Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy Birthday Justin!

Always 'The Man'... Justin loves anything with a 'motor'.... Oh my... From the vacuum, to the go carts, he could tear 'em up! He doesn't know the meaning of 'Fear',{ which is why, I have sooo many gray hairs!} and during High School, one of his best Bud's was the principal, and many times Justin, would beat the Principal to school, and be found, with his feet up, on his desk... Oh my... When he was 7, or 8, I remember, he was working at John's shop, he came up to the house, asking for something... I looked at him, and asked, " have you been near a fire?".... "no" he replied... I asked, "are you sure????" "NOOO" he said... His eyelashes and brows, were all singed... He had been working on his mini bike, and the carburetor backfired.... OH MY GOSH!!!!! This list could go on and on.... Gray hairs.... Oh my! Never a dull moment, with Ol' Justin, around!!! { Justin could change all of my tires, when he was 7... Much like his Dad, and Grandpa...}

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kornkribprimitives said...

I was just sitting here looking at old pictures of Ashley and Madison. Oh the stories I could tell. Ash surely made me
I love the pics Barb!
Prim Blessings...Linda