Wednesday, June 19, 2019

By God...I found a Smile, today. Actually...several.

I've been Juggling Many Pins...
Today, was no different.
but, some Amazing Folks, who listen,, 
this day, I can find a few smiles.
: )
Had to get a document notarized...and make a small deposit, so....
stopped at 'The Bank'.
{You Know... how Much I Love...Fairfax State Savings Bank. : ) <3 }
They had the radio station Z 102.9, set up...outside, again.
: ) 
Between Polly, and Christine...inside The Bank, {and...Jodi <3 }
I, left with a Smile.
I, think..., maybe... I gave them, one too.
As I was leaving... the Folks from the Radio Station, Pulled me in!
They, are Always, so Much Fun!
: )
Year, after year. : )
{They tried to put a sticker...on Jethro. 
Uh Oh. : ) 
No Stickers, on Jethro.
John, would Have a Fit!!! 
Body Men, aren't fond of 'Stickers'...on their Work!!! : ) }
but, I advertised for their Station, on FB, and here. <3
Those Folks...are So Much FUN!!! : ) <3 
It was raining... and they were visiting, with one another...under their tent.
I said...
"I'm gonna take some Pictures...
 I Want to See Some ACTION!!!"
They, are So Cute!!!

When I left The Bank... 
 went on, to visit 'Neighbors'.
: ) 
{concerning the 'Chicken' poop. }
We've been so very Blessed, with Such...Amazing Neighbors.
I'll be visiting more, tomorrow.
It got so Late, so fast.
Many...wonderful...long, conversations. : )
Yes, They...made me Smile. <3 
We all are so Busy.
It's sad... we haven't spent more Time, with each other. 
We live... only footsteps away, but...
over the years, we've lived Miles...apart.
: ( 
Too Busy. 
I'll shut'er down...on that note. Ya.
Barb C.
{as I was writing this post... I thought of a Tune, I haven't Years!!! Hahahaha!
I, posted it, above. It'll make ya Smile...I, promise. : ) }

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