Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Well....The Truck isn't done... Got a call last night, to come look at some did...and gathered a few more Gold Rush Nuggets! I went through totes, yesterday...and...Wowza! I'm taking some Really Cool Stuff!!!! {it takes me all day, Friday to set keep stoppin' back! }
If you are thinking about coming to the show...
It's located at the Olmsted County Fair Rochester, Minnesota...
Very easy to find! On Hiway 63.
Peg is bringing some of her Latest Collection! Come meet the Artist!
 Lynn and Lea, Our Southern Iowa Pals, are bringing some fun stuff up, as well!
It is a Lovely area....lots of Hotels, and great Dining Establishments...{Michael's! on Broadway!}
We will be set up, along with many Iowa Folk, in Graham cell# is 319.241.1348, if you need help finding us....{there is an information desk, near the Out Side Vendors and Kay, the Wonderful Promoter, is Always Happy to Help Out!} Remember....The Show OPENS FRIDAY MORNING!!!! 8 a.m.!!!!!!!! You get in, when we get in! It's a Gold Rush! {be patient...and keep going around... things will be put out all day!!!}
I have a Great Feeling about this Show...I'm looking forward to seeing Everyone...!
Have a Great Day!
Barb C.

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