Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sisters' Garden.....Oh My......

This is Sweet Elaine, and Barb H. { proprietor} They are truly the most Darling Pair! { They let their 'Little Light' Shine too!} Took a run down south, today... making deliveries.... Popped in, at Sister' Garden, and set a spell!!!! It's always so peaceful there, Barb has a way of spinning a web of 'gentleness', and 'soulfulness' as you take in the beauty, she has put together, as only she can.... I can't ever, just cruise by... I have to stop.... I always bring something wonderful, home with... The girls have been working hard, the Store and Lawn, look stunning... They are really doing Spring up right! Lots of Garden stuff, fence, gates, concrete, beautiful plants, birdhouses, oh my... Inside, tons of cool stuff! Dry Sinks, Harvest Tables, Cupboards, Ironstone, Transferware, Vintage Books... Candles, lotions and of course, Sharon's Wonderful Soap! {Wild Thing and Sweet Repose} Elaine was busy taking blog photo's, of all the new, cool stuff that has just come in the door! Barb hit a Great Auction, this last weekend, and is busy getting things priced up, and on the floor! Be sure and check out their blog!I had a lovely time, and left inspired..... I'm headed down to the Shop, and mow... hmmm... sounds like fun... Then, I have to deliver a 13 foot wide cupboard, this afternoon... ahhh... the fun never ends.... { John gets to go help... he is sooo excited.....}


Mary Zeran said...

I have GOT to get there. Great pics.

Good work Barb!!

Oh, I am WAITING with anticipation for the Memorial Day Sale!

summersundays-jw said...

I love Sisters. We discovered it several years ago on one of our trips and are we ever glad we did. Be careful today with that heavy lifting. Jan

Sisters' Garden and Bloom said...

Thanks for sharing!!!!..........everything!!!!!

Janelle - The Farmer's Wife said...

Looking forward to your Memorial Weekend sale. I am just down the road - near Marengo.

Your place is eye candy every time I drive into Cedar Rapids!!!