Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Day at Duwa's!

Here is an image of 'The Gang' at Duwa's Auction, Saturday.... From left to right, back row... Brent H. { 'Sisters' Garden', Kalona, Iowa} }... {trying to hide} Bud S. { 'Renates' Amana, Iowa}...Dwight Duwa, Auctioneer and Janelle Duwa, Clerk, and EVERYTHING ELSE! She is amazing! {'Duwa's Auctions', Wellman, Iowa} Next to Janelle, is Sweet Renate S., Bud's better half, and owner of 'Renate's'...Then, Wanda, from {Gatherings}{ check out her blog!}, in Anamosa, Iowa, with her very Sweet husband Terry{ who is ever so thankful, Wanda didn't purchase the big 21 drawer piece}... The two Gals in front, are Duwa's Auction Gals... They make it run like clockwork...It was a great day, and this is my first load of three... Oh my... With Gold Rush, and my Memorial Day Weekend Sale, just around the corner, it's time to hunt, and gather! I was so thankful, to all of the folks {Angels} who helped load the truck! As always, Dwight furnished refreshments, then we headed for Kalona, had supper, and visited... It was great! I'm so glad Dwight called... I probably wouldn't have known about the sale, otherwise...{ seems I never have time to read! So, unless someone calls, I don't know about them... I guess those 'Antique Angels' have a way of letting me know about the 'good ones'!} I was so tired, last night, I truly don't know how I made it home.... Peg is stoppin' by, this morn, and several other folks, who called yesterday, while I was at the Auction... It will be a long day... But, a Great Day! I had better start Livin' it! Barb C.


T said...

Is your shop open on Sundays? I live in Washington and would love to take a road trip today.

T said...

Hooray! My husband and I will be heading your way after lunch!!!

Rug Cottage said...

Sorry I missed the photo shoot. Ha Ha.. John and I were heading to meet Bill A and his wife at Riverside for a church supper, then on to the Prom Grand March at Wellman. It was a perfect day, great auction, wonderful church supper and seeing my beautiful daughter all dressed up!!

Great to see you again,
also check out the Barntiques Antique Mall blog site...
we've been doing some spring cleaning and painting.