they'll become 'Passing Lanes'. : (
Though, I don't like...speed cameras, they would be useful, here.
Have Large Signs, Warning Drivers Well in Advance.
Though...I Don't Like....
there are areas, on 151, that might be best suited, with them. SLOW People Down.
Would these things, have prevented this accident?
I, don't know.
Accidents, just....happen.
If the speed limit, was lower, and...enforced...maybe, the accidents, that happen...wouldn't be so severe.
If city hall, spent the time...they've used....fighting for a 'Suicide Trail', and....taking us to court, over our Poultry,
working with the IDOT, instead...trying to make this town safer, for All...who Travel Through,
things, could be much...different, here.
My Heart Breaks, for All Concerned.

{Daughter in law, Katie...came across this accident, early on.
Last night, she said how Proud she was, of our Fairfax Fire Department, and First Responders.
They, were Fast. <3
They, are The Best.
It, breaks my how Busy, they always are.
: ( }

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