Thursday, August 1, 2019


I'm so sorry, to those who have left so many wonderful...Comments.
Somehow...Blogger, hasn't been forwarding them all to my e-mail.
: (
I, spend much time answering everyone, daily.
To those... I have not responded to, please know... I didn't see yours, until today. 
: (
Those, who are anonymous, I can't respond...except, to say "Thank You". 
: )
Several, of you...also follow me on FB,...feel free to comment there.
I hope you know, how very Much...I Appreciate Every One, of You.
Thank You, for Your Continued Prayers...
They Matter, as we all know. 
My direct e-mail is to the right, the 'Yahoo' account.
Sadly, spam, loads down the comment page, as well. 
I use this Blog,, that I've started writing my therapy.
I, also use it...for the events, and travels...concerning the rabbit hole.
It' life, in a nutshell.
I've tried to separate it all, doesn't work very well. 
: )
Someday, I'll write a book, {Several...most likely. : ) }
 about what goes this crazy vortex, 
I call my 'mind', that...I can't begin to write about... here.
Believe it, or...not, there's much....I don't say. : )
Things, can get pretty 'deep'...down the rabbit hole.
Once, again...
I, Thank You.
As always...
I send Love, to You.
Barb C. 

{I'll be posting about our the morning.
: )
So...many, 'Stories'.
I'll be writing a LOT, about...what I learned, after I post about all of the Days.
I can't begin to tell you, how very Much, I...personally learned, on this 'Journey'.
I'll try, after...I get every 'Day'...down. : ) }

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