Saturday, June 1, 2019

Headin' down the rabbit hole.

Yesterday, I found the road, for a bit. 
: )
Saw a set of 1960's, or 70's Patio Furniture, a Friend had, and bought it.
It's got some wonderful...History, from Cedar Rapids.
Belonged to The Robert Armstrong Family, they owned a Huge Department Store, in Cedar Rapids, for over 100 years.

I used to walk Downtown, when I was little, {9 & 10 } go to Woolworth's, Killian's, and Armstrong's.
: ) 
Armstrong's, was pretty High End, but...seems, I always found a little 'Something', there.
One, of my Favorite Memories, of Armstrong's...was buying my Mother 'White Shoulders' perfume, one year, for Mother's Day. 
It was her Favorite.
I'd saved, and saved... my mowing, and babysitting money, to buy her that. 
Armstrong's was the only place that carried it.
Mom, was So...Surprised. <3 : ) 
I ran into a Dear Pal, where I purchased the Furniture.
She, helped me load...Bless Her Heart!!!
Then, she asked me if I'd be interested in More...Garden Stuff!!!
: )
So, we went to a place she'd been working at, and I bought several Fun Things, from well.
: )

Then, one last stop... at the grocery store.
It was hot...out, yesterday.
Pushing 90.
I was ready to be done, last night.
When I got Home...I...just sat in the Ford, door open...watching the traffic, roll by.
I, had such an overwhelming...sadness, envelope my entire being.
I, shouldn't...really, because the Day, was so Beautiful.
I, sit here...and, weep...just thinking about the sorrow, that washed over me, last night.
I was totally...drained, and unloaded only the groceries that had to be.
I, was absolutely...done.
This thing, with the city...and the chickens, the highway project, the trail...
it's all... really, taken it's toll, I think.

As I walked inside, I noticed the volunteer Daisies, next to the House.
: )
They, remind, of Peg. <3
I don't remember them, ever being Prettier, than they are, this year.
Peg's Birthday... is coming up, in a few days.
I can't believe, it's been 3 years, since she's been gone.

Our... Peg. <3

I've been working down the rabbit hole, during the week, and Open...every weekend.
Little by little, it's starting to take shape.
Some days, I don't get much done, least I'm not slipping backwards.
That's a Good, thing.
I've come to understand...if, I can keep moving Forward, that's all that matters.
Speed, isn't important.
: )
I'm trying to clean up, and sell the old doors, and windows....I've used for Props, at Events.
There are so many.
I'm cutting back, on shows...and, hopefully, will be Open, Home.
I've had two calls, the last two days, about Estate Sales.
I'll be looking at them, soon.
It's time for me, to jump in the shower, get take on the day.
I'm going to Open, from 10-5, today...and, Sunday.
Basically, I'm letting Folks 'Scrounge'...and, 'Dig'.
'Open' a pretty, Loose...term. : )
The rabbit hole, is a far cry...from what it used to be.
but, then...
so am I.
"It is...what it is."
: )
Love, to ya...
Barb C.
{Pal's Mary, and Tom...{Dark Horse Antiques} stopped by, yesterday.
It was So Great, seeing Them. They even helped me Unload, so I could ReLoad!
They managed to Squeeze a Big, Victorian Urn, from the rabbit hole, in the trunk...of their New Buick!!! Hahahaha!
Who says, Buick...doesn't make a Truck! <3 }

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