Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Peg Has Arrived!

That Girl blew into town, and was ready to go to work! But with me, 'play', is also part of the deal! We took a run, to 'Gatherings', in Anamosa... Wanda does primitives, in her beautiful store, and I wanted Peg, to take a peek! She loved it! Wanda had visited my store, Sunday, and saw the mess I was dealing with...Peg hadn't been to my store, yet... Wanda, wished us luck... Peg said she already knew what she was walking into, with my description, on what had been moved, it was going to get ugly! Oh yea... I think, even Peg, had underestimated, exactly what kind of carnage, was to lay ahead... I have been ripping, and taring that little shop apart, from early morning, til late at night, for days... Oh Boy! I should have taken a picture of Peg, we got One area cleaned and swept, by 9:00 last night! She kept saying, "we got something accomplished!" and yes we did...I saw the light! We have no idea, where some things are going to land...but they will... It's good to have her here... We received some sad news, yesterday... Our friend, Dale's, Father passed away, he had been very ill, for sometime, and we are all thankful, he is in his Fathers arms... Dale said, he popped in on Sunday, to see him, on a whim...just to go sit with him...He is so thankful, he did... I don't believe in 'whims', God sent him there, for one last visit... I am going to meet Peg in town, and we are going to have a little coffee, and discuss our strategies... She loves to go to Goodwill, on 'quarter Tuesdays', when she is back in C.R., so we will run over there, and then get to work...Ya Know, when Peg is around, work, really isn't work... I'll get some images on tonight of our progress! Barb C.


pollyanns said...

Have a great time together, you two! Can't wait to see the result. I'm shooting for Friday, but with my crazy life, who knows! Let me know if you need an extra set of hands...I can live with no pink... once in a while!

Sisters' Garden and Bloom said...

barb---I've missed you so much!! I can't wait to see your "new" shop!! I know it will be fantastic!! (as always) So sorry I've been so busy too, and NO time to get there!!
Would love to see the black piece that has my name on it---bring it down if you're coming anywhere near!!Enjoy the weekends festivities---we are out-of-town or I would stop in....take care! Barb H