Wednesday, July 31, 2019 St. Louis!

Allyson had the Hammer Down...
Headed to The Missouri Baking Company, on 'The Hill', in St. Louis, from Hannibal!
That little Girl....Loves her Sugar!!! : ) : ) : ) 
It was Crazy Busy, all through the Neighborhood!!!
Cars parked Everywhere!
The Traffic, was INSANE! 
I told Allyson, that Folks who live there, have to learn to be Courteous, and...Patient!!!

Allyson knew Exactly what she wanted!
had to try a couple Intriguing....
little Delicacies. 
: )
The Architecture...was Darling, throughout 'The Hill'.
Could've spent All Day, just taking Pictures! 

We Were Starved!
Went to 'Mama's' Italian Restaurant for Lunch!
It was Amazing!
I Really...wanted a Big Glass of Wine, with Lunch...
as, most everyone else was, enjoying Wine, with theirs, but....
I knew I wouldn't have much 'Spunk', if I started sippin' Vino, in the early afternoon. 
: )
Allyson asked me if I wanted anything from The Bakery, earlier.
I, said 'no', at first....
then, I said...
A 'Cannoli'!!!
John, and I.... LOVED watching The Sopranos.
I, remember John saying....on several occasions, 
"All these People do...Is Eat!!!"
{Why Not??? Italian Food Is Incredible!!! }
They LOVED 'Cannoli', on The Sopranos, and...I always wondered what they were like.
So, Allyson and I, shared a Cannoli, after Lunch!

Allyson, wasn't too crazy about it.
I, on the hand... : )
Loved It!
: )
Maybe, partially... because of  the fond memories...of watching The Sopranos, with John.
and, I kinda like 'Sugar'...too. ; ) 
We Totally Flew by The Seat of Our Britches, on this Excursion.
So...did a little checkin' around, about where to go, while in St. Louis.
: )
When I saw 'Jon ' Paul'
: )
Bling!!! Bling!!! Bling!!!
: )
We headed for Their Door!
Holy Smokes!!!

I've Never Seen So Many Awesome Chandeliers....
in One Place....
in my Life!!!!
Hundreds...and Hundreds of The Most Beautiful
Dating from The 1700's to Modern!!!

They let us go through their Storage, and Workshop!!!
Oh My GOSH!!!
It was AWESOME!!!
This Chandelier....dates from The 1700's!
Who Knew???
We got a quick lesson, on how to tell...
but, for myself, 
I think it would very difficult, at a glance, to tell....once they've been electrified.
The Proprietor, knows at a Glance. 
; )
That, comes with time, and experience...I suppose.
I was So Impressed, by his Knowledge!

With This!!!
I, knew right away, This...had come from some sort of a Theater!!!
It's Gnarly... and Massive!!!
: (
The Proprietor, is completely restoring it, for the New Owner.
{They do Tons, of Restoration. Amazing. }

Allyson, and I...spent several hours, at Jon 'Paul.
Everyone, was so Kind.
: ) 

What a Wonderful...
Allyson bought this Amazing Set, from the Art Deco Period.
Compote, with Two Side Lamps...
for a Sideboard, or... Buffet. 
: )
We'd Never...seen Anything, like them.
Absolutely Stunning!!!

Hand Carved....Stone.
When the lamps are lit...
They Glow!!!
I, purchased two, Vintage... Beveled Glass, Jewelry Caskets.
: )
We hurried along, and hit two Antique Malls, Very Fast!
They were Huge, and we had only Minutes!!!
They closed at 6, so no time for Pictures!!!
I'd love to go back...
there were Several...Great Things, there,
 but would've needed The Ford, to get 'em Home!!
Allyson picked up a Huge Bottle of Sangria..for us to Enjoy, at the Hotel.
: )
We got checked in, then... sat back, and sipped Sangria, from the little plastic cups, in our room.
: )
It was an Amazing... Saturday, in St. Louis. 
Great Food...
Lot's of Bling!!!
Good Times.
<3 <3 <3 

Busy day,
I'll write about our Beautiful Sunday, either tonight, or...tomorrow.
: )
Hope, you have a Lovely Day, filled with Blessings.
Please, remember to keep all who suffer, in your Prayers.
There...are many. 
Love, to Ya....
Barb C. 

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