Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Busy Week!

Sorry I haven't been posting... With Peg back, she's kept me focused! We have miles to go, but, it's almost 'Show Time" for me, and she's headed home... { She'll be back next week, so we can take in the Chicago Botanic Garden Show! I think we have a group goin!} We ran all over, yesterday, went to see Tommie, from 'FUEL',{ in Mt.Vernon... We got to see Polly and Connie, too! What a treat!} she is going to carry Peg's Amazing Gourds! Yeah! As I was walking through Tommie's beautiful home, I spied the coolest leather chair.... It truly is, the 'Mad Hatter's' chair... She said, "Oh yeah, that is going into the shop"... I asked, "how much????", she shot me a price, and the chair will be at the show! Oh my... I had to get the truck, to haul it, and just when I got home, the phone rang... It was a dear friend, who is moving, she has been a dealer for ever... and now is cleaning out... She invited me over, and... it was on my way back to Mt.Vernon... click, click, click! Oh my, what fun! Her daughter is back, helping her, and it was so great seeing them again... Her husband helped me dig up some moss...{ for 'Gnarliness', at the Show!}I had purchased from them, a lovely little girl, statue... she's very old, and hails from the S.E. side of Cedar Rapids... in a formal setting... my friend had bought it many, many years ago, and it was quite old then.... My friend had placed her in a beautiful, shady, mossy spot, in their lawn, near a pond, that is now, long gone... She will be wonderful, for the Show...{ She'd be wonderful, for the Green House....Hmmm...{ bills, bills...dang...} I gathered all sorts of wonderful treasures, from my friend... { I don't want to mention her name, yet... her sale is coming up!!!! {I'm going back, during her sale, to see what else I need!} When I arrived at Tommie's, to pick up the cool old chair, we dug through some of her other gnarly stuff... What fun! She is such an amazing, gentle, spirit.... I have been trying to put the booth together, in my mind.... I've been gathering textiles.... and all sorts of props... but I wonder... will everyone totally think, I'm 'Round the Bend?'... This is an upscale, on the 'Country' side, show....Oh well... Everyone already knows, I'm 'Round the Bend', Like Liz says..." Those that matter, will understand... Those who don't understand, don't matter"... I think Dr. Seuss inspired her, on that one... Mark is not taking the wonderful Photography piece... I am sort of relieved... I was so excited, to have it for the Show, and now it will be.... If it never sells, really, I would be fine with it... It's just one of those things, that you will never, ever, ever, probably never ever, see again.... I will use it, as a wonderful Show Case... It's a 'Grabber!'.... The Curly Willow is budding, and just in time to shed it's gnarliness on the booth... oh my... Round the bend... round the bend.... I'm still not smokin'! It's been over 2 weeks now, almost 3... I am eating too much chocolate... oh well... I quit 'cold turkey', and really, I think that's best...{ for me, anyway... I'm pretty much, all or nothing...} Once I have this under control... Food is the next hurdle... 'All or Nothing', doesn't work, with food... if it did, it would be sooo easy! Hope Everyone has a Fabulous Day!
Barb C.


summersundays-jw said...

Good for you for not smoking. You will some day get over it & not want one. I smoked when I was younger but when Allison started coughing, I went cold turkey. You'll get there. Where is the show you're getting ready to do? Is it the one in Rocester? Also, I love, love, love that leather chair. What a find! Hope you're feeling better.

cconz said...

i'm so glad peg found a place to sell her beautiful gourds. Sometimes all of us need someone to keep us focused. I wish i had peg. Good luck on your show if i don't make it.

sue in mexico mo said...

Congratulations on not smoking! It is not easy, but you will be glad you did it. Hang in there.