Sunday, June 23, 2019


Sunday Mornings.
There's nothing more Peaceful...
Sunday Mornings.
Even...when Sunday, is a workday.
Sunday Mornings, early....
are such a Gift.
I remember when I was a Waitress.
I used to work every Sunday, Breakfast.
Worked from 6 a.m. 'til 2 p.m.
I'd leave home...about 5:15.
The Summer Sundays, were always my favorite.
: ) 
One Spring, John had taken in a 1969 Camaro Convertible,  on trade.
It was all rusted out, didn't have floorboards, in the back...
I had to warn people, when they rode with me... to be careful, when they rode in the back seat.
There was carpet, on the floor...put...Nothing, under that carpet!
Here's what it Did have...
a Working Convertible Top...
Great Sound System...
350 Engine!
Holy Smokes!!!
{Since so much was rusted was really...light.
I could make those Rear Tires Smoke,
 and Leave Rubber on the Pavement for 50 Feet!!!
oh my. }
I, sure had a Lot of that old Camaro!!!
{That's sayin' a Lot...comin' from an Old, Ford Gal! : ) }
I so enjoyed leaving home, when the Sun was coming up...
Top Down...
Flyin' to Work!
That 30 minute drive...was worth a Million.
: )
Hardly any traffic.
 I'd take the back way,... where the roads were winding, and...
Timber Lined.
: )
I'd often meet John...after work, beside the Iowa River...where he loved to fish.
<3 <3 <3 
It was way back, in a secluded area, that often...had a pretty tuff road, leading to it.
That little Camaro, took those ruff, 'No Maintenance' Roads, in stride. 
We'd sit there, fish...and take in the Day.
Lazy...Lazy...Sunday afternoons.
I'm gonna find the Road, today.
: )
No back roads, just...lots of Highway.
Picking up a Chandelier, in Northern Iowa.
: )
I worked in the rabbit hole, yesterday.
Had several Lovely Folks...pop in.
I, probably should be
Somehow, I think I need the Drive, more...than anything.
I'm going to try to make a lot of progress, this week...down the rabbit hole.
There's so much, I'm going to need an extra pair of hands to get accomplished.
I, thought about moving some Mountains, yesterday...but, I was afraid I'd damage them, if they got away from me. 
So...decided to wait. 
{That, was Difficult. ; ) 'Git 'er Done'. }
The Boys, are only available during the week. 
I'm shooting for an Open House, over the 4th of July Week. 
There's been a Lot...coming in, and I'm feeling the Pinch. ; )
I sure Miss, those....'Lazy Sundays'.
This, won't the same.
Nothing, ever...will be, I guess. 
I know...
it's the Best Therapy...for me.
: ) 
Hope, wherever You...find Yourself, today...
Peaceful, and...Lazy.
: ) 
Love, to Ya...
Barb C. 

This is one of John's Roses.
I, haven't went beside his Shop...this year, because last Fall, Brandon...the Guy who Mows, had totally weed whipped All of John's Flowers, down...
I, was heartbroken.
John planted those Roses, 35 years ago.
I, was sure... they were gone forever,
I, didn't say anything to Brandon.
I, knew...he thought he'd done a Good Thing.
I had to go there, the other day.
I tried not to look, but...I did.
There, was The MOST Beautiful... Rose, waiting for me. : )
<3 <3 <3
A Survivor!!!
: )
Made my Day.

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