Thursday, August 15, 2019

Headin' to Gold Rush! { Fairgrounds in Rochester MN.!}

Packing, and Gathering....this morning.
: )
oh my.
: )
We'll be in the Graham North Building, at The Fairgrounds, in Rochester!
Under The Visitors Banner, as...always. : )
Show runs Friday, thru Sunday!
Opens at 8 a.m. Daily! See Ya!

The last couple of days, have been, quite....insane.
Not, in a good way. 
: (
I spent several hours...yesterday with Scout, our Horse.
There's Nothing.... like a Horse's Gentle...Spirit, to calm a troubled mind.
They, always seem to know, when heart's are heavy, and your soul is searching.
: )
Scout... kept putting his head, over my shoulder, and... letting it rest there.
Hugging me, in his own...loving way. 
I, just...stood there, with him... for the longest time...loving on him.
Muzzle kisses, and rubbing his back.
: )
Feeling his mane...on my face, and smelling his wonderful....coat, was such a gift. 
: )
Should've been loading, but... I, simply...needed to spend time, with the Old...Boy, and...
So, this morning....I have a lot to get done, in not...a lot of time.
The load I'm taking...isn't what I usually bring.
It'll be a different 'Simply Iowa'. 
Well, I need to get movin'!
Hope to See You, at Gold Rush!!!
Love, to Ya!
Barb C. 

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