Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Black and White.

Everything...always seems so much clearer, in Black and White.
Life, sometimes...has way too much color.
: )
Too many gray areas. 
: )
I've been working on the 'chicken crap',
Thinking, how very Blessed I am, to have a couple of Folks, in my life....that help me keep what's left of my sanity.
There's quite a few...that're working pretty hard, to take what little, I have left.
oh my.
I was looking back, at the few pictures I have left on my laptop.
My Neighbor, who's a Computer Whiz, moved nearly 20,000 images from my poor little laptop's memory. : ) It, was Very...Tired.
I was searching for happier times, today.
He, left the pictures from 2016, till now.
There aren't many happy photos.
Mostly work, the Kids, Grandkids, Friends...
 and...our Pets. 
Lots of documents...from the IDOT, and...the City.
There are days, on end.....I'd like to just run away.
Some of my best days, are those, when I find the Road.
 Drive...and, : )
: ) 
I, know....I, know...I Know, 
We're about as Happy, as we make up our minds to be.
{some say, Abe Lincoln said that. : )
Think about all of the sorrow, that Amazing Man...went through. }
I found the road, the other day...and picked up the two cool chairs, and Lion Head, bathtub feet.
: )
The Feet, are so unusual...I couldn't leave them behind.
Visited with some Friends, on my Journey...
and, truly enjoyed the day.
I'm going to be open this weekend, at the rabbit hole.
So, am working there...trying to make sense of the new arrivals, that've found their way, here...over the last couple of weeks. 
With all of the rain, I can't keep up with the Jungle. 
It's Crazy. 
It reminds me of the years I used to walk the corn fields, detasseling.
It was always in July, and very...very, hot.
Should it rain, I could hear the corn grow.
It Squeaked! : ) 
It could grow several inches, if not feet, on hot, sultry....rainy days, and nights.
The tassels would be shoulder height, or less...when I started.
By the time I was done, with the three acres I contracted, I'd be bending the stalks pull the tassels. 
One year, my Mom and Dad... had to help me finish.
That's the way Everything is Growing, around here...this year.
I can't hear...the Vines, and Grass...growing, but...I can almost...See It. : ) 

The above picture... always makes me smile.
I know...that Load. 
So, many... Know It. : )
The Horse...keeps movin' along, as one rides on top...
another, keeps piling it Higher. 
I, think...we've All...been there.
: )
Well... I've got to get moving.
I've started and stopped this post, several times, today.
Many...many, interruptions.
All, were Blessings. 
Good People. 
Love, to Ya...
Barb C.

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