Sunday, July 28, 2019

Friday's... Journey along 'The River'.

Writing this morning about our First Day...
on the road.
: )
When Allyson picked me up Friday morning, we had No Plans, no...idea, which direction we'd be headed.
I flipped a Quarter, said... "Heads South, Tails...North!"
It was Tails!!!
We looked at each other, and said...
 "Yeah...Not Happenin'!!! : ) : ) : ) "
Fate, lost out. ; )
We Headed South!
: ) : ) : )
Allyson, and I...absolutely Love....The South!
{North, is Great, Too... <3 but, I gotta tell ya, There's Just Somethin' about The South!}
I, Love...'River Towns'. 
There's 'Something'...about them, too. <3 
The River, The Mighty Mississippi, has been calling, for some time. 
We decided to hit the River Towns, through Southern St. Louis. 
: )
We had a quick bite to eat, in Mediapolis, Coconuts Cabana.
I'd stumbled across it, several weeks ago, and...was so impressed, wanted Allyson to check it out!
We had a Lovely Lunch. 
Mediapolis, is Such a Darling Town!!!
We spoke with several Locals, who told us about a Gentleman, in Town...that cares for most All of them. <3
They, are very Proud...of Their Town.
It...Shows!!! <3 

We stopped in Burlington, and checked out the Cool, Historic...Architecture, and a Bar, that opened about a year ago, called 'The Valley Monster Pub'.
It Was So Cool!
Thought of Grandson, Justin!
So many cool mounts, and River related things.
Fishin', and Huntin'...'Stuff', and...even a Big, Old...Swamp Monster, in the window!!! 

The Valley Monster Pub, is Awesome!
They were gearing up for the 'Ragbrai' Folks, the entire Town... was starting to Buzz....with Cyclists, so...made Tracks... before it got too Crazy!!!

As we were headed on down The River, we came to Fort Madison.
It's an...Old, Old... Town. 
We went by, an AMAZING...Old, Victorian. 
Had, Allyson turn around. take a closer look. : )
We pulled in the drive, not knowing if it was a Home, or...a Business.
Turns out, it...was kind of both. : )
A nice Man...came walking up to us... and said he working on restoring this Gem, as he has, several others...over the years.
He even had some Cool Things, for Sale!!!
: )
We went inside, and was totally taken in, by that Wonderful...Old...Old...Home.
I, could've moved right in. 
As Found. 
: )
It sits on 10 Acres, Absolutely...Beautiful.
It's gonna need some roof work, and...a little, here...and there.
but, Oh My.'s Original 'Bones'. <3 

The nice Man, was Steve, and was so let us shop...and, give us a Tour, of the beautiful Property.
: )
So Much...History! : )
Where the Awesome Sitting Area, is...used to sit a Huge, Brick...Chicken House!
There was a Darling, Brick well, it's pictured, in the first image, to the right of the House!
So Cool!!!
The House was built in the 1840's, or so...then...The Victorian portion, on the front, about 50 years later!!!
It's... all local Brick.
Stunning, Home. <3 
We found some Fun...Treasures!!
and, had a Wonderful Visit!!

Headed to Keokuk... and visited with Loretta, at The Heritage Antique Mall!!!
It's been over 5 years.
: (
It was So Great to See Her, Again!!!
The Mall, is even Better, than I remembered!!!
Allyson and I, found some Darling....little Treasures.
: )
Everything from Victorian Coffin Handles, to a Gypsy Instrument!
: )

We stopped at a little Flea Market, that was just getting ready to close, so hurried along, and found more Fun!
: )
Thanks, Loretta, from Heritage Antique Mall, for sending us! 
 : )

Found the little Singer, along with old, gnarly Farm Iron, Ironstone...and cool wire baskets!
Allyson's little RAV, was filling up....and, we hadn't left Iowa, yet!
We made it to Hannibal, MO., by 7ish, and have Supper, with Peg's Beloved. Michael.
{and, Daughter, Mel. <3 }
It was just too late. : (
Hope to see them next week, when they come to CR.
Michael invited us to come stay, over...with them...but, we were Beat. 
He told us to be sure and have Supper, at Fiddlesticks, in Hannibal.
We Did!!!
It was Fabulous!
Nearly fell asleep in the booth, there.
oh my!
Long...and Hot...Day!
Allyson's Sweet Potatoes!
That's all of Friday's travels.
: )
We spent some Amazing Places.
: )
I'll be posting about them...tomorrow.
AWESOME...Places. <3
Great Folks!
Stay Tuned!!!
We have to Fly,
 and Beat Feet, for Home.
We are taking a different River Route, Home.
It's been Such a Treat, to Run... beside it.
There's Somethin' about....'That', Old....River. <3 Ya!
Barb C.

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