Friday, July 12, 2019

It's Gonna be a Hot...many days, in Iowa.

Skip the Pantalets...
for the next week, 
: ) : ) : ) 
Went to Mt. Vernon, Iowa...yesterday.
Scarlett's Dad, is living there, now.
He doesn't have a car... so, I'm Happy, to take her...anytime, to visit her Dad.
: ) 
Little Girls, need their Dads. <3 
{No Matter, what age. } 
While they shared time together, I visited a Sweet Friend.
Carolyn Wellso.
She has a Wonderful Store, in The Schoolhouse, across from Polly Ann's, in Mt. Vernon. 
I'd wanted to visit all of my Friends, but... Carolyn, and I... visited for Hours. away. : )
She, is such a Blessing. <3 
{her Son, Too. Love Them. : ) <3 }
I would've normally..taken a picture of Carolyn, to share...
I wanted to 'keep'...our visit, 'ours'.
<3 <3 <3 
She's a Very...Special...Soulful...Person. 
It was a Blessing, sharing a little time together.
I found several little things, there, Kevin's Store, The Schoolhouse.
: )
The Doll, above...was the first thing, I picked Carolyn's. 
It was so Soulful...sitting there, by her desk.
Turns out, it belonged to another Friend, who passed away, recently.
I, sadly...couldn't attend her Estate Sale.
I'm so glad, Carolyn, did.
Now...I have a couple of things, that I'll remember both of
{The smaller doll, below...also came from Janet's Home.}  

Found some Amazing....Old, Old. 
The Box, belonged to John, Carolyn's Son.
He's so...Knowledgeable.
He wrote the History...on it's tag.
It dates from around 1810. 
I, absolutely LOVE...Everything, John... has. 
: )
This mid 1800's Ironstone piece, nearly Dropped me, when I saw it.
It, was also...John's. 
Found some Beautiful Lace, and Turkey Red.
This Victorian Shawl, is Absolutely... Stunning.
I plan to wear it over my old...Denim, and Flannels, this Fall.
Liz, modeled it, below...
along with the Beautiful Fur Shawl, I found at Kevin's.
I'm Totally Hooked, on Vintage Fur.
{Everyone, who knows me, knows....I'm a Huge Animal Lover.
I, would killing a Critter, for Fur, or purchase a new one.
These, are Vintage. 
 Nothing, I can do for, but appreciate their sacrifice, that keeps me warm.
I can't tell you, how MUCH...Good, I got out of the Fur Collars, last Winter. 
That cape, I know...will be a Blessing.  
Look at little Jack, standing behind his Mama...
: )
He's thinkin'...'What the Heck...Mama!!!'
Precious... Baby. <3 <3 <3 
Daughter, Liz. <3 <3 <3 
She was such a Trooper, modeling the Shawls, in 90 degree heat!!!
She threw on my Gnarly Sunglasses, to make the 'Look'...complete!!!
: )
I changed the color, on this you can see the Beautiful...Lace, a bit...better.
This, is Stunning. 
It's 135 years old, or...older.
{It was under 20.00 }
I was Thrilled, to find the Cedar Rapids Cigar Box.
I've never seen one. 
My...Home Town!
Went to Cedar Falls, the other day, and picked up this Old, {early 1900's}
The Girl...I bought it from, was a Gem.
: )
She, and I... had a Lovely...visit. 

It's Summertime, in Iowa.
I turn the air on, in the vehicles.
LOVE...the Wind....on my Face!
The Hair...sticking to my Sweaty Face!!!
I'd parked...when I took this picture.
The hair....Stayed Put!
Yeah... No Air Conditioning...until I Fully Thaw Out, from Last Winter!!!
It...could be August, before I turn on The Air!!!

I'm getting a late start, today.
Didn't sleep well, last night.
Woke up...around 3:30, then... couldn't go back to sleep.
Finally did, around 6, then..slept 'til 8:30.
I, hate it, when that happens. 
So much, is running through my mind.
The Chickens, Kids...Friends, Family...
Blessings, Thankfulness.
: ) 
Good things, much. 
'The Journey'. 
: )
I'd better get Crackin'. 
Gonna have the rabbit hole, OPEN, Saturday, and Sunday...
10-6. get done. 
Hope... You, have a Beautiful...Day.
Find a little spot, in the Shade...
with a Gentle Breeze, 
to cool your brow...
this toasty, 
July day.
Love, to Ya...
Barb C.

{I chose 'Killer Queen', by Queen, for my song of the
I, thought of the Fur, this video.
: )
It took me back...20 years, while I was doing a Minnesota.
Two Men...strolled through my booth, didn't say a word.
I, just...stood there, they quietly took everything in.
As they were leaving the booth, one stopped...
turned around...
and said, very... matter of factly....
"You know... You Really, should've been a Gay, Man."
I...stood there, for a moment, and...said,
"Thank You. That's the Best Compliment, Anyone...Could've Given Me!!!"
<3 <3 <3
{He, meant it to be. <3 <3 <3} }

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