Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Northern Iowa Run!!!

Had a wonderful Monday... Found some great stuff, and visited with my dear friend, and fellow blogger, Mary Ellyn! I will be seeing her, again, today, and working out the 'kinks', in her blog! I have at least two MEGA LOADS, coming home this week.... Everything is massive! Two 8 foot by 8 feet General Store Cupboards, 9 feet plus, old, old porch screens, massive 20 plus, paned windows, { over 9 feet tall} huge doors... concrete columns, and more... Oh my! Back to Monday... Did my 'Giant Stuff' shopping, then hooked up with Mary Ellyn...{ pictured with, Sweet Joseph... he was a real trooper, helping me load... When he and I were loading the Dormers, he said he didn't think he could lift his end... I asked him if he wanted to switch places with me, and I could lift it...{ his eyes got a little glassy} He said he'd manage... and he did... I forget, when I am working with men, they don't like to think a girl is stronger than they are... This got me in big trouble, years ago, arm wrestling...sometimes, you just need to let them win...}Mary Ellyn has been in the Antique business, forever... I absolutely adore her... She is so beautiful, elegant, and sharp... A real class act.... Mary Ellyn has collected the best of the best, and has a very loyal following... She moved to Dubuque, a few years back, and opened a wonderful Store... I finally got to check it out.... It was exactly what I had imagined! She had a very busy week, last week, so is in the middle of re-setting... She invited me to her home, that is situated way, way on top of a bluff, overlooking the city... OH MY!!!! Mary Ellyn prepared a wonderful supper for us, and I was in Heaven....{ I felt like I could reach out of her window, and grab on to a star...} Her home is absolutely stunning, with everything, I would expect to see, with her wonderful eye... She has an eclectic eye, and has mixed early, early Iowa finds, with modern sculptural pieces... She is a true artist... I was blown away... What a treat... I was filthy dirty, after loading the lil' Ford, Mary Ellyn, helped tie everything down, and dug right in.... I thought she was going to freeze! I told her, as I kept strapping and strapping, this is when most of my friends decide, one road trip riding 'shotgun', is enough... and they never ask to come with again! That Girl is priceless... Mary Ellyn wouldn't be one of those 'faint of heart' people... She knows how to get down in the trenches and dig! What a Woman!!!!! I am headed back up North, today, and Peg, {YES my PEG!} is riding shotgun... { She's not 'faint of heart' either!} We are going to have supper, again, with Mary Ellyn! Ya Hoo! God... I love this business, and all of the blessings You have sent to me... All of the Wonderful Folks,{ Angels, really} You have placed in this journey.... I truly tear up, as I am thinking about it... I didn't write, yesterday... Went on another road trip, to Illinois, with Pal, Val! {another Angel}{ also, not 'faint of heart'!} We came home with a wonderful load, and laughed and laughed, all the way! I made deliveries, when we got home, stopped to see Bud and Renate, {Renates, in Amana} we had a wonderful visit! So it was a late night... Have to unload the Ford, and be on the road by 10:00, this morn... I love, and read all of the comments, and mail! I will be writing back, soon! But this crazy schedule, I am having now, leaves me little time to do much, but run, laugh, eat great food, find cool junk, test out the tread on the lil' Fords tires, and be surrounded by the most wonderful folk....Complain... Hmmm... I don't think so! { who needs sleep, anyway? a bath might be good...} See Ya Soon! Barb C.


Barntiques said...

Sounds like soooo much fun. I feel the same way about Brenda at JBknackers in Gilbert. Great lady and so encouraging! We all are truelly blest with the fellow junkers. Stop over to Barntiques. I think you would love to see the junk! Funky Junk and Junky Fun!

Mary Ellyn said...

SHE'S Back....and I love it!!! I'll let her tell you of her experiences and I am so thrilled to have been a part of what went on!! More later.

pollyanns said...

I love and miss you and promise that I WILL get back in the swing of things... getting ready for Rock Island this weekend... crazy as usual. Love you