Friday, June 28, 2019

One a Time.

Peg took this picture of me... when I was working on a Crown piece, for a Cupboard.
I was trying to Hurry, as we were going to be heading to a Show.
Big, Old... Butcher Knife, in hand...
{One...of my Go To, Favorite....'Tools'. : ) }
I was shaving the wood down, and carving the match.
It turned out really good. Peg, about had a fit. She thought sure... I was going to cut my fingers off!!!
Gettin' ready to head down the rabbit hole, this morning, before it gets cookin' outside!
 Didn't get much done, yesterday...hope, to make some strides, this morning.
I was just looking through some old pictures.... from my blog, and picked a few fun ones...from 'yesterdays'.
: )
Some, are of the rabbit hole.
Some, are of me. : )
Some..of Peg, The Girls...Katie and Liz.
Several...of our 'Ford Family'. : ) <3 
When I stopped to get gas, yesterday.... a young Man, was parked across from me.
He started up a conversation, like he knew me.
: )
Turns out, he did. 
He remembered talking to me at The Johnson Ave. Hy Vee, Grocery Store....a couple of years ago...
when I was driving The Gypsy Ford.
{I, couldn't remember. : (
but, then.... I, Everyone. : ) : ) : ) oh...dear. : ) }
He said... "I probably don't look the same." I, said...
"I don't either! My Hair Changes Color, like The Flavor of The Month!!!"....
Hahahaha! : )
I'd bet...he remembered 'The Gypsy'...Ford, far more than me.
: )
He asked me about her, and remembered her, Very...Well! 
I was driving The Flatbed Ford, yesterday...
but, that old...Gypsy Ford, isn't easy to forget.

<3 <3 <3 
Had a dream, about Peg...night before last.
She'd called me, I was in the middle of, told her...I'd call her back.
When I did... she was half laughing, and half...crying.
She said...
" we go again...." and was going to tell me something.
I burst out in tears... sobbing,
thinking, she was going to tell me, her cancer was back.
Then, I woke up.
I never heard...what she was trying to tell me.
I called her Beloved, Michael... as soon as I got up.
I, was concerned...maybe, something had happened to him.
: (
He'd crossed my mind, so often...lately.
He, was fine..., fine, as he can be.... but, there was something going on, I'm's going to be okay, tho. : )
We visited, for a long...long, time. <3
He, misses Peg, so. : ( : ( : ( 
I, wish...I could tell him, that it'll get better. The pain, and loss...will subside. 
All, I could Michael, is that I Love Him... : ) 
and, we just need to keep busy, and find...Beauty in every day. 
One a Time. 
I reminded pay attention, for 'The Winks'. : )
Peg, Loved Michael... So. <3 <3 <3 
{So many times, over the years, while Peg and I...lost ourselves, down the rabbit hole....
we'd sit down, and visit, and confess, to each other, how BLESSED we both were, to have found the Only Two Men, on This Planet...who would Put Up, with Us!!! <3 : ) <3 : ) <3 : ) 
Our Shenanigans....
oh my.
: ) }
I, know... she's not far from Michael's side. <3 <3 <3 
As frightening as the dream was, it was sure Good, to hear Peg's voice. 
: )

I still have the picture, above... in the shop.
: ) 
 Just looked at it, the other day.
I understand...that one, very well.
I'd bet...many of us do. 

Off to Work, I go.
: )
I hope, Wherever...You, 'Find', 
you'll also...
'Find' a little 'Beauty', in well. : )
It's there. 
: )
Love, to ya....
Barb C.
{The Rabbit Hole, is 'My Church'. Sanctuary.
It, was for Peg...and, several others... over the years.
: )
Peg, and I...used to laugh, that our Angel Wings, were probably down to charred, feathers, from Swearing, Smokin'...and...sometimes, Drinkin'....a little, too much. : )
We were always so Thankful, to Those... who Pray for Us...with Beautiful...Glistening White, Wings. <3 <3 <3
I, thought of the Tune...above, 'My Church', by Maren Morris, as I was headin' out the door, to
 My Church.
{The 'Road', and... Old Fords...are also, my 'Sanctuaries'.  <3 <3 <3 }

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