Friday, July 19, 2019

Lorrie Morgan - A Picture of Me (Without You)

Jason Aldean - The Truth (Official Video)

Simply Iowa John's Birthday Gift

Winks... what a Blessing, they are.

When I headed to the rabbit hole, this morning...
I, gotta tell ya, I was feeling pretty Blue.
John's always, such a difficult day.
With all of the Hell, that's been going on...with Fairfax's Suicide Trail, and The Attempted, Unlawful...Condemnation of our Land, solely...for their Trail,
so much Work, and so many obligations....
now, The Chickens, and having to go to Court, because Fairfax, city hall...decided after 35 Plus...years, have to go.
It's been a bit, Stressful.
Birthdays, and Holidays...are, nearly....crippling. 
I pulled Jethro around, to the rabbit hole...about 7:30, this morning.
As I was climbing out, I saw something.
: )
: )
: )
I, took a video...of it.
It's not a good one, for see.
for me.
It meant The World.
Made...My Day.
It was John's Doing, I Know.
: )
He...knows how to make me Smile.
Watch, the video...if you have a moment.
Happy Birthday, John.
Love You.
Barb C.
{Those 'Winks', are here, and closer than you might think, for us All. <3
These little 'Winks'...were heading to our Barn. <3 <3 <3
but, they are Everywhere. We just, need to pay attention. <3 }
The Truth...
hit's incredibly....hard.
It, always does.
That's why, we fight so...Ferociously, for it.

Jim Croce - Time in a Bottle - Lyrics on screen

Happy Heavenly Birthday... John.

Happy Heavenly Birthday...
John Helm.
July 19, 1946 -
May 25, 2014
We Miss You....So. 
<3 <3 <3 

God, only Knows... how very much, I Miss...John.
We, all do.
What a Blessing John was, to us all.
I'm headin' down the rabbit hole, and...get lost, until the heat drives me away.
John's Everywhere...there. 
: )
He worked so hard...building it, for us.
John, was an Amazing...Artist. 
God, sure....Blessed Us. 
Love, to ya....
Barb C.
{If...only, we Time, in a bottle.
I know exactly...what I'd be Giving John, this year...and, Every...year.
Wouldn't we all, for Those...we Love. }

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Kenny Chesney - Summertime

Just call me "Calamity Jane"

Ran across this picture, this morning.
It reminds of the Farms, Dad...and I used to work at...cutting Iron.
Dad, would cut....I'd load.
I...never wore shoes, anywhere.
Stubbed my toes, more often than cut them.
My feet were always Black!
I remember, while visiting my Brother, Larry....when I was a Teen, he'd say...
"Barbie, I usually ask everyone to take off their shoes, when they come in....
You're the Only One...I ask to Put Them On!!! Your Feet Are Black!!!"
Oh, my. : )
Don't Mix.
: )
Another Mess!
Just a quick post, this morning.
Had another little mishap, night before last.
: (
I'm a Barefoot Mad Hatter.
As soon as the Frost...leaves the ground, so...go my shoes.
: ) 
It was storming like crazy, night before last.
I, had no was going to rain.
Left the windows the Ford, so...ran outside to roll 'em up.
Came back inside...sat down at the Old Harvest Table...
{that only me, and Harold could Love...{and...Ed. : ) }
went back to watching music videos on my little laptop...
then, decided to grab a bite to eat, and headed to the kitchen.
When I began to walk to the feet were sticking to the floor.
They were both...covered in blood.
I, looked to where I'd been sitting, and on the floor, was a massive pool of blood, that looked like someone had Died...there.
I...gotta tell ya... I about, lost my mind.
I wasn't hurt, or injured....anywhere.
I, simply...couldn't figure out, what had happened.
Daughter, Liz...called, as I was Freaking Out.
She called Mark, and Katie.... : (
I kept assuring everyone, I wasn't injured, or...couldn't find any injuries...anywhere.
That, was a Tremendous amount of blood, to not have a gaping wound...somewhere.
Katie, examined my body...{she didn't believe me. : ) }
Nothing. Anywhere.
She even went outside, and checked the Chickens... to make sure they were all, ok.
: (
With all of this harassment, from the Fairfax's Trail, and our Chickens....our minds were racing.
Turns out, the next left foot was kind of tender.
Had a half an inch cut....on the bottom of it.
Probably...a puncture. 
I'd scrubbed my feet, the night before, but...we couldn't see anything.
That...was the scary thing.
Not knowing.
: (
I've been taking Aleve, daily...for my leg. 
Since the accident, last's been a mess.
: (
That, must be keeping my blood from clotting, like it should.
It...looked like a Murder Scene.
Scared the Heck...out of Everyone.
I'm fine, worries.
I...gotta tell ya, it's Never a Dull Moment, around here.
: )
I'm going to be visiting with Folks about two Estate Sales, that'll likely be coming this Fall.
Today, through Sunday...I'm going to be OPEN, down the rabbit hole, until Noon.
It's going to be extremely Hot, through Sunday.
A few hours, in the mornings...will be it. 
Unpacking a Lot.... and have to get it put out.
Oh My!
: ) 

Poor Liz....
She was so worried, about the Mad Hatter. 
: (
What would I do...without my Family...and Dear....Friends.
<3 <3 <3 
That's my Style!
: ) 
I remember hauling Scrap Iron, to Katz Marion, Iowa.
Henry Katz, always called me his 'Barefoot Princess'. : )
Shoes, go....when the Frost leaves the Ground. : )
I'm gonna have to find something help my leg, other than Aleve.
Whatever poked my foot, probably would've went through a shoe, as well.
It must have been extremely sharp.
I'm looking for the source.
It must be somewhere...around the Ford. 

I'll be more careful.
: )
I'm Flyin' out the door!
It's gonna get Hot...Soon!
Hope you stay Cool, keep your Beloved Critters, Cool...
and... Pray, for All who suffer. Ya.
Barb C. 

{We haven't heard any news, about Zac, when we do...I'll give you an update. Please, keep him...and, all concerned, in your Prayers. <3 <3 <3 }

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Trisha Yearwood - Georgia Rain

Some Wounds...never heal.

Was going to write this post, yesterday....
but, there was yet, another horrible accident, on Highway 151, very close to our Home.
Turns out, the young man who was hit, on his one of Daughter, Liz's...and Adam's... dear friends.
: ( : ( : ( 
I, think the world...of him, too. 
He's such a kind, and caring young Man.
23 years old.
: ( : ( : ( 
Zac, told Liz, to be sure and have me call him, anytime...if I need a hand, since he's working across the road, now... from where we live.
 <3 <3 <3 
He's come over...many times, when the Kids...have been here. willing to help out. 
: )
He's a Farmer, and works full time, too.
<3 <3 <3 
He's 23 going on 35.
Such a Sweet Heart. 
Our Day, yesterday...
was consumed in Prayer. 
Will Continue to be. 
Zac, was airlifted to the University Hospital, in Iowa City. 
Zac's injuries...are, 'pretty tuff', 
but... I told the Kids, we have to
 Stay Positive...
<3 <3 <3 
The driver of the vehicle that pulled out in front of Zac, is only 16 years old. 
I don't think he was injured.
: ( : ( : ( 
I, feel so sorry...for him, too.
It's Heartbreaking.
Two...young Men, probably both...heading to work, and...this happens. 
: ( : ( : ( 
We are Praying, for All Concerned.
Hope, you will...too.
This stretch of 151, is sooooo Dangerous. think, Fairfax...wants a trail...along here.
It makes me think about it. 
These horrible accidents, are so common, here.

Sunday afternoon, I took a call, from a Friend, who's cleaning out a Huge, Old... Victorian Home, that's been closed up, for decades.
He'd brought several boxes from his Home, and was sorting...
wanted to know if I'd like to come and look.
I, really...didn't. 
Have so much of my own work, here...but, I went.
: )
It was soooo Hot, almost unbearable. 
As we started going through the boxes, I recognized where these things came from....and, who they'd belonged to.
My Friend, asked me, if I'd like to go to the Home, and look at more.
It has to go, he...said.
I, agreed.
It was very...difficult.
I've known this Woman..for decades.
She..was so Beautiful.
Inside, and out. : ) 
I, don't think...I ever missed a time, when our paths crossed, I didn't tell her that.
<3 : ) 
My Friend, who is cleaning everything out... has worked so hard...on this house.
It...was packed full. 
I, mean...really, really. 
As I walked through... my heart, hurt.
My Friend, who passed away, lost her Husband, when she was pretty young.
I, think... she was trying to fill the gaping her heart, by filling the Victorian. 
My Friend, who's cleaning....had a young Man, helping him...a little.
The young Man... wouldn't go in the basement.
He...was spooked. 
As I found my way through.....I, just kept repeating the Woman's name...
over, and over.
: ( 
None of us...truly know, what others are going through, inside.
We, need to be Kind, to Folks. 
Help...when we can. 
I'm so Thankful, for my Friend, who is cleaning the Old...Victorian.
He's so Kind, and Trustworthy.
He, works so hard, and does extremely good work. 
Before I knew...whose Home...this was, my story...was going to be about him.
: )
I'd wanted to share many images of the Victorian, he'd been working so long, and hard...on,
 and what he's gone through...while working there.
I, can't do that. all about heartbreak.
Maybe, someday...I'll figure out a way to write it, but... not now. 
: (
My heart's too heavy. 
When I ask Folks to Pray...for All, who Suffer, I mean it.
There are so many. 
Below are a few images, I felt comfortable sharing.
I'm still unpacking.
We pulled a couple loads, was nearly 11:00, Sunday night, when I walked in, at home.
I, was drained. Physically, and...emotionally. 
 So...sweaty, I...can't imagine, how my Friend, that's this heat, has survived.
The Old so 'shut up', and...'close'.
It was at least 120 degrees, in the huge, old...attic. 
As I sort, and clean...I reminisce, about Two...Friends.
One, who's gone...
and, One...who's helping her, 
I, feel very Blessed, to know...and, have Known...
Love, to ya...
Barb C.

The Staircase.
My Pal...has worked very...very, hard. 

This image, and the one below... are of the Old, Victorian's basement.

Corn Husking Metal, from the 1920's. 

{I took the top picture, with me standing in front of the beautiful...old, old...
 Mirrors, that came home, with.
The Old...Victorian, Tall, and Proud, even being so forlorn, behind me. 
I was thinking of my Friend, who lived there.
: (
I thought of the Trisha Yearwood song....
'Georgia Rain'.
The Home, in that video...reminds me much, of The Old...Victorian.
That tune, passed through my mind, so many I walked through the House,
 and over the Grounds.
: (.....
Reminded me of my Friend. 
I, too...Understand, it.
'Heartbreak'. }