Sunday, July 21, 2019


It was a HOT, and Busy...Saturday.
When I found my way to the House...
I, collapsed.
: )
Had an Old Friend...stop by in the morning, with an Awesome, Old...Chandelier, and other lighting, from an Old House, in Galesburg, Il. 
: )
It was So Good Seeing Him!
He's an Auctioneer. : )
{A Very...Good One! }
 So Funny, and such a Kind...Spirit!
It was Great...Catching Up!
Hadn't seen him, in Years!!!

Then, to my Surprise....a little Sweetheart, from Minnesota, popped in.
: )
We dug around in the rabbit hole, and Sweat!!!
Oh My!
 Then... my Pal, called....who's Cleaning out The Old Victorian.
More Stuff, to go through.
oh my.
It was so Hot...digging, and sorting.
It began to Pour Down, Rain!
Oh My!!!
We got Soaked, to The Skin!
Probably a Good Thing!
: )
We were Already Soaked in Sweat!!!
Today, is Much....Cooler. 
: )
I'm headin' down the rabbit hole, Friends are picking up a Cupboard, and...after diggin' in the rabbit hole, yesterday...
I Have Mountains to Deal...With!
More, to get unloaded, and out.
Another...Crazy Day.
: )
At won't be in an oven!!!
I have to Run, time...has slipped by, this morning.
Hope, You...have a Beautiful Day, Filled with Peace, and Blessings.
Please...Pray, for All who suffer.
Love, to ya...
Barb C.

{Update, on Zac, the young Man..who was injured last week.
He's responsive....with two broken arms, one, that required surgery.
He had a brain bleed, and was on a breathing tube. The breathing tube, was removed, a few days ago...and he's perking along. 
<3 <3 <3 
The Kids, are going to see Zac, today.
: )
Thank You, for your Continued Prayers.
<3 <3 <3  }

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