Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Juke Box Blues!

My Creative Pals, Deb and Tom, from the 'Old Creamery Theater', were cleaning out their props, and called, to see if I wanted anything! Of course! I LOVE CREATIVE PEOPLE! Decorators, Actors, Stylist, Artists, Musicians.... They are the Coolest Cats! The Energy, that these folks have, is overwhelmingly contagious! I love just being near them! Anyway... They had the old Juke Box, I had sold them, years ago, for the 'Patsy Cline' play, and I knew I could sell it for them... And, I did! Almost everything I picked up, from them, had found new homes, in a matter of a few hours! I'm keeping the Massive Wreaths, they'll be fun, for the Holidays!
I have another Creative Friend, coming in the morn... He is just back from London, and wants to borrow the Gnarly Chandelier, I bought from Tommie{Fuel} that is NOT for sale, in the shop... He's doing a 'Light Show'... I'll have the entire scoop, tomorrow...
My Love to Ya!
Barb C.
{ here are a few answers, to questions...}
Janet... The tiny sink, is going in my house... if it doesn't work, you are 2nd on the list...Can't wait to see ya, and the 'Gang', at Gold Rush!
Kim... Sorry about the Cat damages...Ohhh... Those Cats!
WW... I have been to 'Winds Reach'... I love those Boys, from Urbana... I have got to get to their shop, and take some pics!
Wanda {gatherings} You never 'win' with cats... they will always get even... The Crazy, 'Pussy Cat Rag', song... well, I had to do a little diggin... but... it was worth it... Love It!
Betty G. ... What can I say... I Love You...
To Everyone, who has inquired about the Darling little Bins... They are all Sold... Thanks for all the interest... Keep watching... there may be more surprises coming!


Gatherings said...

OK You can change that song any time!

Gracie's Cottage said...

"...prop me up beside the juke box when I'm gone..." That is THE perfect juke box - love it!


Betty G said...

Love you too, hon! Have a great day! :) Luv~Betty

WW said...

The reason I asked was that Dwight is my uncle. Granted I haven't been to his house in few years as we stopped having the annual mother's day get-together there. That is so cool that you know them and have been there, makes the world a little bit smaller doesn't it?
Also, have any suggestions for stores up in the Okoboji area? There is one mall I like to go, couldn't tell you what it's called as it's been 4 years since I've been up there. I was told today I get to go for the weekend, for a tiny vacation before the end of the summer.