Thursday, March 18, 2010

The 'Good', The 'Bad',and the 'Ugly'...

Well, as usual... Down to the wire! We have to unload, at UNI, at 7:30, Friday Morn... I have been messin' around, all week...Now, I'm down to the wire! I'll get 'er done... Here's the deal... Most everything I had, for the show... Is sold... That's GREAT... Uh, That's bad... I kept diggin', and bringin' more stuff home... only, to see it leave... I haven't written about it, because, I figured, I'd have gathered more stuff, for the show... and have.... That's good... The problem, is this... I've been spending so much time gathering, and delivering, that the truck isn't nearly close, to being ready to go, by 5:00, tomorrow morning... That's Bad... I have to go pick up, some wonderful new, treasures, this morning... That's good... But they all need a bath, and a slick down, and that means 'time'... That I don't have... That's bad... Also, the Truck needs a new rear tire, that John was supposed to have done, and didn't, he said, " no worries, I'll do it Friday"... Ah, no he won't, unless he's going to change it at UNI... That's also, Bad... I can't load a Truck, that isn't here... That's really bad.... The 'Ugly' part, of this story, will be me... If you think the 'Mad Hatter', is a little scary... Wait til you get a gander of me, around 4:00, Friday afternoon, when the show opens... Whew! Gotta Go! Barb C. This is why, I haven't written you all back... It may be sometime, next week, before I can! Thanks for all of the e-mails, I do read them all! And thanks to my special friend, that stopped by, yesterday... It truly was God's Time... A very spiritual visit, and refreshed my Soul.... Ah... Angels...{ I am never, ever too busy, to take an hour or two, to give Praise, and Thanks....Everything will come together, it always does...}

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kornkribprimitives said...

Sweet Barb,

I pray you and Mark have a wonderful time at your UNI show and God pours out his blessings upon you and Mark. I love you dear friend and any time I get to spend with you is a huge blessing for me.
A blessing beyond what you will ever know. I will see you soon!
Prim blessings and you are loved!
(I borrowed that from a dear woman that is full of love and wisdom)
Linda :)