Monday, July 8, 2019

Blessings. Annie. 
: )
She Greeted me, First Thing, Saturday  morning.
: )
She brought her Husband, John...with.
I'd never met John.
It was Wonderful, to meet him.
Annie, had always told me how Great he was, he
I was a bit nervous, because the rabbit hole...isn't the typical 'Antique' Store.
It's....'an acquired taste'. : ) 
John...had a good time, I think.
He found an old...old, post card...
that, I'd just looked at, the other day. I've had it for quite awhile. 
 Love It.
It's a Man, and Woman...talking over a fence..
the caption says...
" You...Rube!".
John, brought it outside...under the Wild Cherry Tree,
and sat down...with. : )
 { I was elevating my leg. After the accident, I have to rest...more than I'd like to.}
John, with a Big Smile... began to tell me a story from when he was young.
He worked with a travelling Carnival, to make money.
One of the Carnies, had worked in Vauldeville.
He told John, the Most Wonderful Joke....
about a
 : ) : ) : )
John, has shared that Joke...over many years, with his Family.
His Nephew, LOVES...that Joke.
<3 <3 <3 
John Had To Grab That Postcard!!!
He's going to send it to his Nephew!
He asked how much I'd need for it.
I, told him...
He'd just Paid...for it.
The Story, was Worth....
every penny, of the price of the old post card. 

Annie, and I...have a 'Sickness', for Shadowboxes...and Framed Memorials.
She took Home, one of my Favorites.
{They, are All...'My Favorites'. <3 }
A bit... later, a Wonderful Family stopped by.
They've been down the rabbit hole several times this Spring.
They opened a Coffee Shop in Czech Village, and have found several, soulful...treasures, to decorate it with, down the rabbit hole. 
: )
This visit... they brought their Brand New...Addition. 

This little Gal, couldn't decide how old she was. : )
Her Mom, kept saying "You know how old you are."
She, kept saying, "No...I don't." 
I, told her... that's okay. : ) I, don't know how old I am...most days, either. : ) 
Darling. <3

This...Young Lady, was visiting for the first time, on Saturday.
: )
She gathered a Cool...little pile, of Gnarliness.
Old...Rusty, and Interesting...Things.
I, love asking Folks what they intend to do with the things they gather. 
They always 'see' things, in such Artistic ways. 
We visited under The Tree, for a long time. 
My phone rang... I wasn't going to answer...but, since I was Open, thought I'd better, and excused myself...for a moment.
It was a Gal, who'd left a note for me, down the rabbit hole.
She'd taken some things, and wanted to make sure I knew....and, wanted me to call her, and let her know how much she owed me.
: ) : ) : ) 
{see, I told you....only Wonderful Folks, find their way down the rabbit hole. <3 }
I'd been so busy, I hadn't called her.
She wanted to make Sure, I'd found the note.
As we visited...on the phone, she shared some of the 'Life'... she'd been going through.
The conversation...brought up some similar emotions, from my 'Life'.
It, also...brought up the emotions, of how Blessed I am, to have such Wonderful, Angels...that come to visit the rabbit hole.
The Young Lady... who'd been visiting with me, had went 'Seeking', when I took the call.
As I visited with the Caller, I...began to cry.
{I couldn't help it. }
I was using the hem of my dress, to wipe my tears away. 
I, looked up, and the Young Lady, was right there, pulling a tissue out of her pocket...for me.
<3 <3 <3 
I, didn't even know she was close.
That' Angel.
<3 <3 <3 
So...I had an Angel, on The Phone....
and, an Angel....
Standing in Front of me.
<3 <3 <3 
She sent me several pictures of what she did with her Treasures, when she got Home.
Creative Spirits, are so Wonderful.
: ) 
I was So Happy, to See...These Girls!
It's been such a Long....Long, Time.
Toni, and Sheree.
Mom, and Daughter. 
They, are So Much Fun!
Sheree, is an Artist.
She and Peg...Marveled at each others 'Work'. 
We visited, for a Long...Time.
It was Great...seeing them. <3 

There are many, many...Birds, around the rabbit hole.
Many Sparrows, Black Birds, Doves, Robbins, Cardinals...
I, rarely see a Blue Jay.
This little Guy, was so Friendly. : )
He came very me, and stayed...for a quite awhile. 

These Folks...were Great!
They'd never been down the rabbit hole, before....
They, had a Fun...Time.
The Gentleman....loves to take Photographs.
: )
They like unusual... things.
He takes pictures, then....when he has enough, he makes them into a Book.
I asked him, if he noticed something...I'd Just....placed in the shop.
He pulled out his phone, and showed me a picture, he'd taken of it.
: ) 
Great Minds....: )

The rabbit hole, is a Jungle, these days.
With all of the rain, and heat....
things are growing so fast, I can't keep up!
We don't use any chemicals, only trim....
The Jungle, Laughs at Me....when I trim!
It grows Faster, than I can Cut!!!
The Folks, who visited...over the weekend, all...Loved It, tho!
They didn't mind a Bit, ducking under the Gnarly, Wild Grape, and Bittersweet.
<3 <3 <3 

It was So Hot, on Saturday.
I felt Very Blessed, when a Customer dropped off an Ice Cold Beer.
Yes, The Mountains were Blue!!!
: )

Had Several Pals, stop by...and, Visit!

Bill, brought me this Crazy...Handmade Doll.
Guess it's supposed to be George Washington. 
He's Very....Very....Old.
but...what drew me to him...was the 'Detail'. 
I, initially thought he was made from an old quilt.
Not so.
He was made from extremely early fabric, pieced together, in perfect symmetry.
His eyes, eyebrows, nose, and mouth are all stitched as well.
It's All...about the Details. 

Bill, also brought me this Huge... Tray.
It was Presented to The Erie Railway Company, in 1873.
Sunday...was Lovely, as well.
It was very quiet, for several hours...
seemed Many stopped at once!
I, couldn't get pictures of Friends, and Family...because I was too busy.
: (
My Niece, Kari...and, Great Niece...Sydni, bought the Big Wardrobe, came from Illinois to pick it up.
Sweet little Friend from the middle of the State, picked up her Sweet little Concrete Cow, and...a few other treasures.
Then, some really Nice Folks...picked up another old Cupboard, for their House, they are trying to put back to original...after the former owners 'updated'. 
They have Seven Children!!!
: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) 
They keep Very...Busy!
<3 <3 

Joey, stopped by...just before things got Hoppin'! Such a Gift.
<3 <3 <3 
Haven't seen him, forever. 
Joey, is one of the Kindest, Gentlest...Souls, I've ever known.
He works with the Elderly, and Hospice.
He has such a Creative, and Loving...Spirit.
It's like he has a Beautiful...Aura, around him. 
I, call him a Walking Angel.
He, Brightens Everyone's Day, that he crosses paths with.
<3 <3 <3 
I, was so....Glad, he crossed my path, after Church. 

My 'Note' Writer.
<3 <3 <3 
Bless her Heart!
She and I...had such a Lovely...visit.
I get so wound up, about...this stuff, 
the 'trail', the 'city'...the chickens...
 it's all, consumed my life, for so long.
Some days... it's impossible to function. 
There's been so much... 'Loss'. 
So much...pressure, from every side.
I, hate...'conflict'.
but... I know, if I don't stand...we'll be run over.
Some days... it's very, very....difficult, to stand.
That's much...of why, I'm sure....
I get so emotional...when Folks are So Kind.
So Honest.
That's a pretty Rare, this 'world' most days. 
It's not Rare, ever... down the rabbit hole.
<3 <3 <3 
My Sanctuary. 
I, is for well. 
: )
I Hope...Each, and Everyone of You...
found some Peace,
Beauty, over the Long Holiday Weekend.
Seems, so many... are struggling, these days, trying to find their feet, too.
I them. 
They, inspire me. 
I'm so Thankful...and, feel So Very Blessed, to have them in my life. Ya, 
Barb C. 

My Attorney,
'Josey Wales'....
just called.
The City of Fairfax is taking me to Court, over the Chickens.
{Retaliation over losing their 'suicide' trail, along Highway 151}
Told me, I will be Served.
Well... here we go.
; )
Please...keep us in Your Prayers.
<3 <3 <3 }

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