Saturday, December 5, 2009

Primitive Open House...Today!

Peg and I worked all day, yesterday, and had a wonderful interruption, at noon. Polly, {pollyanns} and her husband, Bob, popped in and took us to lunch! It was wonderful, visiting with them. {and a much needed break!} They are the sweetest couple... Carolyn A., joined us, {she had just come out to drop us off some of her wonderful lemon pound, is that delicious!} Val, popped in, with a bottle of wine, and a beautiful silver, ice bucket with cork screw, ready whenever we are! She also brought out a new candle, she and her sister, Joyce, are making, using the bottom half, with label, of wine bottles! They are sooo cool! Wanda, popped in, and thought that we had made a lot of progress! {she had the privilege of seeing the store, right after I had taken the axe to it!} Dale, stopped by, to say hello, and seems to be doing pretty well. Dan, popped in, as well as Jack W. It's always nice to see those guys, they truly are sweethearts... and always make me laugh...Late in the day, a lovely couple from MO. stopped, I had met her at the show in Walnut, and she follows the blog, to see what 'events' are going on, this way... I met some new folks, that had never been here before, and that was very nice. It was a busy day... I didn't make it into C.R., to get batteries, for my camera, but I'm headed that way, in a few minutes, I'll get more images on tonight! Hope you can come visit! The 'Amana's' will be stunning, and have lots going on, too! There are many antique stores in Amana,{ on the main street, and 'F' street, don't miss any of them!} and don't miss Fern Hill, in South Amana! Hope everyone has a Great Day! Barb C.

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summersundays-jw said...

Hope you had a great open house. We went to Miss Frenchie's show in KC & just got home. It was fun but your shop was better. Jan