Monday, July 29, 2019

Hannibal, MO. Great Place!

What a Wonderful Town, and Folks!
It'd been Many years, since I'd been to Hannibal. 
The last time I was there, I was with Peg. <3
We didn't find much, back then. But... we had a Wonderful Time!
John, the Kids...and I were there, decades ago. We had a Great Time.
Allyson and I, were really taken back, by the Mark Twain area.
Found a Very Cool Shop... 'Lydia's Cabinet of Curiosities'.
The Man, working there, was Amazing.
He showed us some Incredible Art.
Museum Pieces. 
We never expected to see such Amazing Pieces.
He was so Knowledgeable, and willing to share his expertise. 
He preserves Paintings, and Frames, for Museums, as well as, Collectors.
I noticed a Beautiful Corn Painting, and...a Painting of, all things...Coconut!!!
The Corn Painting, was done by a well known Artist, so...for an Iowa Girl, like was out of my price range.
It, was Stunning. 
The Coconut Painting, was Striking.
So Unusual!!!!
It was done, in the late 1800's, and was found in a Barn, near Hannibal.
It was so Beautifully Done.
Allyson, loved it, as well.
She purchased it.
I didn't get an image, but....I bought a Lovely....'Pansy' Painting.
It's also from the Victorian Era. 

I'd never seen a painting of Coconut.
 The Owner, had only seen a few, of this subject in his life.
That 'Corn' Painting... is AMAZING!!!!
Everything, is...there. 
The above Marble Statue, is nearly life size.
Jesus, and John the Baptist.
It's 5500.
So little, for such a Beautiful Piece. <3 <3 <3 

Allyson, and enjoyed visiting with the Artist. : )
We felt like Sponges, taking in all of the wonderful knowledge.
We spent a lot of time there. 
There were several pieces of Local Art, as well.
The Cuckoo Clocks, covered in bone... were very unusual. 
The Wooden Sculptures, are life size, and have hidden compartments.
We'd never seen them.

We went on, to Ralls County Clock Company.
The Lovely Woman, who owns it, was happy to show us around. : )
We had such a nice visit. 

The first clock we were shown, was this Amazing...Cuckoo.
It has a Music Box, that plays on the hour.
She had it play, for us.
The tune it played, first... was 'Somewhere My Love', my Dad's favorite.
I, wasn't expecting that.
Made me cry.
I had the Organist play that, over...and over, at Dad's Funeral, in 1987.
I, can't hear it, without thinking of Dad. <3 He Loved It...So. <3 

They do Clock Repair, well.
They keep very busy.
It was such a Treat, visiting with a Fellow Clock Lover!!!
Beautiful....Beautiful, Store. <3 
Then, we Hit The Road!!!
Headed further, St. Louis!
Allyson, wanted to get to 'The Hill', in St.Louis, it's an Italian area, and get some take Home.
So...that, was First Priority.
Wait, 'til ya see Those....Pictures, and where else we Visited, on Saturday.
I'll post about Those....tomorrow.
: )
It's gonna take me most of the week, to blog about this 'Journey'.
We The Seat of our Britches! : ) Ya!
Barb C. 

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