Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Southern Iowa Run!

Had a wonderful day, seeing old friends... Stopped by Sister's Garden, { sisters'gardenandbloom} I was going to shoot some pics, but her blog is amazing! Check it out, if the address doesn't get there, checkout who I follow, and go from there! Oh my, I bought all sorts, of you guessed it.... Christmas..... Oh boy! I headed out from there, to Kalona, Iowa... I had a long over do visit with Ken and Brenda Herrington... They own, Kalona Antique Company, and Ken also has an Antique Furniture Store, and is one of the best refinishers, I know. Then I ran the shops in Iowa City... I was on a tight schedule, so didn't make it to Barntiques, near Sisters' Garden, but will not miss it, next trip! My last stop of the day was Artifacts, I Love that store! { I love Decorum, too, just 2 doors down, but Mark is open the same days, as I am, so it makes it tuff, to get to his store!} { I always press my nose on the window, at Decorum, and scope out the cool stuff! Now Mark knows who leaves all of those 'nose prints'...sorry...} I had a great visit with Todd, at Artifacts, and found, as always, some really fun Stuff! I will have the store open, this afternoon, and will be working, filling in holes, I created, yesterday... We got more snow, last night, so the roads are a little yukky!
Have a Wonderful Day!
Barb C.


Amy@TheLemonCottage said...

Sounds like a great day! I live in Oskaloosa... I really need to get to all of these stores I keep hearing about!
~Amy said...

Hi Barb,

Thanks for The "Barntiques" mention. We'll look forward to seeing you again. I totally understand being limited on time. I'm still trying to find those extra hours in a day to stop by and visit you.
I started working on my site yesterday. I'm so new at this..... it's totally trial and error. Hope to keep posting.
I'm so addicted to all you wonderful creative people's blogs. I'm commpletely inspired each day when I read yours.
Have a Great Day,