Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cool Stuff! {Gears are Turnin'!}

I was blessed with some fun, Gnarly stuff today! The Fountain arrived early this morning....Nope, it's not 100 years old, and not even concrete! But the look, oh yea... and it's about 30 years old, and is fiber glass, so it could be a wonderful mascot, at shows!!!! The cool Light Post, is also around 30 or so years old, and is joined by 2 others, so there are a set of 3, they came from a restaurant, in Cedar Rapids... Perfect for the Greenhouse! And Christmas! What fun all of these gatherings will be for the Holidays! The fountain would be AMAZING filled with greenery and Ornaments!!!! The Fun Never Ends!!! Barb C.


pollyanns said...

Oooooohhhh... looks wonderful. I am ready for these shows to be done so I can go play again. I want to come and see. I bet things look sooooo different without the big cupboard in there. Is your back feeling better? I sure hope so... still not so sure about your dogs name... Pol

Kay said...

Hi Barb!
Made it home safely and just unpacked me treasures. I love them all. My daughter loved the little wood spoon. She likes to cook just like her mom so will be using that too.
I wanted to share our two websites with you so you could see our two places.
I told Tom my husband that you asked what we serve and I realized I forgot to tell you about our pies!!! We are known for our pies. They are made the way grandma used to make them. the crust is made with lard and the meringues are a pilled high. Sour cream raisin is our best seller. I really prefer the rhubarb crumb or cocanut cream.
Thank you so much for letting us treasure hunt today. I loved you store. It is what I pictured in my mind. It truely reflects you. Have a great weekend and I hope your back gets better.
-Kay King :)

The Nest said...

Love that fountain!!! And the lightposts! Wow! Can't wait to make it up to visit you sometime. And your booth did look great last weekend & I didn't even see it until the end of the day! What a great show!

Lori R. said...

Awww Barb... didn't you know, when spinning with dog in tow, don't step in direction and look the other.... Frankly, I have no clue how you lift and tug all the objects that you do... If I ever move, I'm calling you: expertise in moving and packing all in one. Love your coverlet pics,,, beautiful pieces...

Be sure to go to my blog, you have been boo'd.