Tuesday, June 11, 2019


Went to Kevin's Funeral, yesterday.
Just typing those words, seems so strange.
It was beautiful.
My heart breaks, for all concerned.
: (
Took the entire day off...yesterday.
I'll be writing about Sunday's Road Trip...
in the next few days, not enough time...this morning.
I have to make a delivery, about an hour away, then...pick up the paper the City of Fairfax, had the Sheriff try to serve, concerning the Chickens...
prepare for the city council meeting, tonight.
I'm going to try...one final time, to ask the city to allow us to keep the Chickens, as we've had Chickens here, for at least 25 years.
Geese, Cow...Horses... for nearly 40.
There have been Horses on this property since the 1970's.
Guess...they aren't going to make us get rid of Scout, our Horse...
but, Chickens... somehow, are a different matter.
If, they can't hear... what I'm trying to tell them, guess we'll have to let a Judge decide, in Civil Court.
: (
Maybe, he, or she... can see...what's truly happening here.
It's much more about a trail... than chickens, as...we've done nothing wrong.
When I stumbled to the coffee pot, this morning...
the tune that popped into my mind, was Janis Joplin,
'Mercedes Benz'.
Where does this stuff come from???
Maybe, it was the 'Oh Lord'...part, of it. : )
Just took a  moment, to read my Streams in the Desert.
My hands were guided to see....
the Promise of 'Hope'.
Not, to be sad...and heavy-hearted.
 The Dawn...comes after the dark, and to have Faith.
: )
I can do that.
: )
Hope You, have a Great Day,
make...the Best of it, that you can. : )
Love, to ya...
Barb C.
{For some reason, I can't load pictures...
oh...Lord. : ) }

Pray for me, about this meeting tonight.
There was a Riot there, last week.
I was knocked off of my pins, by the news of Kevin, and...simply couldn't find my heart, to attend.
I heard all about it.
It was shut down, within 15 minutes of starting.
: (
This mayor and council...have to understand, they are hurting many people.
Needlessly. : (
some, believe...
I, happen to be 'one'.
: (

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