Sunday, July 14, 2019


This, is one of my very favorite pictures...ever.
It was in an old photo album, from a Southern Iowa, Farm... that was going to be pitched.
: (
Thankfully, it fell into my hands, when a Friend, who was hired to haul trash away...found it.
<3 <3 <3
 I treasure Every picture, of  'Iowa Farm Life', the Amazing, Unknown... Photographer, Captured. <3 <3 <3
Wish we could've met.
: )
In a way, through his, or...her, Lens...
I, think...
we have.
: )
<3 <3 <3 

Spent the day, my own 'World'.
Didn't open the rabbit hole.
Didn't leave the house...with the exception, of when a very Sweet Gal, stopped by, Saturday morning.
She'd been here, several weeks ago, and told me of an old mirror she had, that didn't quite work in her Home.
It sounded interesting, so...told her I'd purchase it from her.
It's Absolutely...Beautiful.
: )

I, was feeling so drained....yesterday, just couldn't function.
I was 'Served', Friday afternoon...about our Chickens, by the city of Fairfax.
The Deputy, who stopped by, was so Kind.
: )

I emailed our Lawyer, 'Josey Wales'...: ) 
Told him to "Saddle Up!".
We're going to Court.
This is all about a 'Trail', Fairfax...lost.
{It was unlawful, for the IDOT to condemn our Land, solely for Fairfax's Trail. 
So, the IDOT backed out. 
{'Josey' a Pretty Sharp Dude. ; )}
Now, the city, is coming after us...for anything they can, to hurt us.
This...has nothing to do with Chickens, we've had for nearly 40 years, without One complaint, from Anyone.
It's personal.
Very...Very... sad.
I...absolutely Hate...conflict, of any kind.
I...don't pick these battles.
We, simply...want to be left alone.
We, just want to Live, and Let Live. : ) 
Thrive, as we always have, without bothering...anyone.
That's all. 
Two and a half years, of chasing my tail, because the city wasn't being truthful...about their dangerous trail plan.
They told me meetings, month after month... there were no trail plans, then... they said...If there was going to be a wouldn't be in our lifetime.
Then...they said...publicly, they had No Choice, the IDOT was Forcing them. 
They lied to me...month, after month.
Month...after month, I proved that.
: (
: (
I've lost total confidence in them city hall.
I, can't trust a word they say, anymore.
Trust, is me.
Once, that's goes...Everything.
: ( 
The Bottom Line, was...I couldn't understand...WHY any of them, would Ever...consider putting a Trail, next to a Federal Highway, within 15 feet, of the Traveled Portion of the the first place. 
NONE of them... would allow their Children to use it. 
{According to the IDOT's Safety Audit, conducted by The University of Northern Iowa, This Stretch of Highway 151, through Fairfax, is one of the Most Dangerous Stretches, in Linn County, for Vehicles.
They Refused to have an Independent Study for Pedestrians.
Even...if I paid. }
It didn't matter.
They Wanted It.
So, here we go.
They aren't happy with me.
So... they're coming after our 'Family'. 
They Grandfathered Scout, our 
{There are some Powerful Folks, who have some Fancy Horses, the City.
They've had them there, for less than 10 years.
{We've had Horses, a Cow...25 Geese, and...a never ending, continuous flock of Chickens, from 20, to as 5, for over 35 years. 
Not One Complaint.
They denied knowing we Ever had...chickens...until November, 2018.
 {The same time, 'Josey' stopped their trail } 
Another... Fib.
 { I can, and will...prove that, as well. }
: (
I knew it was personal...when two other Families wanted to keep their Chickens.
They told the other 'Chicken Folks'... to come up with an ordinance, as The City...wouldn't spend one Moment, or a 'Dime'...on creating one.
The two other Chicken Families, did.
Worked hard.
They followed neighboring Towns ordinances. 
The council...without batting an eye, said 'No!'
Then, I asked them to give us a variance, just the three Families, until after the election, this Fall.
We could have a Vote, for 'Urban Chickens', if the Community votes it down, then...we'll find Homes for them. 
Then...I asked them to Grandfather our Chickens in, since they Grandfathered Scout, in.
That's...when I knew this was personal, and the poor, other Families, were being hurt, because of this Trail mess, too. 
I, told that meeting, if they wouldn't consider the have their lawyer, call our Lawyer.
: ( : ( : ( 
It drives me crazy...all of this.
: ( : ( : ( 
Thank God...
for 'Josey Wales'.
at least, this time...I'm not alone.
The last five years, have been Hell.
When John...went away, he took much of me...with him. 
Fighting the IDOT, and the City...with so little of myself, left....
was crippling.
Losing Mom, Peg....both of my Brothers, Sister in Law...Polly, my Beloved Hound, then... all but one, of John's Beloved Kitties, then...Sweetie. 
Land, and Trees, that John....sacrificed, so Much for, : ( : ( : ( 
Chickens, that our Kids, and Grandkids....Love...So.
So much, was, and is...needlessly, intentionally, and purposefully...
 inflicted pain...solely from Fairfax. 
: ( : ( : ( 
No one, deserves that. 
I, wouldn't wish this kind of Hell, even...on them. 

Most of these pictures were taken a few years ago.
I'm gonna have to dig through mountains of old photo albums, to find more.
These Grandkids, Love...their Chickens, as their Parents, and Grandparents, have... over many decades.
What the city is doing to us, is shameful.
Putting a to this insane...highway, was also, shameful...of them, to plan.
I've lost all Fairfax city hall.

My body, is still trying to recover....from the accident, last Spring.
Yes... the last Five years, have been difficult. 
I remember my Dad... telling stories, from when he hopped a Train, and went to Denver,
 during the Great Depression.
He, was about 17, or 18.
He was a Very Good Boxer, Iowa.
; )
He was penniless, as so many were...then, but knew he could make a few bucks, Boxing.
He did. 
It was Much...more difficult, In Denver.
: )
Big City. 
Tuff Guys.
He held his own, but...endured, and learned a Lot, from those Boys in Denver.
He, said... to me, {I was about 10 } after he, and my Mother... had a huge argument, 
" Barbie...I can take a physical beating, all day long, be 'Beaten'...mentally,
 is the worst kind of beating. 
I'd rather go 12 rounds with Cassius Clay, {Muhammad Ali } than fight with your Mother. "
: ( : ( : ( 
I felt so sorry, for my Dad, so many times...growing up. 
I've thought about his Many times, over my life.
It's so...true. 
I moved away, out on my own...
when I was 15, for those same reasons.
  Swore....I'd Never, Treat Anyone...or Inflict...that kind of Pain, on Anyone, like I'd watched my Dad...endure. 
I horribly Painful...mental beatings can be. 
John, 'understood' that, as well. <3 <3 <3 We had that conversation... early on. 
: ) 
It's all...about Respect, and treating you'd like to be treated.
So, with every 'Beating'....from the city of Fairfax, it gets more...and, more...
difficult, to find my feet.
 Often... I feel like my back, is against the Ropes. 
My, arms....and gloves, are held tight, against my head...
 protecting my face...
as I endure, countless body punches,
 in my mind... 
that never, seem to quit. 
That's why...some days, I have to retreat...I suppose.
Catch...a second wind.
Rest, my mind, a little.
That's why....Prayers Matter, So. 
<3 <3 <3 
I, Thank God, for 'Josey Wales'. 
I, don't know where I'd be today, without him, Dear Family, and Friends.
I try not to lean on any of them, much.
I...know....Everyone, is fighting their own...'Battle'. 
I'm Sure Thankful...for The Prayers.
: )
The Lord, has Carried me, much. 
I, have Faith. 
: ) 
Just received a text, from a Dear Friend, that is losing his Mother.
My Heart Breaks, for him, and his Family.
Please, when you say your Prayers, Pray...for All who are suffering, today.
There are Many.
: ( : ( : ( 
Love, to You.
Barb C. 

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