Monday, June 3, 2019

Troubled Waters.

When I was thinking about how to title this post, 
'Troubled Waters', popped into my head.
It just seems, there's always...something, swirling around my head,
that requires attention.
I had kind of a melt down... on Saturday night, concerning the city, and the Grandkids' Chickens.
It's been quite a battle.
We've had Horses, Chickens, Geese, and....a Cow, over the 40 years I've lived here,
there were Arabian Horses here, 10 years before that.
The only thing...that's different, is....after fighting with the IDOT, and Fairfax, my Lawyer, got Fairfax's walking trail, next to Highway 151, stopped.
{Suicide Trail. }
A...Trail, according to Fairfax, 
for months and months, 'wasn't'.
'There is no trail...planned',
{Yet, the Truth was, There Was, and had been Requested by The City, in 2012. }
 I was told month after month, at the city council meetings, There were No Trail Plans.
I, be lied to. 
Now, the timing seems pretty suspicious, that we have to get rid of our Chickens, because they are a 'Nuisance'.
Strange, they haven't been...for 4 decades, but...all of a sudden, they are, Now. 
This, may seem pretty minor, to most.
After all, when I, myself...look around, and see so much suffering, in this world, I...feel kinda bad, about getting to Wound Up, over the Chickens.
Guess, it's more...about the Kids.
That, does Wind me Up. 
Especially, when I'm pretty sure, this is intimidation, and...retaliation, from the city.

I, find it interesting, that these two battles, with Fairfax...both, concern Children.
The first, for Children's Safety.
The second...their Well-being.
I've tried, and explain this, to the mayor, and council.
Asked to be grandfathered in, or...granted a variance.
So... if our 5 Chickens, aren't gone, by tomorrow, they'll fine us 750. a day.
I pray for this mayor, and council.
I've never seen things run, like Fairfax city hall.
A Dear Friend, called me Sunday morning, as I was heading down the rabbit hole.
We talked about how we need to accept the difficulties in our lives, with Grace, and understand...that, often, we are being Tested.
The Lord, 'tempers' Steel.
If Steel, wasn't subjected to Intense Heat, it couldn't endure Mighty Loads.
My friend, said she's been reading her Streams, faithfully.
I, have not.
So...I took the little book, to the rabbit hole, with me.
Decided to sit outside... under the Wild, Cherry Tree.
: )
It, was Such, a Beautiful... Morning.
I've read this daily devotional, over, and over.
For the last many years, I ask The Lord, to guide my hands, on what I need to see.
I, close my eyes, and open it.
As, was Spot On.
It spoke of John 18:11.
The Gifts, of Myrrh.
Drinking from the Father's Cup.
When I looked up, from the little book, there sitting ahead of it, was an Old...Old, Pewter Tankard, I'd unpacked the day before, and hadn't put away.
My eyes, glanced, just past that old see, an old Tea Leaf Cup, looking at me, that I'd used to water a little plant, yesterday.

Seems, The Lord...was letting me know, I should accept these painful situations, face them, 
head on.... 
be Thankful, for them,
after all,
'Strong Steel'.
'Troubled Waters'...
Strong Swimmers. : )
Trust Him.
: )
Picked up this wonderful Frame, on Friday.
I took it inside, the breezeway, from the Ford, in case it rained.
As I was heading to the rabbit hole, Saturday morning...
 I walked by the volunteer Daisies, again.
I decided they looked Pretty as a Picture, so... Frame Them!
well, just...for a moment. : )
The Frame, sold...yesterday.
I'll always have this...little memory, of it. <3
The Rabbit Hole, received the Most...Wonderful...Compliment, 
from a Girl...on Saturday.
She, and I...had visited for quite a while, after she'd made her way through.
As she was leaving, I walked with her, outside...
I said,
"Well, we didn't solve All...of the world's problems..." : )
She, replied...
"No, but my heart feels a lot lighter."
That, comment.... was the Nicest Thing, I'd ever heard.
If, we...can, in some way, make someone's heart...a little lighter,
what, could be Better, than That?
That's a Priceless Gift.
That, little... chaotic, rabbit hole....
is, truly...
my 'Sanctuary'.
after, all...
'where two, or more gather'
<3 <3 <3  

Below... are a few of my Favorite Images, of Our...Youngest Daughter,
32...years, sure have Flown.
She's Such a Beautiful, Our Lives. 
<3 <3 <3 Ya,
Barb. C.
Happy Birthday, to Daughter...Elizabeth. <3
She asked me how it feels, to know my Youngest Child, just turned 32.
Brat! <3
John, and Liz. <3
One of my Favorite Pictures of us.
She's Created Many....Mad Hatter Hats, over the years.
I, Love...Mine. <3

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