Saturday, July 27, 2019

We Headed South.

Been on the road, for two days.
We've met some Wonderful...Folks!
Allyson, and I, LOVE THE SOUTH!!!
I've spent the last hour, sorting through images.
I'll be posting in the morning, before we find our way back North. 
Then, I'll post, again, tomorrow Evening, if it's not too late.
: )
This has been a very enlightening Journey. 
I've been so Inspired, by visiting with some very, very... interesting Folks.
It'll take me several posts, to share, all I've learned.
I, incorporate some of their the rabbit hole.
It's so visit others.
When you're around Creative Spirits, your own Gears...get spinnin'.
Love, to Ya!
Barb C.

{Please, keep all who Suffer, in your Prayers. <3 There, are...Many. }

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