Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Rain or Shine!!! Wear Your Grubbies and Bring a Truck!!!

'Rain or Shine!!! Wear Your Grubbies and Bring a Truck!!!'
That advise has Always been at the end of every 'Simply Iowa's' Home Event ad.
 Cross Creek Antiques {Simply Iowa } Fairfax, Iowa, has conducted
a Spring and Fall Sale for over 20 years.
They both run for 4 days.
What began, as an 'Antique' Garage Sale, to raise money for 'Summer Adventures' for the Kids, and Back to School needs, in the Fall, quickly grew and grew and grew.
Most Folks have Garage Sales, with 'modern' household items, but we've used Antiques, in our home, always, so our 'Sales' were different than most.
People loved coming, and soon friends and neighbors were joining in. 
There is a Wonderful Group of Folks, who share our Love of Old...things, who bring very unusual, and interesting 'Finds' to the Sales.
We never know what's coming in. 
People come from all over, to attend. 
Sometimes the weather is rough, so we've  added several Big Tents, over the years. 
Seasoned Antiquers never let the weather, hold 'em back... tho. 
Some of our best sales, have been the rainiest.
Some things arrive, straight from Barns and Estates at 'Sale Time'.
 No time to 'clean', so, wear your Grubbies.
Some Folks who have never attended, make the mistake of bringing 'the car', the first time. 
They have no idea, how these Sales 'Sprawl', there is much.
There are 8 dwellings packed Full, along with the lawn.
There's everything from old Farm Cupboards, to Farm Junk.
There are Loads and Loads of 'Smalls' too. 
Bring the Truck.
Most anything you might find on a turn of the last century Iowa represented here.
In the Spring, {Memorial Day Weekend {Friday thru Monday {8 a.m. 'til Dusk Daily }
 we like to have lots of Garden items. 
Wash tubs, pails, urns and 'plantable' items.
In the Fall, {'Fall Harvest Sale' the 2nd weekend in October }
we like to have 'Nesting' pieces for the 'Home'. Mantels, Harvest Tables, Cupboards, Textiles,
though, we have those, in the Spring as well.
We keep adding things, daily.  Some folks come to check it out, every day.
This Memorial Day Weekend Sale, as always, will have lot's of Furniture. 
Many Primitive pieces. {Rough and Ready } Folk Art, Harvest Tables, Upholstered Furniture, 
{Great for Photographers}
Church Windows, Vintage Lighting, Crocks, Clocks, Jars, and Who Knows...What! 
It's always exciting, to see what finds it's way here!
Below, are a few images from prior Sales.
Yes... there is Always....Always...'Much'!!!
Make plans, to Attend!
{Simply Iowa also conducts 'Pop Up' Sales... throughout the Summer, {July 2nd. thru 4th } or anytime, Big Loads, or Estates find their way to us!!!
Look for us in The Collector's Journal, 
and Simply Iowa Facebook  }

These Beautiful Church Windows, and the pieces in the below images will be at the Memorial Day Weekend Sale, along with many newly gathered Primitive Pieces, and Farm Gnarliness. 

This Old Cupboard is Awesome! A little over 7 feet Tall... with a Drawer... and Original, Cast Pulls!
The Old Hen's Nest... can sit, or hang! Love It!

Tons of Gnarly, Vintage Statuary!
Old Clocks!... and Much... Much... Much... MORE!!!

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