Saturday, February 20, 2010

The 'Big Easy'!!!!

As I was watching the snow fall, yesterday, and dreaming of Nashville, {Heart of Country is going on now...} and thinking how good it was, for my soul, to head South, and even tho, it was the hardest Show to do, just being in the Opryland Hotel, for a week, during the Show, bridged my spirit, so these old Iowa winter's didn't seem quite so long.. The phone rang... It was my Pal, Allyson... We visited for a while, and talked about the trip, she invited me on, last summer, to North Carolina... {she's getting pretty tired of winter, too} She said, " How would you like to go with me, this summer, to New Orleans?" she said, "we'll take the Mississippi, all the way, and Antique, on the river... stop in Memphis, eat some great BBQ, and have some fun!" I couldn't believe it.... As my pal 'Sponge Bob' would say, I'M READY!!! I have always wanted to go to New Orleans... Always... I was hoping, 5 years ago, John and I could go... I was saving my pennies, we have never had a vacation, all we do is work... I was going to surprise him... Liz graduated, that year, and I thought, she could take care of the critters, and we'll go! I didn't tell anyone, about the surprise, and kept working, and saving... Then, in May, of that year, Liz came rushing through the door, she said 3 of her friends, that were graduating too, wanted to take a trip, just the 4 of them, to New Orleans... And could she borrow some money, so she could go... So, of course, I gave her the money, and would gladly do it all over again... I can't think of a better age, to see New Orleans, than 18... Liz got to see it, before Katrina.... She'll have those memories, forever...And I got to see it, through her eyes... I can't thank Allyson, enough, for this gift... I could never have managed this, myself... Work, work, work...I'll still be working my tail off, just to be able to leave, for a week, in June... But I can start dreaming about our trip, now! Snow schmow! June will be here soon, and I can't wait, to see the South... I love the South! If anyone has any great ideas, for us to go, or great places to eat, and Antique, let me know! Barb C. { I did discuss this with John... I think he was relieved....Happy to see me go... I always wanted us to see New Orleans together... When I told him this, he was pretty o.k., with staying home...{ and me not torturing him, to see all the sites...He's not much, into travelling... never has.... I am so blessed, to be with someone, who will let me fly... He's a good Man...}

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