Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Living Prayer - Alison Krauss HD


When I woke up, yesterday morning....
I, was simply...drained.
I, felt so deflated, from the day before.
I'm so weary, from so many battles.
Seemingly...Unending... Battles.
I, turned to my little, 'worn' daily devotional, 
and asked The Lord, to guide my hands, to what I needed to 'see'.
I was given this book, 'Streams in the Desert', back when Daughter, Liz...was a Teen.
{She's 30, now. }
I've read it...over and over.
For the last, many years....I don't follow it by the dates, I...simply ask the Lord, to decide what I 'Need' 'see'.
I, don't turn to it, as often as I should.
I, let myself....get so beaten down...before I remember, to 'Look Up'. 
I opened it up, 
"My Father is the gardener"
{John 15:1 }
<3 <3 <3 
Here's a little, of what the message said.

It is a comforting thought, that trouble in whatever form it comes to us, is a heavenly messenger, that brings us something from God. Outwardly, it may appear painful or even destructive, but inwardly it's spiritual work produces blessings.
Many of the richest blessings we have inherited are the fruit of sorrow or pain.
We should never forget that redemption, the world's greatest blessing, is the fruit of the world's
greatest sorrow. And whenever a time of deep pruning comes and the knife cuts deeply and the pain is severe, what an inexpressible comfort it is to know 
"My Father is the gardener."

It goes on, to tell a story told by John Vincent, a Methodist Episcopal bishop of the late 19th and early twentieth centuries and a leader of the Sunday school movements in America, of once being in a large greenhouse where the clusters of grapes were hanging on each side.
The owner of the greenhouse told him,
 " When the new gardener came in here, he said he would not work the vines unless he could cut them down to the stalk. I allowed him to do so, and we had no grapes for two years, but this is now the result."
There is rich symbolism in this account of the pruning process when applied to the Christian life. 
Pruning seems to be destroying the vine, and the gardener appears to be cutting everything away. 
Yet he sees the future and knows that the final result will be the enrichment of the life of the vine,
and greater abundance of fruit.
There are many blessings we will never receive until we are ready to pay the price of pain, for the path of suffering is the only way to reach them. { J.R. Miller}

It goes on, with a little poem, that I've seen written in other books.
I, thought... I understood it, when I read this poem, years ago.
It wasn't until....yesterday morning, that the full message set in.

' I walked a mile with Pleasure,
She chattered all the way;
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow,
And never a word, said she;
But oh, the things I learned from her
When Sorrow walked with me. '

The Lord...Always...sends us to the 'Place', we Need to be, when we remember...
to ask.
Shortly after I read my 'Streams in the Desert', the phone rang.
It was a Dear Friend, I hadn't talked to, in a long time.
He called to ask, how I was doing. : )
He had read between the lines, on fb, I suppose. 
He said... he worries...about me.  : (
He said... "I hope you know, what a 'light' you are, to so many people, and how you help so many.
I hope you know, how much you are loved, by many."
I, wept....after we hung up the phone.
I, can't hardly.... write, the words...he spoke.
: ( : ( : (
I've tried, to be there, for others....but, the last few years...have been difficult.
It seems, everyday....has more and more...challenges.
I've said...after every 'Challenge', "I Know...there's a 'Lesson' to be learned by this.
The Lord, is putting these situations, in front of I can 'learn', and grow."
They are so painful.
yet, I know...somehow.... they were blessings.

I, wish....I could do more, for Folks... 
but, most days... just getting 'myself'....suited up, for the battles....
is exhausting.
Yet, I know... 'The Gardner', 'Sees'.... with the Keenest Eye.
I had to meet with someone, from the City, yesterday drop off my packets, I'd prepared for the Council, and Mayor.
I, didn't want to go.
She doesn't like me, much.
She, and others...working with the City...have been pretty tuff on me.
{I know... I, too... can be abrasive, when I'm passionate, about a Cause. }
After I read my Streams, I thought about 'Thanking' her, for being so hard on me.
They, have made me stronger... in many ways.
I've learned so the last ten months, of doing research.
Looking back, I truly need to Thank, all of those...who have been 'Difficult', in my life.
They, all...are 'Blessings'.  : ) <3
{I, need to remember the 'time'...'moment' when I'm being 'pruned' by those 'Blessings'. }
Another, Dear Friend, called...yesterday, too. <3
She Prays for me, every day. <3 
She has her Prayer group...Praying for me, too. 
<3 <3 <3 
Bless Their Hearts, along with Everyone...whom, I know...are Praying for me.
<3 <3 <3 
I told her... I Pray for Her, too.
I, Pray...for this world. <3 <3 <3 
Everyone...who is Suffering, I especially...Pray.
I Pray, The Lord Envelops them...with His Comforting Spirit.
My Friend, told me to rest. : ), for a few days.
I'm doing...just that.
: )
I'm going to work on getting the house cleaned up, this week.
It's in bad shape.
I haven't had any time...for a long time, to clean.
Thanksgiving, will be here, before we know it.
I don't want the Kids seeing our Home....this way.
I, wish everyone...had a copy of Streams in the Desert.
{I owe one, to The Queen of Hearts, I haven't forgotten. <3 }
It's been such a Gift, in my life.
Love to you...
Every Single One...
of You.
Barb C.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


I just got home...from a City Council meeting.
 I've been researching for... months.
{in my spare time, and...going in Circles...with Government Folk. }
Spent the entire day, yesterday...working on putting packets of information together, 
for The Mayor, and Council.
{over 50 pages...}
oh dear.
I started peeling off clothes, the moment...I hit the door....tonight.
{had my best Duds...on....for The City : ) 'respect'...: )}
I was on the Agenda, the City Council...
with, TONS... of information.
They didn't 'hear' a word....
They have their minds...made up.
I, had myself....pulled together, until...
I knew, it didn't matter what I said.
It didn't matter, how much information, I had, Many 'Facts'.
None of it....mattered.
: ( : ( : ( 
They are keep a walking/bike/ recreation trail project, along our Highway 151,
even tho... it's going to cost lives.
They don't care.
I had Mountains...of data, from The Department of Transportation Safety Audit.
I had letters, to was The City, who wants this, and not the IDOT.
The City Council, and Mayor, told me in May.... that They Didn't Want Any Part of This, but, they were 'Forced'... to go along with this 'Plan', because the IDOT, wasn't giving them any other options.
I had the letter, in hand....
from The City, to the IDOT, 'Requesting'....this Trail.
They didn't respond.
I've lived on Highway 151 for 35 years.
You, simply....can't....put the Public on it's Bridges, and Highway.
People...are going to die. 
I've seen enough....carnage, and loss of Life...on this stretch.
They don't care.
I'm having them put all of my report, on Public Record.
Someday, they will care.
When someone, maybe... Many....'Someones'....lose their lives.
: ( : ( : ( 
It's All On Them. 
The Attorney's for The Survivors, will 'care' about my 'findings'.
I walked away from the podium....tonight,
when I saw, their 'set minds'.
I walked up to The Council, and Mayor....
and said...
"Shame On You. Every One Of You."
There are only two Council Members, that...I think...will even 'look' their folders.
{Bless Their Hearts.... <3 {maybe. : ) <3 }
I'm sick....all over.
I know... what 'Loss' is.
'This'...'Loss', is Preventable. 
{Not Many, get That 'Choice'. }
I told them, if they can't 'see' 'this', it must be about 'Money'.
"Worthless...Money. "
I told them... "Money won't 'Buy'...the Most Important Things, in Life.
Another Breath...True Love...True Friends, or...another Moment, on This Earth."
Shame... On...Them.
People, are going to climb on this Trail, after walking on one, that will connect to it....
that, is...'safe'.
They will consider this one, safe....too.
'False Security'
I told them, it's like the the Family, from Nebraska...who was visiting Disney World, in Florida.
They let their little Boy, get next to a Pond, with no fear.
It's Disney World. : )
In Nebraska..., like Iowa...the Ponds...have Crappies. : )
In Florida... they have Alligators. 
They lost their little Boy, right...before their eyes.
: ( : ( : ( 
If, you put People, on this Federal Highway, who aren't acclimated to it, like we are, well...
Trust me, it won't be long....before a Tragedy happens.
They don't care.
I've never seen, such 'Blind' people.
I didn't go 'Public' with this, until now...because...I was in hopes, The Mayor, and Council...would rescind their request to the IDOT.
After this...'Meeting',
That's...not gonna happen.
Here we go.
I won't quit.
I'll go door to door.
This Community, has No Idea, what's going on.
Nor, do they have any idea, how Much....they are going to have to pay for it.
We have many, safe...walking and bike
THIS, is the most Insane...Project, I've ever seen.
I, had to write this....
I'm so sad.
: ( : ( : ( 
I'll be posting copies of my 'report', everywhere...
I want See, what's happening here.

Just found this 'Quote' on FB.
{1:12 a.m. }
'Mad Hatter's Tea Party'
It Fit, for Today.
{yesterday... : ) }

Thanks, for 'Listening'.
 : )
Love, to ya....
Barb C.

Below, is a picture I took in March, of this year.
Shortly after...I found out, The City of Fairfax, was going to put in a
 'Walking/Bike/Recreational Trail 'on' Highway 151.
Here's Where It's Gonna Go!!!

{The City asked the IDOT for this Trail, in 2012. 
Guess, they forgot about that....when they came to me, last year...wanting to buy some of our property, for their Trail, because...they were 'So Fearful', of putting the Public, on Highway 151.  : )
 {I had their 2012 'request' to the IDOT, in 'Refresh' their memory. }
I told them, last use, what the IDOT already owns, on our property. 
They are doing that, as, putting People on The Highway, and Bridges. }

Our property, is where the Big Trees are, in this picture. <3
They'll be gone, too. 

This car, was heading North, lost control...
Crossed through the Southbound Lane,
into the the ditch.
Exactly...where People would be walking.
nice trail...

Sadly... I'm sure, I'll have more images, like this one, to add to
 'The Walking/Bike/Recreational Trail'
: ( : ( : ( 
Here's another one, from February...2017
THE DAY.... I found out, The City, was going to put in a Trail, along Highway 151.
The road was dry, and clear.
This one, was just up the road, two miles.
It landed in the 'right of way', too....
Where People....would be walking, if...there was a 'Trail'. 

Monday, November 13, 2017

Tom T Hall Old Dogs, Children, and Watermelon Wine

Six Days on the Road Dave Dudley


Holy Smokes!
What a RIDE!
Junk Jubilee...was Great!
{In Many...Ways. : ) }
I'm so Thankful...
for such Wonderful...Folks, in my Life.
Lynn and Lea...
were Awesome.
I, couldn't have pulled this one off...without Them.
Micca, and her Crew, at Junk Jubilee, are... Truly....The Best. <3 
The 'Junkers'...who, Shop, were Awesome, too. <3
Things, were Crazy, this weekend... I'm so Thankful....
for Those, who Really...Helped out.
: )
Pal, Brandon, at a moment's notice...brought the Trailer, today, from Home....
and helped Load Out.
I...don't know what I would have done.
Actually....I do.
Other Friends, I'd called, also...said, They'd....Drop...'Everything'....
to Come, and Help.
: )
Bless Their Hearts.
<3 <3 <3 
Thankfully, Brandon, could make it. : )
It's a Long....story, and...I'm too 'tell' it, tonight. : )
When we hit the road, Hard, after loading Des Moines, tonight.
We had the wind, at our backs....and made it Home, in Record...Time! ; )
Sweetie, and Philly....were Very Happy, to see me. <3

{Critters....too. : ) <3 }

This week is going to be 'Pressing'... to say, the very least.
: )
I, I'm in a Vise.
: )
No rest, or...take a breath.
Once, this through, then...maybe, I'll be able to breathe.
Pray....for me.
Love, to ya. 
Barb C.
{One, of the Funniest things, that happened, during the Show...
was when a little Boy, came through the booth.
I was sitting in the 'Mad Hatter's Chair'...
He stopped, looked at me, and said...
"Are you.... 'Real'? : )"
I, said...
"Yes, : ) : ) : ) "
He Grinned from Ear to Ear. hahahahaha.... : )
I've been mistaken, like this, before.
: )
I was doing a Show, in Minnesota...Years...ago, and a young Man, about fell over,
 because...I 'Blinked'.
; ) ; ) ; )
He didn't Think...I was 'Real'... either!!!! : ) : ) : ) }
Hahahahaha!!!! <3

Friday, November 10, 2017

Jackson Browne - Running on Empty w/ lyrics

Great... Day...'One' at Junk Jubilee Jingles!!!

Had a 'Great'... Day...'One', at Junk Jubilee Jingles!
I'd wanted to get pictures...this morning, of the booth.
I was there, at 6...but, had so get done, I didn't have a chance...
before the Early Birds.....Flew In.... at 8. : )
Then... in no was 10, and the 'Flood Gates'....Opened.
Tons...of Folks.
I hid, in a corner, of the Folks...could Shop!
: )
Oh My....
So Many...Awesome....People,  came Shoppin'!
: )
It...was a LONG....Day.
: )
Lord....Lord... I'm Tired.
After we closed up...
a Bunch of us, went to 'The High Life', in Des Moines, for Supper.
I'd never been there, or heard of it.
Friends, Dale...and Steven, recommended it, and asked us Join them. : )
When we sat our Table, {along with three other... Tables...
Filled...with Junk Jubilee 'Friends'}
I looked up... 
{I, was seated at the head, of our table.}
There, was my name.
Painted...on The Wall.

: )
It must have been the name, of the Amazing Artist...., too...
who painted an Awesome....
on The Wall.
: )
Love...It. : )
We had a Great Time!

{Sorry, to Anyone...I hit on the head...with Tator Tots. : ) <3 }
After Supper, ...I insisted on getting back to the hotel. : )
Most, everyone going further, on.
: )
I've got to get to the Show...early, and Fluff. Get Done, after a Busy....Day!
It, was Very....Tempting... to go, and have a little more...Fun, but....
I've thrown enough... Tator Tots.... for one, Evening. : )
: ) 
Folks, at Junk Jubilee, are Restocking... for a Busy...Saturday.
Hope, to See...You! ya...
Barb C.
{Junk Jubilee... is The Coolest....Event. : )
So Many... Awesome Folk. <3
Customers...and....Vendors. : ) <3  }

Thursday, November 9, 2017