Sunday, July 25, 2010

Early Woven Basket....

Found this old sweetie, earlier in the week, at Park Place Hotel Antique Mall, {319-377-2724} in Marion, Iowa... I don't get there often enough... but when I do, I never leave empty handed! Barb O., had visited with me, a while back, about some things that had come in, she thought I would like... She was right... I had a great time scouring through her 3 story shop, and found lots of goodies! I bought a massive harvest table... before I could get my check written, Barb had single handedly, unloaded and moved the 'Big Daddy' to the opposite side of the building, and the lower level door... oh my... {it must be something about the name 'Barb'... and an ant, and a rubber tree plant...actually, I think it fits most everyone I know, who deals in furniture... ugh...we're a tuff lot...} I had planned on taking lots of images of the shop, but forgot the camera's memory card.... So, another day, soon... I really appreciated the call... Barb C.

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