Sunday, June 30, 2019

Heading Down...The Rabbit Hole, for...a bit.

It's Hotter than Heck,
I'm going to work, for as long as I can... but, it may long.
; )
I'll write a longer post, this Evening.
Had, a 'Meltdown', Friday night....
: )
Peg, has seen me Lid, a time or two. : )
She, was sooooo the Mad March Hare!
: )
It takes a Lot, to get the Old, Mad Hatter's Head Twisted....
but, once it happens, 
Peg... would RUN!!!
{Most, do.}
She could Feel The Explosion Coming!!!
Long, before Most!
Yep, my 'Safety Valve'...BLEW Straight out of the Top on my Head!!!
It was a cumulative, thing.
Months, and Months...of looking the other way.
{Which, I Rarely...discuss. 
Everyone has their minds 'Made Up','s argue.}
The City of Fairfax, and...Chickens.
: )
Mix that, with a little wine,
 {when I say 'Wine', I mean Gin, and Tonic'. : ) }
Holy Smokes!!!
All Hell is Gonna Break Loose!!!
I, only....BLOW, once, in a Very...Great While, unless provoked, unmercifully.
Fairfax, has been 'unmerciful'. 
Almost Three Years, of Poking. 
So, Facebook, got an Ear Full!!!
I'm, sorry for that. 
: (
My last Raw Nerve, had been attacked.
oh dear. 
: )
So, today... I'm heading to The Rabbit Hole.
I, don't allow any....politics there. 
It's a Neutral Zone. 
; )
So, I'm Divin' In...
Love, to ya...
Barb C. 

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