Sunday, April 11, 2010

The 'Mid West Show' Stunning!!!!

Oh my gosh.... This show is AMAZING!!!! I walked around very briefly, on set up... I was so blown away.... This is so much like 'Heart of Country', but only 5 minutes from home.... I was so incredibly busy setting up, that I have no images... yet... I will get some today.... The only problem I have with this show, is, not enough 'set up' time... We couldn't get in, until after 1, and then we have to leave, by 8.... Sounds like a lot of time... ah... not so much...{ it takes us 3 days at 'Heart'} Mark and I will be back at 7, to try and get everything wrapped up by opening, at 10.... Thank God, for Liz... John came to lend a hand too, and Kelsy's boyfriend, Richard, was a great help!... Most people are done, setting... but we jump through so many hoops, that 6 or 8 hours, is a drop in the bucket! Liz set the developer, with all of her hats, and Mad Hatter related things... it looks great! We have draped fabric, all across the back wall, and it looks pretty dramatic! The dormers are hung, and look incredible! I just have to pile in more smalls, and get the lights run, and we're ready to roll! I hope you can take in the Show... You absolutely will not be sorry... It is a real TREAT!!!! Don't forget to bring the TRUCK!!!! Barb C.


Kay said...

I am so bummed. With Sam having the chickenpox and not feeling well I had to cancel my trip to the show. :( I hope you took a lot of pictures as i have to see what your booth and the Mad Hatter looked like. I hope is was a great day for you.

pollyanns said...

You did an absolutely amazing job on your booth, Barb! It was truly phenomenal. I am so glad you had a good show. Here's to workin' hard and keepin' the positive energy flowin! Love ya -Pol

ginger said...

Well Barb here goes another try. I must over think this stuff cause I tried for a couple of hours last night. Here goes.The show yesterday was great, so many really super neat things to look at I wish I had more time,didn't get to see quite all of it. To bad it isn't a 2 day show. Your booth was such fun, can't wait to come see the shop,I bet it is fabulous.see you soon I know call first. Ginger