Thursday, July 25, 2019

Movin' on.

This image, of Daughter, Liz...and Daughter in Law, Katie...
driving Sally, is the Best Image, to visualize...when thinking about how Life, should be.
<3 <3 <3
At least, the way...I see it.
<3 <3 <3 

Life...has been pretty stressful, for some time.
For many, it seems.
I'm Blessed, to have some very Dear Friends, who Love me.
: )
{and...Family. <3 }
Pal, Allyson....invited me to Bug Out, for a few days.
She's invited me to go...with her, on several excursions, over the years.
She's a Psychiatrist, and...I swear, Allyson takes me along, as a 'Study Subject', and's gonna be writing a Book, someday. 
: )
Allyson, is a 'Planner'.
She has Everything Mapped Out, almost, down to the minute, when we travel.
: )
She's So...Good, about researching our Trips, and finding the Great Places, to visit. 
: )
I'm... the exact opposite.
I, the Seat of my Pants.
: ) 
I've spoken with Allyson, over the last couple of weeks, about our 'Trip', and suggested, on this little 'Get Away', we let the 'Journey' Lead us.
It's difficult for her to do. 
: ) 
but, I think...I've gotten her to agree.
No Plans.
Get in the Car...
Flip a Coin....
and, Drive.
So, I have no idea... where we'll wind up.
The a pretty good therapist, all by itself.
Back roads, are best.
The Kids, are going to stay here, and hold down The Fort.
The rabbit hole, will be closed, this weekend.
I wrote to a Friend, the other night...that I can't find myself anymore.
: (
The truth, is... I haven't been 'myself', for a long, long... time.
I, know...this jaunt, won't be the cure...for that, but...I,'s a beginning.
I've done some deep thinking, lately.
Trying, to take better care of myself.
I, know...I can't stay on this road, I've got to get off.
The Lord, has sent some Wonderful, and...Beautiful...Folks.
Angels, really.
Don't know...what I would've done, over my entire life...without them.
I'm finding my feet, soul. 
I have to.
: )
I've been at many crossroads, over my lifetime.
Some of them...are difficult to see.
Wondered, at several of them...should I keep going, on the same road, or... make a turn.
This one, isn't....difficult. 
I, know... this road, isn't the right one.
It's...very obvious. 
The jaws of grief, grip very hard.
I, know...John, and the rest of my lost Loved Ones....
would hate, to see me continue, on this road.
My Family, and Friends, hate it too. 
This, road....isn't fair, to them...either. 
They worry, about : (
I, hate...that. : (
So, I'm movin' on. 
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

{Please, keep all who suffer, in your Prayers. There are Many. }

{I was just thinking....about my Dad.
He, was such an Amazing...Man.
He, 'Lived', his life. Every Moment.
Never had much money, but...that, didn't matter.
He...squeezed, every bit of 'Living', out of his Life... that he could.
: )
He taught himself, how to Fly, when he bought a little Aeronca Champ, Plane...back in the 1940's.
{Probably traded some Cows, and an old Tractor...for it. : ) }
I, often...think of how Life, can be so flying.
Smooth sailing, turbulence....strong head winds, rough landings, and...take offs.
Mostly, during the last many years, I think of taking a spin...headed for the ground.
I can, often hear my Dad's voice...
"Keep that nose up... pull that stick back...get that nose up. ; ) "
 and, somehow...I have.
Many Angels, have helped me pull that stick back, especially....
when I was so, very...very....weary.
May God...Bless Them. : )
I'm sure..there will be times, the engine will start to sputter, and...I'll have to work very hard, to
 'pull that nose up'.
That', isn't it.
Can't stay on the ground, forever.
Not, if you want to 'Live'. }

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